SLIG Experimental Installation Projections + Der Kosmonaut & Friends (Music/Poetry/Beats/Freak Outs)

Friday 17 November

SLIG Experimental Installation Projections + Der Kosmonaut & Friends (Music/Poetry/Beats/Freak Outs)

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  • Der Kosmonaut - Spoken word poet / musician (New York) -
  • SLIG (Secret Laboratory Interflug-Galaktika) Collective - Experimental light and art installations (Berlin)

Screw trying to categorise this event. Just check out this video of their recent show at ADM:


More Background Information

Der Kosmonaut is poet, spoken word artist, DJ and producer from New York
City. He produced North America's first mass Jungle and Techno Rave
event with his crew PG2M in alliance with DJ Soulslinger and Liquid Sky.
The same crew were the closing act of Woodstock 1994 after the sponsor
Pepsi took issue with our call for freedom and a sharing society.
Disillusioned with political developments in his country, Der Kosmonaut
moved to Europe where he produced and released three records with PG2M.
He split from PG2M in 1998 and moved to Vienna where he was a DJ for
Orange Radio. In late 200 Der Kosmonaut moved to Montreal, Canada where
he expanded his Spoken Word delivery and becoming a founding artist of
the Montreal Infringement Festival. From 2005-07 Der Kosmonaut produced
and performed his multimedia show "The Fall of New York" in Montreal,
Ottawa, New York and Berlin.

In 2007 Der Kosmonaut moved to Berlin where he produced an EP called
"Prior To Der Kosmonaut".

Der Kosmonaut moved back to Vienna in 2007 where he made history by
becoming the first non-native German poet to made an impact on the
Spoken Word scene but also the first person of color to ever win a
Poetry Slam in Austria (June 2011)

Now Der Kosmonaut is back in Europe after a 4 year break in North
America working with professional Indie Rock guitarist songwriter
Dominic Byrne.

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Friday, 17 November, 2017 - 20:00


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  • free
  • by donation
De Verrekijker
De Boelelaan 1085
1081 HV Amsterdam


Evicted squat
De Verrekijker was an open and autonomous space on the VU Amsterdam campus, existing since activists of De Nieuwe Universiteit squatted an empty storage room in May 2015, until April 2018.


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