Live: Polaroid Monkeys & Jam session

Friday 31 March

Live: Polaroid Monkeys & Jam session

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Polaroid Monkeys will be playing their first live show at De Verrekijker on Friday 31st! 
After their set, there will be an opportunity for some spontaneous jamming to keep the night fun and alive, so feel free to bring instruments/inspiration, or make use of what you can find here!



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Friday, 31 March, 2017 - 21:00


  • bar/cafe
  • music
  • party


  • free
De Verrekijker
De Boelelaan 1085
1081 HV Amsterdam


Evicted squat
De Verrekijker was an open and autonomous space on the VU Amsterdam campus, existing since activists of De Nieuwe Universiteit squatted an empty storage room in May 2015, until April 2018.


  • action/protest/camp / bar/cafe / book shop/info shop/library / course/workshop / discussion/presentation / film / food / (free) shop/market / meeting / music / party / theater / work space/diy