LIVE at De Muiterij: Aradia & Valinor

Friday, 7 June

LIVE at De Muiterij: Aradia & Valinor

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We have a fantastic, magical live music night in De Muiterij! Aradia from Portland, Oregon supported by Valinor!


Aradia is a four piece band from Portland, Oregon with influences ranging from chamber music to crust punk. Named in the honour of a witch/goddess who wielded her power to harm the rich in defense of the oppressed, Aradia is inspired by revolutionary intersectional struggle and anti-fascism. Aradia has been playing in Various incarnations since 2013.


Valinor plays music of the countryside under the night, of traditional guitar in the longing of the times, of acoustic vestiges in the darkness, of fireplace and moon at the outdoors of the conventional world.



Come join us for an evening that will leave you breathless, mesmerised and with a new outlook on life and beauty! 



We're a donation based venue so please bring generous donations for the bands so they can keep doing what they're doing! 

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Friday, 7 June, 2019 - 20:30


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  • music/concert


  • by donation
De Muiterij - Vrijplaats Bajesdorp
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 46
1096AN Amsterdam


Metro station Spaklerweg. Neem de uitang aan de kant van de Wenckebachweg en buig direct na verlaten van het metrostation rechtsaf. Volg het avontuurlijke pad tussen spoordam en gevangenis tot in Bajesdorp (ca.5 min.)

In december 2018 we moved our social centre from the old place at Bajesdorp #20 into the so called 'directors villa' at #46. It is now ours, or should we say, everybody's.


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