Benefit VOKU and Commemoration of Lorenzo

Tuesday, 26 March

Benefit VOKU and Commemoration of Lorenzo

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Join us on Tuesday to commemorate the life of Italian anarchist Lorenzo Orsetti Orso. With a benefit dinner followed by contributions from comrades and friends of Lorenzo, including a video call with Davide Grasso, who fought alongside Orso in Rojava.

On Monday March 18th in Baghouz, Lorenzo Orsetti, a volunteer fighter for the international brigades of the YPG, was killed during an operation against the last bunkers occupied by ISIS militias. Lorenzo's death is the testimony of the constant sacrifice of the Kurdish communities who are fighting against the barbarism of the fascist and religious fanaticism of ISIS and who defend the revolutionary experience of democratic confederalism in a theater of war.

We are women and men, activists, comrades from Italy and from different countries in Europe and the world, expats in Amsterdam: this event struck us and we wanted to organize a moment of memory and communication to try to tell what is happening in Rojava and what can be done to support the struggle of the Kurdish people and all the peoples who are fighting for freedom, the peace and democracy in the Middle East. Those who hold to democracy; dignity of peoples' freedom from oppression; struggle against fascism and religious, authoritarian and militarist fanaticism in all its forms and manifestations, today mourn a companion who led this battle on the frontlines until sacrifice.

Honor to Lorenzo and to all the fallen fighters and fighters to defend the revolution and democratic confederalism in Kurdistan and throughout the world, an infinite embrace to their families, to their loved ones, to their communities. May their sacrifice be an example and a warning to all! Without struggle there is no freedom, only barbarism.

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Tuesday, 26 March, 2019 - 19:00


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De Muiterij - Vrijplaats Bajesdorp
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Next to the garden on your left, before entering the rest of Bajesdorp.

In december 2018 we moved our social centre from the old place at Bajesdorp #20 into the so called 'directors villa' at #46. It is now ours, or should we say, everybody's.


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