The Sun in a Net

Thursday, 13 August

The Sun in a Net

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SUMMERTIME SCHEDULE! Film starts half an hour later, at 9.00 PM, audience is limited to just 25, ticketsale from 8pm

THE SUN IN A NET   1963 (Slnko v siet) Directed by Štefan Uher 90 minutes In Slovak with English subtitles

The real purpose of cinema is not to flog a dead horse by endlessly repeating a formula, but to explore and find new ways of charting reality... especially a reality that expresses both our imagination and our real-life experiences. Since each of us perceive the world around us in radically different ways, isn't it strange that Hollywood films all look the same? What happened to the rich diversity of existence?
When real experience is fused into cinema, the result is always ground-breaking. And what could be a better example than this stunning Czechoslovakian gem? Before 1962, movies in Czechoslovakia were made according to a strict social-realist model, and it was this film that broke the ice and gave birth to an entirely new movement of filmmaking - the Czech New Wave cinema. It's crazy that although it is such a crucial movie that influenced so many others, this one itself is rarely ever screened. It's narrative drifts through the everyday lives of two students, Fayolo and Bela, as they hang out on the rooftops of Bratislava. Those open rooftops are such an iconic setting for dreams to soar. It is a story of youth, love, poetry and sex. It is about urban disillusionment, and the search for something deeper. When a solar eclipse casts a shadow over the city, it becomes a symbol of all the emotions, dreams and relationships hidden in our main characters. The film kicked out a new era of thought, expression and experimentation in East Bloc filmmaking. The cinematography alone is amazing - crystal clear and it absolutely glistens, while the soaring electronic music score conjures up a dissonant, existential mood.
Another time-capsule from a different era... a discreet and almost totally forgotten treasure. And it also has a great summer vibe that makes this the perfect time to experience it.
This will be a high-definition screening

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Thursday, 13 August, 2020 - 21:00


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Informal cinema in the basement of a cosy concert venue called De Nieuwe Anita, a former school building that was once squatted and is now legalised. All films in English or with English subtitles.


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