Georgy Girl

Monday 11 February

Georgy Girl

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GEORGY GIRL   1966  **  Directed by by Silvio Narizzano  ** 99 minutes ** In English

This is an unusual cult film. It was shot in the 1960s England just as so-called 'swinging London' is beginning to burst open. It has a catchy theme song and follows the plight of a young girl in the modern world. So what is so unusual about it? Simply the fact that our main character Georgina isn't conventionally beautiful... she's a bit overweight, too tall, awkward and frumpy. She represents the type of person we never see in movies as a main protagonist, who is normally relegated to the sidelines in minor roles. She is played by Lynn Redgrave, who lets all the air out of our fashion ideals and the pressure to act like a cardboard cut-out stereotype. But on the other hand, she isn't a loser - she is vivacious, willing to throw herself into life... she's open and searching. This edge gives this off-beat film a frisky, spunky, fresh energy.

Georgina's roommate Meredith (Charlotte Rampling) is her polar opposite - she's attractive and has a boyfriend (Alan Bates). But both of these women, Georgina and Meredith, are trying to embrace life in their own way. Georgy Girl has an overflowing, carefree spirit that gives it a slight French Nouvelle Vague edge. Also described as an anti-romantic romance comedy, this was a movie that went against the grain and was subversive by showing how hollow mass movements and fads are; all they do is up new stereotypes, and the sixties were no exception. The theme song, with lyrics by Jim Dale and recorded by The Seekers, became a gigantic hit. It is a bit heartbreaking that modern cinema has become so jaded that it can't even come close to a movie like this. The cast - which includes James Mason - is brilliant, and it was Charlotte Rampling's debut in cinema.

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Monday, 11 February, 2019 - 20:30


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