Women's Work: Pin Cushion

Tuesday, 24 September

Women's Work: Pin Cushion

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Cinema of the Dam'd is proud to present Women's Work, an ongoing series of recent films by emerging female directors. Tonight we watch Deborah Haywood's dark coming-of-age fable Pin Cushion (2017).

Introverted teen Iona (Lily Newmark) and her eccentric misfit mum Lyn (Joanna Scanlan) move to a working class suburban town, hoping for a fresh start. While Iona struggles to fit in with a cadre of high school mean girls, Lyn is bullied by the town's surly adults. As the abuse escalates, mother and daughter are torn between fantasies of escape, and feeble attempts to confront their tormentors. 

British writer-director Deborah Haywood's cracked coming-of-age fable is surely one of the most disturbing films ever made about adolescence. Pin Cushion is a dark fairy tale, spiked with moments of grace and grotesquerie. Haywood's colorful, cluttered frames, overflowing with cat lady kitsch, give Iona and Lyn's private refuge from the cruel world a lovingly, lived-in feeling. Scanlan's heartbreaking performance as a childlike parent is complemented by Newmark's quietly moving turn as a sensitive, resilient teen, determined to fit in. Watch the trailer.

Directed by Deborah Haywood, 2017, UK, 82 minutes. In English.

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Tuesday, 24 September, 2019 - 19:30


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