Killer Robots: RoboCop, Class of 1999 & Chopping Mall

Friday, 20 September

Killer Robots: RoboCop, Class of 1999 & Chopping Mall

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The idea that robots would replace human workers once seemed far-fetched. But the prophetic pop culture visions of 80s science fiction are becoming a 21st century reality as robots are deployed in policing, education, industry, the military, health care, and private security. What could possibly go wrong? Find out at the Killer Robots triple feature, featuring three visions of our malevolently malfunctioning future.

RoboCop @ 20:00

In the near future. a sinister corporation seeks to private the police force of crime-infested dystopian Detroit. When officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is killed in an ambush. the company reconstructs his body, making him the world's-first cyborg cop. Tasked with upholding the law and protecting public order, RoboCop soon uncovers a conspiracy, and struggles to recover his humanity. Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi classic is a top notch action thriller, with shocking violence and then state-of-the-art effects. But just beneath the shiny chrome surface is a dark satire about predatory capitalism, the police state, and our growing fusion with technology. Watch the trailer.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven, 1987, USA, 1987, 102 minutes. In English.

Class of 1999 @ 22:00

The year is 1999 and American cities are terrorized by warring teenage gangs. High school principal Mr. Langford (Malcolm McDowell) wants to bring order back into the crime-infested classroom. Partnering with a sinister corporation, he secretly deploys a trio of robot teachers to educate and discipline the unruly students. But when a teenage gang member (Bradley Gregg) discovers the school's dark secret, he tries to lead a student uprising. Mark Lester's low-budget RoboCop ripoff is a rowdy throwback to the juvenile delinquency dramas of the 50s and 60s. It's also a prescient and funny satire on privatized and automated education, and the increasingly militarized American school system. Featuring a great performance by Blaxploitation icon Pam Grier as a very strict robot teacher. Watch the trailer.

Directed by Mark L. Lester, 1990, USA, 99 minutes. In English.

Chopping Mall @ 23:59

A group of horny teenagers stays after closing time at a shopping mall. But the party's over when the shopping center's security robots suddenly malfunction and start shooting at them. While the robots hunt them through the darkened shops, the teens plan a desperate escape. Jim Wynorski's delightfully dumb sci-fi thriller is like a low-rent-a-RoboCop (which was released one year later). Unfolding entirely inside an 80s American shopping mall, it's also a sly commentary on consumerism, surveillance, and privatized security. Watch the trailer.

Directed by Jim Wynorski, 1986, USA, 77 minutes. In English.

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Friday, 20 September, 2019 - 20:00


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Cinema of the Dam'd at OT301
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Inside the OT301 arts building, on the 2nd floor. Directly across from the Jan Pieter Heijestraat stop for tram #1.


Former squat, now legalised

Cinema of the Dam’d is a bar, cinema & gathering place, located on the 2nd floor of the OT301 arts collective which is the site of the former film academy.


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