Soviet Classics: Circus (free screening)

Sunday, 28 April

Soviet Classics: Circus (free screening)

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Fleeing persecution in the United States for having a mixed race baby, trapeze artist Marion Dixon (Lyubov Orlova) meets Franz von Kneishitz (Pavel Massalsky), a sinister German talent agent. He takes Marion to the Soviet Union, where she gets a job being shot from a cannon in the Moscow Circus. Marion finds love and acceptance in her new home, but will von Kneishitz let her be happy? Grigori Aleksandrov and Isidor Simkov's exuberant musical melodrama is an entertaining mix of big top spectacle, backstage intrigue, and Stalinist propaganda. With nods to Busby Berkeley and Charlie Chaplin, Circus pays a debt to Hollywood, even while launching a critique of American (and German) bigotry. Its innovative visual effects, breathless slapstick, and Orlova's iconic performance make this a kitsch classic for audiences of all ideological persuasions. 

Directed by Grigori Aleksandrov & Isidor Simkov, 1936, Soviet Union, 90 minutes. In Russian w/ English subtitles.

Bar opens @ 18:30
FREE ENTRY by special arrangement with Mosfilm Cinema Concern

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Sunday, 28 April, 2019 - 19:00


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Cinema of the Dam'd at OT301
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Inside the OT301 arts building, on the 2nd floor. Directly across from the Jan Pieter Heijestraat stop for tram #1.


Former squat, now legalised

Cinema of the Dam’d is a bar, cinema & gathering place, located on the 2nd floor of the OT301 arts collective which is the site of the former film academy.


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