Signs of the Zodiac: Gemini (Secret Screening)

Thursday 24 May

Signs of the Zodiac: Gemini (Secret Screening)

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Do you believe in astrology? Whether you do or not, the signs of the zodiac offer an exciting perspective on day-to-day life -- and not only if you're a newspaper internShould you start a new project this month? Is your lover's moon sign compatible with yours? While there are many films that center around the idea of astrology or use horoscopes as a plot catalyst (David Fincher's Zodiac, William McGann's When Were You Born), we think it's more fun to see what films succeed in portraying the perfect Aquarius, Leo, or (gasp) Scorpio.

Every month, we celebrate the cinematic zodiac, with a secret screening featuring a character that fully embodies what that sign is all about. Better still, if the zodiac sign of the month is yours, you can pick up a free box of popcorn at our bar! So, what's your rising, darling?

This month: Gemini

Geminis are known to be curious, open-minded, and notoriously fun-loving. An air sign, the Gemini is always on the move, quick to adapt to new situations, and hates repetition and routine. The Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury, and they're a mercurial type indeed.

In this 1990 classic, a foxy woman undergoes an unexpected transformation and turns a stranger's life upside down. Like a true Gemini, she seeks the boundaries of what is socially permissible in a community run by traditions, and attempts to break the mould in the name of True Love. 

In English. Approximately 2 hours. 

Bar opens @ 19:30.
Admission is free, but donations are welcome.

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Thursday, 24 May, 2018 - 20:00


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Cinema of the Dam'd at OT301
Overtoom 301
2nd Floor
1054HW Amsterdam


Inside the OT301 arts building, on the 2nd floor. Directly across from the Jan Pieter Heijestraat stop for tram #1.


Former squat, now legalised

Cinema of the Dam’d is a bar, cinema & gathering place, located on the 2nd floor of the OT301 arts collective which is the site of the former film academy.


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