Trapped in a Video Game: Tron & Nintendo Gaming on the Big Screen

Saturday 13 January

Trapped in a Video Game: Tron & Nintendo Gaming on the Big Screen

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Anyone who's spent a summer's supply of quarters at a video arcade, worn out the buttons on a Nintendo console or crashed a PC with the latest first person shooter knows the immersive power of video games. Ever since video games exploded into popular culture in the early 80s, the film industry has recognized the commercial threat posed by this interactive medium and crafted speculative narratives about players becoming lost within game worlds. The films in this series follow characters who find themselves literally or figuratively trapped within a video game, where the stakes are real and extra lives can't be purchased with another quarter. Each screening will be followed by an evening of Nintendo gaming on the cinema screen! The next film in our series is the groundbreaking 1982 sci-fi adventure Tron.

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is a brilliant software engineer who hacks into the master computer at his former company to prove that rival Ed Dillinger (David Warner) has stolen his ideas. The computer retaliates by digitizing Flynn and imprisoning him in its Game Grid. There, Flynn must survive a series of deadly gladiator games, overseen by Dillinger's digital alter ego Sark. Flynn teams up with heroic computer programs Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) and Yori (Cindy Morgan) to escape their digital prison. Steven Lisberger's visionary science fiction feature stunned audiences in 1982 with its innovative mixture of live action, backlit animation, and computer-generated imagery. Nothing before or since its release quite looks like Tron. But it's the film's uncanny vision of humans trapped in a virtual world that feels so vital today. Watch the trailer.

Directed by Steven Lisberger, 1982, USA, 96 min. In English with English subtitles. 

Bar opens at 18:30.
Play Nintendo on the big screen after the film!
Admission is free, but donations are welcome. Support our crowdfunding campaign!

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Saturday, 13 January, 2018 - 19:00


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Former squat, now legalised

Cinema of the Dam’d is a bar, cinema & gathering place, located on the 2nd floor of the OT301 arts collective which is the site of the former film academy.


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