Chaos Days: 1213 days of chaos

Saturday, 29 February

Chaos Days: 1213 days of chaos

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After 1213 days of Chaos Amsterdam, we decided to do a monthly hack day: Chaos Days.

Every last saturday of the month, we plan to meet up and hack together on projects. There will be some announced projects but people are free to bring their own as well, collaboration however is a key part of the event. The events start at 12 minutes past 13:00 and end 18 minutes before midnight.

For this event, there will atleast be people working on the following topics:

  • Fediverse zinemaking
  • DIY electronics jewelry (take old electronics apart, find/create pretty things to adorn yourself with)
  • Computer Network & Audio experimentation
  • Analogue Synth Stuff
  • HH2020 badge hacking/puzzle

The rough program will look as follows:

  • open the space
  • have/make some food
  • do some hacking
  • some more food probably
  • more hacking and maybe watch a movie
  • close the space

Feel welcome to come and hack along! 

Date & Time: 

Saturday, 29 February, 2020 - 13:10 to 23:40


  • work space/diy


  • chaos


  • free




Entrance through the garden, up stairs behind the Buddha. If stairs are a problem there is a properly accessible door (and WC) from the other side, but you'll probably need to contact folks to open it.

A chaostreff in Amsterdam.

A Chaostreffen[1] is a meet-up for people who feel somehow connected to the Chaos Computer Club[2].

The Chaos Computer Club is a large european association of hackers.


  • meeting

opening times: 

Every other thursday from 19:30 (7.30pm)