Vegan Voku - Benefit for Anarchist Abtin Parsa (Take Away Only / Bring Your Own Containers)

Tuesday, 1 December

Vegan Voku - Benefit for Anarchist Abtin Parsa (Take Away Only / Bring Your Own Containers)

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Tasty Tuesdays!! Vegan benefit voku, this Tuesday from 18:00.

Free Market: Often we have veggies left over so bring a bag if you want to take some home. Reservations can be made between 15:00 and 18:00 on this number 06 57206564. Food is as always on donation and for take away we will be opened 18:00 till 21:00. Because of the new covid regulations we will serve only take away untill something changes. Bring your own containers please.

The voku is a benefit for the persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa; a former political prisoner with an atheist view from Iran who was imprisoned by the Islamic regime for one year and half. Even after his release from prison, he came under pressure from the Islamic regime, and in 2016 escaped to Greece from Iran. In Greece the persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa joined the resistance movement and began to struggle against the systematic oppression perpetrated by the Greek state against society, especially immigrants. During these struggles, he was arrested and even tortured several times by the Greek state. After the Greek state revoked his political asylum he fled Greece and applied for political asylum in the Netherlands. A few weeks ago, the Dutch state rejected his political asylum application and intends to extradite him to Greece. If the persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa is extradited to Greece, he may end up to Greek prisons or even extradited from Greece to the Islamic state of Iran, where his life will no doubt be in serious danger. Any proceeds will go towards supporting his legal costs. 

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Tuesday, 1 December, 2020 - 18:00


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  • (free) shop/market


  • by donation
Molli Chaoot
Van Ostadestraat 55hs
1072 SN Amsterdam


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