LUVDUMP (hc-dub-punk UK) / MISTER X (belarusian street punk) / DJ RENGO ESTAR

Thursday, 16 May

LUVDUMP (hc-dub-punk UK) / MISTER X (belarusian street punk) / DJ RENGO ESTAR

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LUVDUMP smash together a mix of fast, and melodic hardcore punk, ska-punk, and dub reggae with political and socially conscious lyrics. With a live set described as 'pure energy' LUVDUMP quickly worked their way all over the UK and Mainland Europe playing anything from clubs to pubs, squats to house parties, street protests to grassroots festivals and anything else in between, gaining a solid following through being anywhere and everywhere, with or without a full line up. LUVDUMP are strong supporters of the D.I.Y scene, Antifa action, Squatting, de-criminalisation of weed (grow your own) and hold strong Anti-sexist, Anti-Racist and Anti-homophobic views.

MISTER X Lazy Oi!-street-punk-rockers from Belarus! The very first band in Belarus playing Oi!/streetpunk music. We're apolitical but we are openly Antifascist and Antiracist band. We consider that all prejudices are bullshit. To be cool people (just like Us) is absolutely not obligatory to thrust on kids any ideology. We all have own opinions and view on life and on problems but we have fun on the stage, and don't preach. 

DJ RENGO ESTAR playing punk / oi / ska / rocksteady

For sure at our gigs there is absolutely NO PLACE for any kind of stupid behaviour such as racism, fascism, nationalism, sexism and homophobia.

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Thursday, 16 May, 2019 - 22:00


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  • 3-5 €
Maloe Melo
Lijnbaansgracht 163
1016 VX Amsterdam

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