Open General Assembly

Thursday, 15 June

Open General Assembly

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Our assemblies are open to all people who self-identify as FLINTA*/not cis-man, who agree to our aims and principles and are willing to participate in the assembly. We always work on the principle of self-identification only, we will never police or question someone’s gender identity. If we have the capacity and willingness to do so we will organise events in which cis men are invited, but we decided it was necessary to exclude them from our organisational structure as we believe any movement against patriarchy should be led by those most affected by it.

FLINTA* = Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-binary, Trans, Agender people, and * anyone else except cis-men

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Thursday, 15 June, 2023 - 19:00


  • discussion/presentation
  • meeting
Villa Mina
Kanaalstraat 128
1054XM Amsterdam


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Anarcha Feminist Group Amsterdam: Aims and Principles

Intersectional, not Liberal


  • action/protest/camp / advice/help/office hours / food / (free) shop/market / meeting / work space/diy