Friday, 20 January to Sunday, 22 January


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From the 20th to the 22nd of January, Anarcha-Feminist Group Amsterdam is organizing a queer feminist skillshare weekend that will be hosted at the Vossiusstraat 16 squat in Amsterdam.  


We will come together to share our opinions, skills and knowledge. Over the course of the weekend there will be baking, movie screenings,workshops, talks, music and more! (a detailed program will be published soon) If you would like to host a workshop or talk, feel free to get in touch with us. All ideas are welcome!


We believe that it is important to come together and educate ourselves outside of oppressive/ hierarchical power structures. Knowledge and skills should be accessible to everyone, and shared in a horizontal manner. We all have something to learn, and we all have something to share.  


So often we are excluded from, not given nor learn how to take up space as

non cis-men. Queer people and people who do not identify as cis-men continue to be pushed aside when wanting to do or learn practical skills and manual labour and/or are talked over when expressing their opinions. We believe that organizing without cis-men can help us to focus our energy on sharing, building and learning and not waste as much time and energy on correcting and dealing with patriarchal behaviours around us. We think it is important to come together in order to learn and develop skills in a cis-men free space, and it is for these reasons that the event will be a cis-man free event. 


We can't wait to see you all! If you have any questions pls contact us! 



Where and when: The skillshare weekend will take place on Friday the 20th, Saturday the 21st, Sunday the 22nd. It will be hosted in Amsterdam, at the Vossiusstraat 16 squat.


Accessibility: The house is not wheelchair accessible but we will have a quiet room for people to retreat to if needed. 


Sleeping: There is the possibility to be sleep over but please send us an email so that we can organize the sleeping spots! Bringing your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag is also appreciated.


Food: Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. 


Children: If you have small children you can either bring them with you or, if you email us beforhand, we will organize on location babysitting. 


Money: Everything is for free but donations are very welcome. 


Covid: Please do a covid test before arriving so we can create a safer space for everybody. We will also have a limited number of tests at the squat if needed. 


Helping out: If you would like to help out with some preparation work, cooking, making the space ready, bar shifts etc. get in touch with us. All help is appreciated!


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Friday, 20 January, 2023 - 10:00 to Sunday, 22 January, 2023 - 22:00

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Vossiusstraat 16
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Anarcha Feminist Group Amsterdam: Aims and Principles

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Social space - Villa Mina (Kanaalstraat 128)

Every last sunday of the month from 14 to 18: feminist cafe


Feminist Library - Ringdijk (Ringdijk 8)

Every Thursday from 16 to 19: Walk-by hours

Squatted social center in Amsterdam. Located at Vossiusstraat 16.