Mental Health discussion group

Cancelled: Monday, 27 January

Mental Health discussion group

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The main focus of the group will be mental health. Specifically mental health struggle under late capitalism. Plan is to make this a regular weekly event. So every other week the topic of discussion will change (depending on the progress). This group is for everybody. We wanted to mention this, because sometimes reading/ hearing words "mental health" can turn off people. Those, who don't have any mental health issues may think that they have nothing to discuss. Mental health is a very broad term in many ways not connected to medical conditions. And it's crutial for the goal of the group to have a divers collective. The goal is: gathering knowledge, views and experiences from activists on mental health during late capitalism era. In the process we will also achieve better understanding of one another. Educate each other on variety of topics. Develop ways for creating more emotionally comfortable environment in the group and in the whole community.

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Monday, 27 January, 2020 - 18:30


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