Aman molli: Concert with Primi Segonti

Saturday, 6 April

Aman molli: Concert with Primi Segonti

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Aman molli and Joe's Garage are hosting a music concert with Primi Segonti.

Primi Segonti are an ensemble of immigrants and students located in South Holland. Inspired by the similarities of Rotterdam with the maritime and multicultural background of early 20th century Piraeus, they are playing inter-war Rebetiko and post-war Urban Folk to ease the nostalgia of their "home".  

Athena Koumela: Guitar, vocals

Vangelis Christantonis: Baglama, vocals

Kostas Patsis: Bouzouki, vocals

Orestis Strymponis: Bouzouki, vocals

Chris Toitos: Bouzouki

Yvonni Melissa: Violin, vocals

The doors will open at 8pm, and music will start at 9 pm.

Price for music: by donation (suggested at least 5 euro)

Cover artwork by Athena Koumela

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Saturday, 6 April, 2024 - 20:00 to 23:55


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