Aberdeen Anarchist Digital Festival 2020

Saturday, 21 November to Sunday, 22 November

Aberdeen Anarchist Digital Festival 2020

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Following the Festival’s postponement back in March due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have now decided to host the Aberdeen Anarchist Festival online on the 21st and the 22nd of November 2020. Although this is not the outcome that we had envisioned for the first ever anarchist festival in Aberdeen, we remain excited! If anything, we don’t view the online format of the Festival only as necessary for the protection of public health, but we also hope it will serve as an opportunity for the world to meet some of Aberdeen’s grassroots folk and vice versa!All events will take place on Zoom (links to be shared nearer the date).

Please ensure that you've read our ONLINE SAFER SPACES policy before joining in. This can be found at the very bottom of this page.




Day 1 (Saturday 21st November 2020)

12:30-13:30 - Class Power on Zero-Hours. Organising in Tough Times

Talk by the Angry Workers of the World

14:00-15:30 - We Need to Talk about Covid-19: Current Situation and Future Social Change

Panel discussion with:

16:00-17:00 - Reflections on Black Lives Matter


Talk by Imelda Uwase


Day 2 (Sunday 22nd November 2020)

12:30-13:30 - Gender and Class Struggle

Talk by Tanya F., from Edinburgh Action for Trans Health

14:00-15:00 - Greece: Government Repression and Movement Responses

Talk by Interregnum

15:30-16:30 - Decentralised, Non-violent, Non-hierarchical? Stories from Extinction Rebellion

Talk by Scott Herett, XR Aberdeen




Contact the Aberdeen Anarchist Group by email for registration: aberdeenanarchistgroup@riseup.net




All donations will go to the Aberdeen Social Centre. If you wish to make a donation please do so here:

  • Account name: Aberdeen Social Centre
  • Account number: 20400664
  • Sort code: 608301
  • Please add ''AFEST'' as a wee reference.




(Adopted from Dundee Anarchist Bookfair and Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair)

  • Participate in good faith
  • Be respectful to each other – verbal, written or any other form of abuse based on gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability/mental health status, ethnicity/nationality/race, migration status, social class etc won't be tolerated
  • Keep what is said at meetings vague enough to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Feel free to take any necessary measures when joining online to protect your and other people's identity (e.g., use pseudonyms)
  • Give everyone time and space to speak and be heard
  • Try your best to keep terminology simple
  • Don’t make assumptions about anyone’s circumstances or conventions and avoid generalisations about groups of people
  • Use content warnings where content may be upsetting
  • This Festival is safe for trans people and transphobia of any form is not welcome in this space. Anyone who refuses to respect the rights of trans people to exist and identify as they feel comfortable will be immediately asked to leave.

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Saturday, 21 November, 2020 (All day) to Sunday, 22 November, 2020 (All day)

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The Aberdeen Anarchist Group started in 2017 aiming to bring together anarchists and like-minded individuals focusing on creating a network of resistance by using inter-sectionalism as a tool to challenge capitalism and different forms of oppression.


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