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UPDATE: Evicted for the second time in August 2016 then demolished.

Political squat facing eviction in Grangegorman - After the arrival of Gardaí on Thursday and Friday (24th & 25th October 2013) squatters in a row of occupied empty houses in Lower Grangegorman are facing eviction from their homes. They are calling for supporters to gather at the house to show solidarity and help them to resist this invasion of their home. The squatters are occupying a complex of three empty houses in Lower Grangegorman. The houses were found in a delapidated condition, left empty to decay and fall apart. The current residents have been living there for several weeks and have been working to repair the homes and make them habitable. 2013-10-30

International Callout: Help us resist eviction of SquatCity - On Monday 23rd March 2015, the squatted buildings at Grangegorman, where a community has been living for a year-and-a-half, was the subject of a violent attempted eviction by a large force of contractors and cops. We are putting out an international callout for support, to help us resist the eviction of our homes, and to defend squatting in Dublin. We have been subject to a large scale eviction attempt over the last couple of days, and we are currently resisting, and appealing for help and support. Many of you would have stayed there in September 2014 during the International Squatters Convergence, and saw the space for yourselves. March 26th 2015

SquatCity GrangeGorman consists of three houses, three converted office buildings, five warehouses, a main courtyard and two smaller yards, all home to around 30 people.
We are reclaiming unused space and building a community around it so it can be used autonomously for projects that would not be possible within the constraints of a rented space.

16 Feb 2016 - Squat City has been liberated!  Spread the word friends. The warehouse will soon be full of words; the garden has begun regrowing community; music and paint about to burst across the city. At the lower end of Grangegorman and where the block continues along North Brunswick Street, acres of warehouses and yards and houses and space space spaces have been laying vacant far too long, once again. From developers to NAMA to developers to judge’s friends and back to developers for more and more money while people and places rot.
We who need a home have housed ourselves. We who need good work have found it. No pay — no problem. We invite you to join us for fun and struggle. Stay tuned for updates and events — we intend many things — and a brilliant surprise event is in the making to warm up your cold winter hearts for what’s to come.
This new occupation is a direct protest against Judge ‘Justice’ Gilligan, who claimed to legitimise the eviction of the previous residents and all that they built over days and years, days after jailing folk for daring to protest the water charges, all the while living in paid-for privilege and purported power.

August 2016 - The second eviction of Grangegorman squatcity. The massive complex of squatted buildings at Grangegorman was evicted for a second time in early August, this time its likely to be permanent at the plan is to build a huge number of expensive to rent student apartments on the site


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Squat City / Grangegorman
Corner Brunswick Street North and Grangegorman Lower


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