Kraakspreekuur Den Haag

Kraakspreekuur Den Haag

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Gentrification and the sale of council houses are causing renting to become more and more expensive, while the private housing market remains out of reach for many people. Despite the critical shortage of affordable housing, many houses in The Hague and its surrounding needlessly remain empty for a long period of time. Against this background, anti-squat (property guardian) companies portray themselves as the solution, but by housing people in precarious situations they only further dismantle tenant rights.

Government and private companies won’t solve the housing crisis. As long as there has been housing shortage, there are people who claim their right of residence in vacant spaces. This worldwide phenomenon is called squatting: the act of taking into use abandoned buildings or sites — without permission of the owner. Up until today squatting offers solutions; from providing housing to the creation of spaces for social initiatives.

KSU The Hague is such an initiative. We want to be an information point for people with questions about housing rights in general and the theory and practice of squatting in particular. Please don’t hesitate to drop by or send us an email! The KSU used to be located on Helmersstraat 124, not anymore.

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