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Update: Harstenhoekweg 4-6-10 was squatted from 8 february 2016 till March 2017.

The Autonoom Centrum (AC) Den Haag has been squatted since April 16th 2010 untill end January 2016 on the Willem van Outhoornstraat 17. During these years, the AC Den Haag has been the meeting point of activists, humanitarians and people from the neighborhood. AC Den Haag offers various activities, a People's Kitchen, a radical bookshop, Opstand and the squatting assistance KSU Den Haag. Lectures, debates, screenings are regularly organized.

8 february 2016 - Three houses squatted on Harstenhoekweg in Scheveningen
Three houses on the Harstenhoekweg 4-6-10 in Scheveningen have been squatted after years of emptiness and rotting away. Today, the Autonoom Centrum is reopening its doors in these houses. The Autonoom Centrum Den Haag had to leave earlier this month the squatted building on the Willem van Outhoornstraat after 6 years of occupation.

11 may 2016 - Autonoom Centrum wins court case. No eviction!
Today, there was the verdict of the court case started by the owner Bewi Vastgoed to ask the eviction of the Autonoom Centrum in Den Haag. The judge rejected the claims of the owner. There is no eviction of the Autonoom Centrum on the Harstenhoekweg in the short term.

19 september 2016 - Mayor wants to close Autonomous Center Den Haag
Last week, the Autonomous Center in The Hague received a letter from the mayor demanding that we close the property at Harstenhoekweg 4, where a social center has been established since February. The warrant was served because a so-called ‘illegal cafe’ is being operated in the building. The AC was already in discussion with the municipality to find a solution for the so-called ‘illegal situation’ but the mayor doesn’t want to wait for this.
The mayor has given an order that the building can be closed from 12:00 on September 22. The AC collective is looking into its legal options to avoid closure of the social center. All activities have been temporarily suspended until the situation is more certain. It should be clear that we are not giving up and that we are, together with our lawyers, looking into the steps that we can take against the mayor’s decision
The order to shut down is the latest step that Hague mayor Jozias van Aartsen has taken in a series of repressive measures against anarchists and autonomous spaces. Several Hague anarchists wrote a text about these measures: ‘The area ban against anarchists in a broader context of repression in The Hague‘. It is clear that the current situation is not an isolated incident but part of a bigger picture. The mayor is trying yet again to close places where space is made for extra-parliamentary politics. Keep an eye on the Autonoom Centrum website for updates.


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Autonoom Centrum Den Haag
Harstenhoekweg 4, Scheveningen
2587SL Den Haag


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