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Squat evicted summer of 2020.

Saturday, September 1, 2018 - the Assemblée Générale de Lutte contre toutes les expulsions (General Assembly against evictions and deportations) officialized the squat at 9 allée du Bosphore in Caen (Folie-Couvrechef neighborhood).
The opening of this squat is only the beginning of our reaction to the attacks of the public authorities. In this summer period the repression does not take vacations: in two months, four squats have been evicted putting hundreds of people on the street, including many school children. Indeed, yesterday, Friday, August 31, the squat of Venoix, boulevard Gallieni, was evicted. Thus, about twenty children were put on the street one day before the beginning of the school year. These local events reflect a national antisocial, xenophobic and fascist policy. The State boasts of welcoming sixty migrants from Aquarius and pretends to rehouse with dignity the families it puts on the streets. But these are only temporary solutions! Only families with children and single women have the right to a week in a hotel in undignified conditions (no right to cook, broken furniture, water leaks...). This will end in any case by being put on the street...
In this time of precariousness, we demand the occupation of empty housing, the regularization of all and all! Let's put our solidarity into action because it is our best weapon against capitalist indifference!


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Squat du Bosphore
9 Allée du Bosphore, quartier Folie-Couvrechef
14000 Caen


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