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Squat de l'ancien collège Guy Liar

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On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, the Calvados prefecture proceeded with the eviction of the squat of the former Guy Liar high school.

On Saturday, January 4, 2020, the Assemblée Générale de Lutte contre toutes les expulsions (General Assembly against evictions and deportations) officialized the opening of a squat at 6 rue Albert Bayet in Mondeville. Occupied for 48 hours by homeless families (19 people), these four apartments of a disused college have been vacant since June 2018 and doomed to demolition!
About 300 people are currently living in about ten squats in the Caennaise conurbation, about forty people are housed at the Espace Vannier (an emergency night shelter open during the winter period), and every day, many people remain without a solution.
One of the priorities of the former prefect Fiscus was "the policy of resorption of squats" qualified by all the evils: "insalubrity, prostitution, drugs...", when he was the main responsible for this situation. His policy was limited to throwing families out on the street, and systematically refusing them the application of the Valls circular, which allows the regularization of people after 5 years of presence on French territory. Will the next prefect continue in this same inhumane way?
The Assemblée Générale de Lutte contre toutes les expulsions demands the right to housing for all and the regularization of all undocumented migrants.


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Squat de l'ancien collège Guy Liar
6 rue Albert Bayet - Mondeville


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