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Squat Damozanne

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Opened November 3, 2018, evicted summer of 2020.

A new squat opened in Caen (Calvados), in early November 2018. It is located at 28, rue Damozanne, between rue de Bayeux and rue Caponière. This Saturday, November 3, it already welcomes 8 families, mostly Albanian, who arrived on Thursday. Nearly 80 exiles are expected within the next few days. Many of them were evicted from two squats, in Fleury-sur-Orne and in the Guérinière district of Caen, last October. The new squat in rue Damozanne is a former house of the associations. It is located only a few dozen meters from the Army Recruitment Center (Cirfa). The place, owned by the City of Caen, had been uninhabited for several years, according the Assemblée Générale de Lutte contre toutes les expulsions (General Assembly against evictions and deportations), the collective that opened the squat.


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Ancienne maison des associations
28 rue Damozanne
14000 Caen


Evicted squat