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January 29, 2021, occupation of a huge building at 38 Koninckstraat in Molenbeek. Thanks to the fourth opening of this occupation campaign, re-housing solutions continue for 200 migrants about to be evicted from their homes in Jette and for others sleeping rough, but the question remains the same: who is organising for the right to housing?
The public authorities seem unable to guarantee the right to housing, yet many public buildings are empty. It is the region that owns the 12,000m2 occupied building at 38 rue de Koninck. Through Citydev (its real estate arm), whose strategies focus on real estate speculation and public-private partnerships, it is acting as an agent of gentrification. To leave such buildings empty is to choose to let people sleep on the street.
We can accept neither no nor poor accommodation. Similarly, we cannot accept living in cities whose inhabitants are driven out to make way for the better-off. We cannot accept that housing insecurity should become even worse.
We demand that the available space be used for people to be able to find housing! Once again, a house and papers for everyone!
February 12, 2021, negotiations are ongoing, and we hope to be able to conclude a one-year agreement (at least until the end of March 2022). About thirty people are already living in the building. We are waiting for the heating to be turned back on and for the firefighters to visit us so that we can complete the move of the occupancy from 44 Honoré Longtin Street in Jette. In all, 200 people will be able to live there.


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Bâtiment Citydev
38 rue De Koninck - De Koninckstraat 38, Molenbeek


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