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The Drugstore is one of the oldest self organized youth centre of Berlin. It was founded in 1972. We are not a club, not an event gastronomy or a service bureau. All of the staff are volunteers and organized in a collective. All members of the collective have the same rights and every decision is made within the collective.

There are strict guidelines for which we stand for and which apply for our venue:

  • We don’t allow sexism, racism, antisemitism or homophobic behavior
  • No spirits (no distilled beverages allowed)
  • No animals allowed on loud shows (for the good of the animals)
  • Admission is always free

We want to be a free space, apart from everyday capitalism and create a safe space opposite to macho behavior and discrimination.

If you feel harassed, please tell the staff at the bar! We really don’t fancy macho behavior or stupid sexist sayings.

If you want to know more, if you’re planning an event or if you’re having problems regarding our venue, then come to our meeting

opening times: 

Dienstag: öffentliches Plenum ab 18 Uhr im P12

Mittwoch: Jeden 2. & 4. Mittwoch Spiele gegen Rechts

Freitag/Samstag: wechselnde Veranstaltungen ab 21/22 Uhr

Sonntag: Katerkino ab 20 Uhr im Schicksaal


  • bar/cafe
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • exhibition
  • film
  • food
  • (free) shop/market
  • meeting
  • music/concert
  • party
  • theater
  • work space/diy


Potsdamer Str. 180
10783 Berlin

Friday, 16 June