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El Kubo

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February 2023 - In 2016, an office building was squatted for the first time in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood and we called it El Kubo. The Kubo has been the home and place of passage of more than a hundred people in the more than 6 years that it has been in existence. This has been the home and trench of many people. It has been an oasis of resistance in the bourgeois quarter of Barcelona for many years and this has not been easy. The saying "squat, resist and insist" defines the history of the Kubo very well. During all these years we have faced two evictions and the constant siege of extreme right-wing groups, capitalist press and political parties. And despite the hostilities we have reoccupied and resisted this house all this time.
The Kubo has been the satellite and fundamental point for the birth and resistance of what is now the CSO La Ruïna in 2019. This space was abandoned by SAREB for more than 15 years. La Ruïna has also been home to many people for four years and a space that has tried in the most coherent way possible to stand up to gentrification and speculation in our city, in the neighbourhood with the highest per capita income in Barcelona.


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El Kubo
Carrer de Sant Joan de La Salle 6
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