Balkanski anarhistički sajam

Balkanski anarhistički sajam

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Every year Balkan anarchist bookfair [BAB] takes place in a different city across the Balkans and is organized by a local collective with an aim to connect local, regional, as well as international anarchist community. First BAB was organised in 2003 and since then it happened in Ljubljana (2003&2013), Zagreb (2005&2017), Sofia (2008), Thessaloniki (2009), Zrenjanin (2010), Skopje (2011), Mostar (2014), Zadar (2015) , Ioannina (2016) and in Novi Sad (2018).
Participation at the bookfair is open for all anti-authoritarian/anarchist/autonomous groups, publishers, initiatives, places etc. (not just from the Balkans) so we call on everybody to support the event with participation and materials.


  • book shop/info shop/library
  • discussion/presentation
  • meeting

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  • anarchism
There are no upcoming events.