Azpeitiako gaztetxea

Azpeitiako gaztetxea

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In 1993, Azpeitia city council closed the Gaztetxe on Erdi Street. A few years later, we formed a group, Gazteok Zer?! Among many other goals, our desire was to reach out to the local youth in the village. In this way, we managed to launch a strong popular dynamic. Since the mayor and councilors would not let us fulfill our dreams, we decided to be their nightmare. The conflict also led to a lawsuit against nine young people, but with the city council, Gazteok Zer?! started to talk about having a gaztetxe. After a long negotiation, the council left us a building, and on July 15th 2005, we inaugurated the gaztetxe. Since then, we have been working with young people of different backgrounds and ages for a better Azpeitia.


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Azpeitiako gaztetxea
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