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Bouboulinas 42

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Political squat, migrants, proletarians, locals, international comrades. Evicted, resquatted on 3rd May 2019, evicted again on 12 November 2019.

We locals, migrants, solidarians, squatters, understand that we must give our answers all together. That every self-organized structure that goew to the hands of the state is a wound for everyone. However the common struggle of the oppressed is a threat to authority and it is this struggle that we decided to house, by reoccupying a piece of the 'lost' ground, the one on Bouboulinas 42. We call for a soldarity gathering now in front of the reoccupied building on Bouboulinas 42. [3rd may 2019]


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  • Exarcheia
Bouboulinas 42
Bouboulinas 42, Exarcheia / Μπουμπουλίνας 42, Εξάρχεια


Evicted squat