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The Zablière has been evicted on 15 March 2021.

The former Schoppach sandpit, located on the outskirts of the city of Arlon, is listed as a "site of great biological interest" by the Walloon Region because of the many species that have found refuge there, including two endangered species of butterflies and several protected plants; or that could find refuge there, such as the shore swallow and the crested newt. It also forms a buffer zone between the highway and the residential area of Schoppach.
In spite of this, La Sablière is threatened with concrete invasion by a zoning project for small and medium-sized businesses, including offices and parking lots, since it was bought from the municipality by Idélux-Aive.
Yet another useless and imposed project that is ruining the territory!
The petitions and local calls having not been enough, the village moved into the forest on October 26, 2019 for an indefinite period of time.
Through this occupation, it is the safeguard of the Sablière, but also the stop of the massive artificialization of the soils and the monopolization of the territories for private purposes, in Belgium and in the world that is at stake. The project of Idélux is one brick among many others, everywhere, which contribute to erect a wall against living things.
We therefore express our solidarity with other places and territorial struggles that act against the destruction of ecosystems and that articulate social and ecological stakes. ZAD everywhere!
We call on all those who feel concerned to come to the Sablière to support this struggle and to show by our side the growing determination of populations to safeguard the environment and to decide their future!



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ZAD d'Arlon
Avenue du Bois d'Arlon 160
6700 Arlon


En voiture, E411 – Sortie 31. A pied, depuis la gare d’Arlon, suivre la N850 pour une 30aine de minutes.


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