Antzuolako gaztetxea

Antzuolako gaztetxea

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Due to the poor condition of the building, the City Council demolished it in 2003. The Gaztetxe and all the cultural actors of Antzuola were located there. After a few arguments with the council, we stayed in the “temporary local”, waiting for a building that would be permanent. When the new cultural center was completed, we reached an agreement with the City Council and adapted what had until then been the town's health center as a Gaztetxe. It has been in operation since October 2012.
We have the assembly divided into different working groups: maintenance, communication, exchange, participation and audiovisual. We work on the agenda agreed upon by these working groups in coordination meetings and assemblies. The main aim of Gaztexea is to embody a wide and popular dynamic and movement in the town, opening its doors to everybody.


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Antzuolako gaztetxea
Sagasti auzoa
20577 Antzuola


Former squat, now legalised
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