ZZW Rafelrand

ZZW Rafelrand

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We are ZZW Rafelrand, a patchwork of communities living and creating in one of the last frayed edges of Amsterdam East, on Zeeburgereiland.

We organise open events, initiated by the ZZW (Zuiderzeeweg) student community that is part of the Rafelrand. For 20 years, generations of students and young people have turned our terrain where we live with 235 people into what it is now: a place where we find space to create, build, play, experiment, throw parties and events, where people connect and support each other and where we explore living together. We share communal spaces, our give away store, multiple caravans and stages, hidden terraces and our veggie garden, that is also home to our lovely chickens. It can be chaotic and wild, but it is authentic real and finding spaces like these has become rare in a city like Amsterdam.

The Zuiderzeeweg is our home and has been a refuge to many, a place where people have found connection, belonging and support. Very soon, our whole terrain and the communities around us will be demolished to make space for a new, modern neighbourhood. We want to use this special place more than ever to be open to everyone! Come by, experience what we have created here, listen to the stories and get inpired by the power of community. Join our events, skillshares and parties. Everybody is welcome to participate, get involved and to bring in their ideas to use the space :)



  • action/protest/camp
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • (free) shop/market
  • party
  • radio/tv


Zuiderzeeweg 42
1095KJ Amsterdam
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