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Announcements of the live-radio-reporting show "Serieuze Shit" (Serious Shit) on Radio Patapoe.

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Serieuze Shit is an erratic irregular and unregulated live radio show on Radio Patapoe (which evolved long ago from Radio Dood (Radio Death)). Interviews and chit chat with humans (and sometimes other species as well) of all walks of life. Yrs truly seeksout the interesting and the weird, the usefull and the nonsense, staying carefully outside the infected zone of the Blue Cloud. To go in with a straight leg, but that doesn't make nay sense at all in English. Gebbetje!

Besides that, there's the insanely regular show, every first monday of the month, when the clock stikes noon and the sirens roar. The show "Het geluid van Vrijheid?" (The Sound of Freedom?) starts off with a live broadcast of the National Air Alarm Test Concert as the opening tune. Seems that listeners can call with questions, but that never happeened so far. It's been a research into the effect of this audio terror on humans from different places and backgrounds, and on other species - all having their own take on what it is and what it means and what it does. Freedom doesn't seem to play much of a role here.

Topics include plastic, and the Blue Cloud that doesn't seem to want to release its firm grip on earth and its inhabitants - or could it be that humanity is about to go down as consequence of a pandemic version of the Stockholm Syndrome?


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You ca listen to Serieuze Shit-broadcasts on Radio Patapoe on 88.3FM and on the interwebs

The Serious Shit-archive

All broadcasts are archiveD in whole, uncut & raw, on Previous episodes can be found on

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very irregular and usually announced just in time. For announcements, join the mailinglist at


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