Queer Choir for Women* and Non-Binary People

Queer Choir for Women* and Non-Binary People

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Come join us if you enjoy singing and you identify as woman or non-binary and lesbian, bi, or any kind of queer. We meet every second Wednesday at NieuwLand.

We believe that singing is fun and liberating and therefore a good excuse for a meet-up. We do occasionally work towards performances, especially when it's for a cause that is dear to us. But we don't aspire to be a competitive choir. Sometimes we're more of a communal karaoke session. We hope to create a space where we are all free to express ourselves. So, just come by, sing along, hang out or teach us something new.

No registration necessary. Just drop by and sing along!
Bring songs if you like (definitely lyrics, and ideally sheet music/ chords).

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Every other wednesday at nieuwland from 20.00


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  • music/concert
Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 95
1093XN Amsterdam


Most activities use the entrance on the left side of the building (#93). Middle entrance (#95) is used by Balcontactics, DIY Fietskliniek and occasionally ABW.
There are no upcoming events.