Horeca United

Horeca United

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We are Horeca United, a newly founded collective of hospitality workers in Amsterdam. Together, we are building a self-organized grassroots union and a network of solidarity.

Do you have problems with your boss? Different from conventional unions, we do provide direct action and moral support. We don’t ask you for any money, membership is free. Assemblies are open for all, and decisions are made by all in consent. We organize ourselves, in an anti-hierarchical way, and we support each other by planning and doing direct actions.
Together we can represent ourselves, and talk about what really matters.

Make it impossible for bosses to ignore us, join the fight for better work!


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  • labor organizing


Infokafee Bollox
Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16
1075 TX Amsterdam


fiets, tram 1 of 2, einde Vondelpark


Former squat, now legalised