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Geen Kind aan de Kant

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Geen Kind aan de Kant is a collective that fights for the rights of refugeechildren in the Netherlands who have 'finished their procedure' meaning that the Immigration and Naturalisation Service has rejected their procedure. These children have been living in the Netherlands for years, but they will be deported any way. They live in so called "freedom restricting family locations" where they live in constant fear of being picked up in the early morning without warning and will be deported to a country they hardly or don't know. Every morning between 6:00 and 8:00 the police can show up at their doorstep; they then have five minutes to get their stuff. Parents hardly sleep anymore and the children see their friends disappear.

We fight for the rights of these children. We think every child should be able to get asylum in the Netherlands, without having to live in a precarious situation - so they can be children. That's why we want a fair and unconditional Children's Pardon, we work against the locking up and deportation of children. To be able to reach this goal, we want to make as many people as possible aware of the fate of these children, and we also do our best to make the situtation they live in know more bearable. For more information about the problems, to read stories from the children themselves and what you can do yourselves see:

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