Federation of Social Anarchism - Amsterdam

Federation of Social Anarchism - Amsterdam

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We are a federalist organization who believe in reclaiming Anarchy as the tool of the oppressed and not simply the lifestyle of the neo-punk bourgeoisie. By operating trough social insertion and specific organization we believe that every individual member is able to engage with the class struggle without getting shortsighted by personal goals. We do not wish to destroy the individual bit to finally have the individual be seen as the pluralistic force that it truly is. An individual formed by the tactival and theoretical unity of Anarchists who fight with those stuck in the peripherals of power. 


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Infokafee Bollox
Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16
1075 TX Amsterdam


fiets, tram 1 of 2, einde Vondelpark


Former squat, now legalised
There are no upcoming events.