Altsasuko Gaztetxea

Altsasuko Gaztetxea

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The Altsasuko Gaztetxea was born in 1987-88. Since 1990, we occupied the former hospital, we turned it into a Gaztetxe.
Before occupying the current Gaztetxe, we were gathering in the town square for a youth assembly. We tried a first occupation, but it didn't work out. After this attempt, we occupied the current Gaztetxe on October 5th 1992. It could be said that it has the approval of the Alsasua City Council, but the house is occupied.
We hold an assembly every Wednesday, and we gather about 20 young people. We are a fairly young assembly; there has been a big generational change, and we have enthusiastically taken up the challenge. We are divided into working groups (maintenance, kitchen, fights, culture…), but the main decisions are made in the assembly. We also set up the kitchen, and started serving pintxos and pizzas every Friday.


  • action/protest/camp
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • food
  • meeting
  • music/concert


Altsasuko Gaztetxea
Txikipolita 13
31800 Altsasu


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