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Tbilissi (Georgia): The Georgian eviction resistance urgently needs our support!

This week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, three foreclosure evictions of entire families were supposed to take place in Tbilisi, Georgia. On Tuesday January 23rd, a huge number of people showed up to stop the eviction but also an unexpected amount of cops who were extremely violent against the protestors. 18 people were arrested, two of them are now facing trial and up to 3-6 years in jail. Others have been fined to an average of 2000 GEL (approx. 700 €) which is a lot of money in Georgia. What’s new is that the story was widely spread in the media, and due to this on Wednesday there was even more resistance and the bailiff was blocked from entering the building. The eviction on Friday was stopped by our comrades, who had already managed to suspend this eviction in December 2023.

You can donate money for repression and legal costs. There’s a Georgian account for collecting money:
Bank of Georgia : #GE13BG0000000740090400 / Mariam Naneishvili

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Amsterdam: Mokum Kraakt squats former windows in the Red Light District

Mokum Kraakt squats on the Dollebegijnensteeg in the Red Light District in solidarity with the sex workers and against the arrival of the erotic center. During a protest against the planned erotic centre, squatting collective Mokum Kraakt announced it has squatted a number of former sex work windows in De Wallen, Amsterdam’s red light district.

The squatters say the windows were squatted in solidarity with sex workers who fight against plans for an erotic centre on the outskirts of the city. Sex work has been a part of De Wallen for over 400 years and sex workers have clearly and repeatedly said they want to stay in the city centre. The people living close to the location of the prospective location of the erotic centre are also against it. And still, mayor Halsema is pushing through her plans.

According Mokum Kraakt, the planned erotic centre is in fact an erotic prison, in which the state has total control over who can and can’t sell, or buy, sex. In this, we see only the latest state attempt to control sex workers and restrict people’s right to sex and sexuality. Also, closing windows in De Wallen would force a part of the sex workers active there now into illegality, where exploitation and coercion are much more prevalent.

Although the municipality presents closing windows as a way to reduce mass tourism in the area, research shows that limiting sex work would barely have an impact on the number of tourists that flock to De Wallen. We previously occupied an empty hotel close to Leidse square to protest Amsterdam’s tourism policy and we say the municipality itself is to blame for out-of-control tourism. The municipality was never against mass tourism, and isn’t now. The real aim is for a different kind of tourist to come to the city, a richer kind. In the meantime, the city becomes more and more unaffordable for its citizens, sex workers are stigmatised and pushed away, and the large numbers of tourists stay as they are.

The former sex work windows have been vacant for nearly two years, and are owned by Stadsgoed NV, the real estate company responsible for introducing the maligned waffle shops to Amsterdam’s city centre. In the squat, we will create a meeting place for sex workers to organise. We demand more sex and less Halsema. We are against pushing out sex workers and against a prudish city. What’s fundamental for us is that inhabitants and workers decide what the neighbourhood looks like, instead of the municipality changing things unrecognisably from the top down. If it’s up to the mayor, De Wallen will become a sanitised shopping mall for the moneyed class. We don’t accept that and that’s why we will sabotage every step that’s taken towards the erotic centre.

Mokum Kraakt
Amsterdam, Netherlands
mokumkraakt [at] riseup [dot] net

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Barcelona: the police install a camera to spy on a squat in the district of Gràcia

A camera hidden in a dark box on the roof of a restaurant monitored the activity of a squat house in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, at least since December 22 when it was detected. As disseminated by the group Ègida -Defensa Collectiva Anarquista, the video surveillance team focused directly on the door of the squat, which is why they rule out that it is the restaurant’s security system.

Neighborhood witnesses have told La Directa that during the last weeks they had observed the presence of “strange” individuals and vehicles parked with people inside the house all day: “I saw them in front of the house, I am convinced that they were plainclothes policemen,” says a neighbor. One of the managers of the restaurant, where the state security forces had placed the camera, told this media outlet that they have “nothing to say”.

The uncovered camera, which allows external control of the images, is a Dahua CA-HZ2030T and has been connected to the power grid and a Telefónica distribution box for real-time transmission of the recording. Through a statment published on Indymedia, signed by Ègid, they made public photographs from the camera and denounced the fact that “the state and private companies, in this case Dahua, profit at the expense of our limited sense of freedom, creating common enemies.”

In the text where they denounce the facts, they recall that the inhabitants of the squatted house under the spotlight were arrested on August 23, following May Day 2023. As detailed by the press service of the Mossos at the time, the detainees were accused of “damaging establishments with blunt objects” that day. Specifically, these would be ATMs and the headquarters of Zara, Primark and Starbucks in the center of Barcelona, among others. The Central Research Unit of Violent Extremism of the Mossos d’Esquadra was in charge of carrying out the operation. Those affected say that since then “the presence of members of the secret police has been seen in the vicinity of the building”.

Video surveillance of the Kasa de la Muntanya

It is not the first time that the anarchist and squatter movement has been spied on in Barcelona, nor specifically in the district of Gràcia. In July 2013, the installation of a chimney that did not draw smoke from the roof of the Turó del Cargol school with a hidden object inside raised suspicions. The object turned out to be a video surveillance camera that focused on the interior courtyard of the CSO Kasa de la Montaña enclosure, in the La Salut neighborhood.

A few weeks later, a group of workers went up to remove the device, to reassemble it, days later, inside a false ventilation tube on the roof of the Hospital de la Esperanza. Facing directly on the façade and the entrances to the social center, the new perspective allowed the camera to record at all times who entered and left the building. Eventually, a group of activists dismantled the spy system.

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author: Gemma Garcia, La Directa

Belo Horizonte (Brazil): “Casa Encantada” book project

Hello comrades, how are you all doing? I wish everyone a happy new year filled with struggle, solidarity, and a lot of revolutionary construction.

I’m writing to friends and accomplices from various parts of the globe, whom I met during tours and conspiracies, those I visited or who visited our squat Kasa Invisível, and also who corresponded and cooperated with us at some point, to announce our campaign on the FireFund platform to launch my next book “Casa Encantada”, which documents 20 autonomous squats in our city, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. With this campaign, I hope to translate it into four languages and undertake a tour to release it in Brazil and Europe in 2024. The campaign is flexible, but I’m hoping to achieve the total amount to be able to print and cross the ocean for this tour and speak in different social centers and communities.

On this first day of January, known as the day of “Universal Brotherhood and Peace”, it’s better remembered by us revolutionaries who dream of the end of capitalism and all forms of oppression as the day of the outbreak of the Haitian anti-colonial struggle in 1804, the Cuban Revolution of 1959, the Zapatista Uprising of 1994, and the declaration of autonomy of the revolutionary cantons of Afrîn, Jazira, and Kobanî in Rojava! It is on this day that we have chosen to spread the word about this campaign among our closest comrades and accomplices. The closing date is the famous March 18, the anniversary of the Paris Commune.

Please visit the link below to learn more about the project and how to support it. If you can donate any amount, please do so. But don’t forget to share it with other individuals and collectives who might be interested in supporting. Feel free to post and spread it within your networks. Also, in the future, please write to me if you’d like to help organize a talk between April and May in Europe.

Thank you very much! See you on the road!

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Brooklyn (NY): Skull Squat defense ongoing

For the past week, squatters and friends have defended Skull Squat in Brooklyn from shady developers and their goons attempting to break-in, lock out residents, and demolish the building. After forcing entry three days in a row with hammers and angle grinders, the developers have been turned away for the past two days by dozens of punks, anarchists, neighbors, and friends. The building has been squatted for six months by six black, brown, and white transgender anarchists.

The developers, two persistent and violent Israeli-American brothers, do not own the building. They forced long-term residents out years ago, allowed the building to deteriorate, and are hoping to reclaim it once it is foreclosed upon. They convinced the police of their claim to “management” with dubious work permits, who allowed them to break in and hurt those trying to defend the squat. Both their purported lease and permits have been found invalid by several civil authorities.

An affordable housing cooperative owns the three-story rowhouse and abandoned it years ago. It’s in a neighborhood we aren’t supposed to be able to afford. But we found it, did a little work, and live here. And we aren’t leaving it without a fight.

By defending our home, we directly confront the development machine that wants to take this building, raze it, and build another condo. The underfunded city agencies tasked with preserving affordable housing have long neglected to protect the building, so we’re doing it ourselves.

Last week, squatters at Skull woke up to construction workers in their living room. The equally startled workers called one of the developers, who called the pigs. Officers who showed up determined we are residents – and thus, that this is a matter for civil court – and turned away the developer and his workers.

Several days later, the other brother arrived with a new crew of goons. They shoved and kicked squatters and forced their way into the first floor, which they locked up. The pigs determined they had a right to be on that floor and stood by as they assaulted us with pipes and hammers. After they left we removed their locks and reinforced the building but on the very next day they again forced their way in. As the police again watched on, they demolished the first floor with sledgehammers and attempted to break water and sewage pipes in the basement. After they left we took the whole building back again, and spent all night strategizing and constructing barricades.

The following day, over sixty friends and supporters turned out on rapid response after break-in attempts resumed.

Today, they again tried to breach the front door with angle grinders and after a few moments they gave up and moved on to grind the lock off the bulkhead hatch to the basement. In the forty-year lineage of New York squatters, they were met with piss jugs emptied on them from the window. They gave up trying to force entry.

As I’m writing this friends from the local info-shop are laughing and talking around a grill and folding tables of food and drinks. Yesterday, squatters from a neighboring city played cards on the sidewalk before quickly linking arms to defend the doors from arriving goons. Old friends and squatmates have reconnected on the barricades and new connections have formed between comrades across subcultures and generations.

Tonight is the winter solstice. The goons had not yet left as the sun set. Tomorrow the sun will rise and the days will get longer and Skull Squat will still be here and will be for much longer.

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Athens: demonstration in defense of Ano Kato Patission

Demonstration in defense of Ano Kato Patission, after the successful resquat of the steki on 9 december 2023. Sunday 17 december, at 12.00 pm. Pre-gathering at Steki Ano Kato Patission, Naxos 75.

Last summer, while Greece was experiencing the violent signs of the climate crisis (fires, floods), magnified by the unpreparedness of the relevant state mechanisms, the government adopted a classic recipe for decoordination for disasters: the eviction of occupied spaces.
At the same time that the state proves in practice that it is incapable of dealing with our problems, it is trying to gain some legitimacy in the eyes of the world by selling security and order.
But with tenacity and militancy, three of the evicted squats of the summer are once again in the hands of the community. After Zizania in Victoria and Evagelismos in Heraklion, Crete, it is the turn of Stekiou Ano Kato Patission to get its space back, to revive a debris building.
The contribution of occupied spaces to the transformation of society proves important, especially in cases where they do not function as an end in themselves of some ideological hegemony but transform the here and now of the entire neighborhoods where they are located.
By proposing and prefiguring another way of social organization, they recreate public space and change the architecture of cities.
In addition, they create social bonds of companionship and free coexistence of individuals. Perhaps, on the occasion of the particular case of squats and self-organized social spaces in general, we can talk about the contemporary problems of cities that seem to surpass us: individual immobility, the epidemic of loneliness, political weakening, environmental degradation, the commercialization of cities and neighborhoods
That is why on Sunday, December 17, at 12 noon, we support the neighborhood march to defend the occupation in Patissia. Instead of letting empty buildings fall into disrepair, we open them up to the whole society!

Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο Στέκι Άνω Κάτω Πατησίων
Steki Ano Kato Patission, Naxou 75, Athènes, Grèce
anokato [at] espiv [dot] net

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Athens: Steki Ano Kato Patission resquatted

On saturday december 9, 2023, the Steki Ano Kato Patission was resquatted by 80 comrades. Then 250 people gathered in front to support the reoccupation. This gathering was attacked by cops and people were trapped in apartment buildings, in the adjacent dormitories and in the Steki itself. At the same time, teargas was thrown into cars, cops shouted at people that they would burn them alive, arrests were made, and people were beaten up. The cops also surrounded the Steki, teargas was thrown inside. People defended the Steki and kept it. There are seriously injured comrades, they are taken to the hospital. Around 19 people were arrested. On sunday 10, solidarity rally for those arrested during the Steki Ano-Kato Patission resquat at 11:00, Dikastiria (Evelpidon).
The Ano-Kato resquat took place on the nationwide day of action in solidarity with the squats, with a demonstration at Monastiraki in Athens. The attacks on our squats confirm once again that solidarity, self-organization and unmediated struggle are a formidable enemy for the state. The call out was made by Ano Kato Patission, ASP (Autonomous Polytechnic Steki) and Zizania.

Statement from Steki Ano-Kato Patission:

We said that we are not leaving and we mean it

Today we are glad to transform our mottos into action and to have regain with persistence and confidence a fragment of our lives. The garden where we grew up and learned to live have returned to us through this action taken by tens of comrades, friends and solidarians. We are defending our place in the city by retaking this abandoned space for us and the coming generations. We light up the wood stove and the oven, transforming our fire into a message of resistance to the squatting movement. With our fists pointed to the sky we climb to the terrace of our squat, sending our warmest greetings to all those around the world who persist resisting.

We break the vicious cycle of fear reclaiming what is rightfully ours; we may not unconditionally support the civil rights provided by the State, yet we struggle against the law to retake what we consider to be ours within the city. Those things that we have built with our hands and minds, those things that are assumed dead unless capilitalised upon, like the thousands of empty houses and buildings in Athens. We choose to give life to the “dead” property, turning empty spaces into collective places of resistance. We creatively subvert the social context within which we assert value for these spaces: Not for profit making, not for real estate agencies, not for NGOs but in order to cover and transcend our collective needs and desires. We think of it as a laboratory, in which we build our collective relations of struggle, care and welfare, beyond the institution of the family, beyond religion and the State. This is the place where our visions come to life, where we come together imagining new potential worlds, against the normalisation of massacres and borders, against every god and every master.

We think of our political space in Naxou 75 and Krassa street (Koliatsou square in Patissia) as such a laboratory. For the past 27 years it has been the workshop where we express our subversive ideas and actions, against exploitation, oppressions and injustice. Those were 27 years during which this place was freed and open to the neighbourhood; hospitable to every dreamer, excluded proletarian, punks, to the world’s damned, to the crooked, the underground artists, musicians and poets, the freaks, the uncompromised spirits, the addicts and the young. During those 27 years we resisted against this fucked-up society: where racists and cops are violently killing our people, where pushbacks and “shipwrecks” at the boarders and femicides are normalised, where drowning people at the ports and “falling” from scaffolds is the “naturalised” condition forced upon us. During those 27 years we learned the ins and outs of collective living and discovered how to cross the pathways of struggling against power.

During those 27 years we ridicule the world of “private property”: we will be here as long as we have to, even if it means that we’d do it all again. This is our neighbourhood, where we went to school; this is where we firstly met with our friends, where we live and work. Where we formed bonds with our neighbours and where we hated for the first time the violence imposed by the rich. We struggle to take back everything that has been stolen from us. We are not going to let so easily the Papaoikonomou family, those rich inheritors living in the Northern suburbs of the city, whom own tens of properties in Patissia and in various islands, to steal it from us. We are clearly stating that it’s gonna take long until they rip us off. We are constantly spreading in this neighbourhood. We are swirling around the big cypress of the squat.

27 years squatting
27 years Ano Kato Patission
We are not gonna leave.

Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο Στέκι Άνω Κάτω Πατησίων
Steki Ano Kato Patission, Naxou 75, Athens, Greece
anokato [at] espiv [dot] net

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Heraklion: Evagelismos resquatted

Today December 1, 2023, we resquatted Evagelismos, giving our final response to the repression and militarization of our neighborhood and the wider city center.

We are here, in the place where two months ago our comrade A. was almost found dead at the hands of bastards in uniforms when armed forces of ECM and OPKE invaded the building. In the same spot, where for two months all kinds of cops have been harassing passers-by and neighbors, afraid of sitting on the steps of the building. At the same point, which by order of the Senate of the University of Cyprus, the historic building of of Evagelismos was sealed and suffered numerous damages by the tons of cement they poured. All the above were considered “collateral” damage, according to the Rector, in order to return the building to its rightful owner, at the same time, of course, returning to its previous state, devastated and abandoned and far away from being a public space. Today -all together- we validate in practice, what the whole city knows: THE EVAGELISMOS SQUAT WILL STAY.

Over the past 21 years, the Evagelismos squat has accommodated the desires and needs of hundreds of people who have passed through it. It is our home, it is a meeting point, it is a symbol of resistance and struggle for the city of Heraklion. The people of Evagelismos, as part of the movement and the local community, have fought and participated in struggles and will continue to do so. We remain on the side of history, the oppressed and the persecuted, the rebels and the militants. Against individualization, misery and frustration. Against racism, fascism and patriarchy. Against the state and capital.

The Big House is back.

-21 years of history are not extinguished by an evacuation, just as the flame in our eyes and hearts is not extinguished by repression-

We call on people to support the solidarity rally at this time at the Evagelismos Squat (Theotokopoulou 18, Heraklion, Crete)

Solidarity with the struggling people of Palestine

Power to all antifascists who fought fascists and cops on November 1st.

Solidarity with comrade B.

The same story once again – the cops shot because they were Roma. We do not forget the state murders of Nikos S., Costas F., Christos M.

Good luck to comrade Paula Roupa and comrade Kostas Dimalexis who were recently released.

We send signals of resistance to all squats throughout Greece that have been or are threatened with repression.

Our thoughts with comrade A.

PS. A big thank you to the neighbors who showed us their solidarity, but also to all the people who stood with us all this time and brought each time today one step closer.

Reconquest is just the beginning!

Evagelismos squat
Θεοτοκοπούλου 18
Heraklion, Crete
evagelismos [dot] squat [at] espiv [dot] net

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Barcelona: El Kubo, La Ruina and Estudi 9 social centers defend themselves against three simultaneous evictions

The courts of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Barcelona have aligned themselves with the Catalan police to proceed today, November 30, with the construction work of three buildings belonging to Sareb and an investment company based in Luxembourg.

In a joint statement issued by El Kubo y La Ruina from Barcelona’s Bonanova and by Estudi 9 from the old town of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, it is announced that this Thursday, November 30, “our houses are trenches”… They consider that the suspension of the previous eviction date of the Colomense building was an “attempt to divide our struggle”, but they advance that “it will be expensive for them, we know how to play our own strategies”.

The mobilization began in the early hours of the morning, with a march from the Uri Caballero square in Vallcarca to the Bonanova square, next to where El Kubo and La Ruina are located. In Santa Coloma de Gramenet, the rally took place on Calle Pedró, where the Estudi 9 social centre is located, the epicentre of the struggle against an urban plan promoted by Mayor Núria Parlon (PSC).

All three buildings are in the hands of large holders. In the case of the Bonanova properties, its owner is the Company for the Management of Assets Proceeding from Bank Restructuring (SAREB), a body created with the contribution of 60,000 million of public money with the aim of rescuing the banking system from the financial crisis of fifteen years ago.

The company behind the eviction of Santa Coloma de Gramenet is Hiperion Activos Inmobiliarios, a subsidiary of Saturno Holdco SA, which in turn is a front for the Luxembourg-based company Ocm ReDes Holdco Sarl. If we follow the trail through the Commercial Registry, it is associated with Coparalq Holdco and both managed by executives of the Dutch group Intertrust, which appears in the Panama Papers of companies operating in tax havens. From Santa Coloma de Gramanet to Panama, passing through Luxembourg.

“They can’t stand the fact that we organize on the margins and don’t respect their property titles. It is evident the danger that our practices pose to false peace and social uniformity and we are clear that we are not going to play their game,” say the Bonanova activists. And from the other side of the Besòs, they add: “If their strategy was to unify two relevant evictions to make their work more effective, our answer is clear: coordinate and confront repression with greater force.”

400 riot police in the eviction of Bonanova

The action of the Mobile Brigade began at half past five in the morning, when a dozen agents placed the first protection fences of the Barcelona City Council in the Plaça de la Bonanova. About forty vans from the central anti-riot unit, arriving from the Egara building in Sabadell, are participating. Then, with a loudspeaker, they warned of the beginning of the intervention to hand over the buildings to the representatives of Sareb, who are already in the area accompanied by the judicial entourage.

At six o’clock, the first firecrackers were launched by the activists who resisted from the buildings of El Kubo and La Ruina. A first attempt by the police to gain access to the courtyard of the building has been thwarted by the large amount of objects and liquids that have been thrown from the windows. More than a hundred demonstrators have moved in solidarity from the Uri Caballero square in Vallcarca. At least one person is hanging with ropes and harnesses on the façade of El Kubo and three others have sat on the roof of La Ruina.

The agents of the E-800 team of the Mobile Brigade, equipped with autonomous battery-powered radios, have accessed the courtyard of both buildings by moving inside a rudimentary barred cage to avoid the impact of objects. From within the building, they have tried to scare them away by throwing fire extinguisher powder. The public expenses of today’s police deployment exceeds 125,000 euros, including the salaries of the officers and the logistics used. Shortly before 10 a.m., members of the Fire Brigade arrived, who according to sources from the Barcelona City Council will only carry out tasks of “reviewing” the structure of the buildings.

At the same time, a hundred riot police from the ARRO Metropolitana Nord are carrying out the eviction of the Estudi 9 social center on Pedró street in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. The building is at the epicenter of a controversial urban plan battled by the neighborhood movement in the area. The property is owned by a commercial company based in Luxembourg and with ties to tax havens. Its administrators appear on the Panama Papers list of tax evaders, published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. This afternoon, starting at 7 p.m., a joint demonstration of La Ruina, El Kubo and Estudi 9 is planned in the streets of Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

CSO La Ruïna
Carrer de Sant Joan de La Salle 4, Barcelona

El Kubo
Carrer de Sant Joan de La Salle 6, Barcelona

CSO La Ksa Estudi 9
Carrer Padró 14, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelona

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author: Jesús Rodríguez, El Salto/La Directa

Barcelona: El Kubo, la Ruïna and Estudi 9 coordinate to stop evictions

“Our houses are trenches”

The courts of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Barcelona sided with the Mossos d’Esquadra to execute, on Thursday 30 November, the eviction notices of three buildings belonging to Sareb and an investment company based in Luxembourg.

In a joint statement issued by El Kubo and La Ruïna from Barcelona’s Bonanova and Estudi 9 from the old town of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, it is announced that this Thursday, November 30, “our houses are trenches”. They consider that the suspension of the previous date of eviction of the Colombian building was an “attempt to divide our struggle”, but they anticipate that “it will be expensive, we know how to play our own strategies”.

The mobilization will begin at dawn, with a march that will leave at half past five from the Plaza Uri Caballero in Vallcarca bound for Plaza de la Bonanova, next to where El Kubo and La Ruïna meet. At the same time, the residents of Santa Coloma de Gramenet will gather on Carrer del Pedró, where the Estudi 9 social centre is located, the epicentre of the fight against an urban plan promoted by Mayor Núria Parlon (PSC).

All three buildings are in the hands of large holders. In the case of Bonanova properties, the owner is the Company for the Management of Assets from Bank Restructuring (SAREB), a body created with the contribution of 60,000 million public money with the aim of rescuing the banking system from the financial crisis of fifteen years ago.

The trading company driving the eviction of Santa Coloma de Gramenet is Hiperion Activos Inmobiliarios, a subsidiary of Saturn Holdco SA, which is also a cover for the company Ocm Redes Holdco Sarl based in Luxembourg. If we trace it through the business registry, it is associated with Coparalq Holdco and both managed by directors of the Dutch group Intertrust, which appears in the Panama Papers of companies operating in tax havens. From Santa Coloma de Gramenet to Panama, passing through Luxembourg.

“They can’t stand us organizing on the margins and not respecting their property titles. The danger that our practices pose to false peace and social uniformity is evident and we are clear that we will not enter into their game”, say the activists of La Bonanova. And from the other riverbed of the Besòs, they add: «if their strategy was to unify two relevant evictions to make their task more effective, our answer is clear: coordinate and face the repression with more force».

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Amsterdam: two buildings squatted next to Nieuwmarkt

We squatted two buildings in light of the Housing Crisis, International Day against Sexist and Sexual Violence, in solidarity with our Palestinian comrades, and we express our anger about fascism taking over the Netherlands.

We revealed two squatted buildings on 22 November, at Krom Boomssloot 45 and 47, in light of the need for housing for our comrades and our sisters.

In light of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on the 25th of November, it is crucial and a priority to open housing where women can feel safer, where we can find each other and grow our resistance together.

Our solidarity specifically goes to migrant women, especially those making their way through the nightmarish Dutch asylum process, sex workers and the increasing number of women sleeping in the streets. Local and national governments are excluding and ignoring their voice(s) and material needs.

Migrant women are subject to harassment in camps, sex workers risk more violence due to Amsterdam’s widely contested plan about the Red Light District; there are no women’s shelters in Amsterdam leaving homeless women in a highly vulnerable situation e.g. sexual assault in the streets or domestic abuse in a dependent relationship. On this matter, Blijf Groep does a great job for victims of domestic violence, should be more known, and should have more locations. There is only 1 location in Amsterdam and 5 in the Netherlands. Feminism means including all women. Therefore, we decided to open a squat to house women and transgender people.

We will not tolerate empty housing left to rot. At a time when alienation is getting stronger in the Netherlands, we take action. We revealed the houses the day of the election, so the day that Wilders and the PVV won the elections of the Netherlands ‘by a landslide’. His program and ideology is dangerous and clearly fascist.

He stated to hate Islam, wants to reduce social housing – during a housing crisis, and to quit the European Union in favour of a supra-nationalist stance. His hate of a religion, his targetting of specific groups, and his extreme far right ideology is history repeating itself, just like in countries around us. Voting has proven to not work, to not be ‘enough’. It is important to stay in solidarity with each other, here and internationally, and to act against fascism. Organize, squat a house for you and for others, and resist.

Finally, we express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle against the Israelian occupation and attacks. We also squat for our Palestinian refugees comrades and sisters, even more neglected by the asylum and refugee legal systems.

The solution is ours: our action and solidarity with each other.

Jin Jyan Azadi
Palestine will be free
No Gods No Masters No Husbands
And Kraken Gaat Door!

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Barcelona: La Ruïna and el Kubo will not die

We will turn our house into a battlefield, el Kubo and the Ruïna will not fall. See you on November 30 at 5:30 a.m. in Uri Caballero square, Vallcarca metro station in Barcelona. If el Kubo and La Ruïna fall, the neighborhood will burn down. OKUPA Y RESISTE!

Statement made in February 2023, La Ruïna and el Kubo threatened with eviction:

Our squats are trenches.
Here we go, on March 23 they are going to try to evict us. In 2016, an office building was squatted for the first time in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood and we called it El Kubo. The Kubo has been the home and place of passage of more than a hundred people in the more than 6 years that it has been in existence. This has been the home and trench of many people. It has been an oasis of resistance in the bourgeois quarter of Barcelona for many years and this has not been easy. “Squat and resist” defines the history of the Kubo very well. During all these years we have faced two evictions and the constant siege of extreme right-wing groups, capitalist press and political parties. And despite the hostilities we have reoccupied and resisted this house all this time.

The Kubo has been the satellite and fundamental point for the birth and resistance of what is now the CSO La Ruïna in 2019. This space was abandoned by SAREB for more than 15 years. La Ruïna has also been home to many people for four years and a space that has tried in the most coherent way possible to stand up to gentrification and speculation in our city, in the neighbourhood with the highest per capita income in Barcelona.

The story of La Ruïna cannot be understood without El Kubo and vice versa. And this is why it is so difficult for us to separate the two houses, since for many years we have worked as families who feed off each other in the struggle for the defense of squatting and direct action, specifically, in a neighborhood that, as we have said before, has not ceased attacks since we arrived.

We believed, and still believe, that we need to have a presence and occupy spaces where we are not wanted. Where the businessmen, the politicians, live. Where the embassies are, where the wealth is, where there is confrontation and where we have a remarkable impact. The two properties belong to the SAREB, which currently has around 57,000 empty properties spread throughout the state, to which we point directly and tell them that we are not going to leave, that we are going to defend our homes and our social centers as if it were a trench since we are certain that they are worth fighting for.

Our squat, apart from being a living space, has hosted local struggles, international struggles, DIY training workshops. It has been a space where we can question the structural problems of our society and organize against them. We have organized concerts, soup kitchens, we have created culture, theater, poetry, talks, debates and above all we have created bonds of solidarity and resistance.

We believe in squatting, not only as a tool of direct action against the state and the precariousness to which it subjects us, but also as a way to put into practice horizontality, solidarity, mutual support and a way to grow together with our comrades and neighbors on the margins of the subjugation of the state.

The structural problems are obvious, people without homes and houses without people and in the face of this unscrupulous injustice we are going to continue squatting. In the face of any attempt to put an end to our movement with smear campaigns in the mass media or with laws such as the LeCrim, we will continue to squat and organize ourselves better. Because we have less and less to lose and more desire to live a livable life, in community, following the principles of non-aggression, claiming self-management, self-defense and the struggle against this grey future that awaits us in the cities.

We believe and will believe in what we do, and we will continue to squat despite the laws that are directed against us, just as we did with the previous ones, and just as it was done whenever there was private property to squat.

Because our homes and social centers are much more than four walls. They are spaces where we can try to create new alternatives, new ways of life outside the state where we can develop as people and that is why we must defend them at all costs.

We know from the record that they’re not going to stop, they’re going to come for us. But from the runes of some buildings, in the bourgeois heart of Barcelona, we have built spaces where we could think that we could fight against this network of destruction and apathy that is capital and the projects of European cities. Dead, grey, unlivable and dehumanized to the point of nausea.

You don’t know the pain, frustration and hatred that this eviction generates in us. Inside each one of us, our chests beat with fury as we see how quickly you are going to destroy years of sweat, beautiful moments, hard work and resistance when we see the future that lies ahead. The rage that invades us will grow with each blow of the water hammer that our doors receive and our organization will be stronger for each blow of the truncheon that we receive.

The day the BRIMO arrives at La Ruïna or the Kubo you will find us in front of you.

We call on all squats, collectives, individuals in Barcelona and its surroundings to help us defend the Kubo and the Ruïna, just as we urge the defense of all the liberated spaces in the state with everything we have at our disposal so that it continues to be possible to build together, organize, and continue dreaming of a life that is not the one they want to impose on us.

The anarchist resistance in the bourgeois quarter of Barcelona.

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