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Brussels: political appropriation with the agreement of occupation of the squat rue de Koninck

The group, which had been squatting since March 2020 in a former printing shop at 44 rue Honoré Longtin in Jette, was threatened following last October’s eviction order. In December, an occupation campaign led to the opening of several squats (L’Hospitalière in Saint-Gilles, the Citydev building, the Sleeping Beauty and the Opel Garage in Molenbeek) and the relocation of the inhabitants of the Jette squat to these new squats.

Communiqué of the Solidarity Requisition Campaign, February 25, 2021:

A media, political and associative requisition of our action ! Unbelievable false press release of the commune of Jette (and taken again in several media) !

While for many months, the public authorities were unable to find an answer to the situation and did nothing, they are today congratulating themselves for having found a “definitive” solution (false: the agreement is signed for one year) and are reappropriating the solidarity and self-organized response of our Campaign: the requisition of an empty public building.

The action “of many partners” and the “many meetings of the public authorities” have come to nothing, whereas it is the region (via Citydev, its real estate arm) that owns the building, and this solution could have been envisaged from the outset. We had to occupy a Citydev building, to force the negotiation and signature of a convention for the 12,000m2 (located at 38 rue de Koninck) which now houses most of the former occupants of the Jette squat.

It should be remembered that our actions of solidarity requisitions are direct actions, which put us at legal and repressive risk. If – faced with their inaction – we are obliged to do their job, the public authorities could at least have the decency to keep quiet!

Dear public authorities, you had nothing to do! You are congratulating yourselves and reappropriating the actions of struggle that you are not carrying out, they are the ones that contribute to the assertion of people’s rights. Our wish is not a recognition of the Campaign, but rather that consequent political choices be made for the right to housing and the regularization of undocumented migrants. Our ultimate wish would be that there should be no need to exist, and that what is said today in the press should be a reality and not just political opportunism.

Enough lies and non-action; let’s reaffirm what we are fighting for!

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Lucerne: Demo, Eichwäldli restoration now!

Dear supporters of the Eichwäldli, dear friends of a lively city of Lucerne, dear critics of the approach of the city council

Events at the Eichwäldli have been unfolding over the past few days. While the residents are still resisting the imminent demolition and are campaigning for a restoration of the barrack, the city council filed a criminal complaint last Thursday. This despite the fact that many people from the population, including over 200 cultural workers, demanded the preservation of the “Eichwäldli”.

Even the majority of the city council voted for a restoration of the building, yet the merciless councillor ignored the accepted postulate from the city council. Why is it fighting tooth and nail against a restoration that is free of charge for it?

A team of renowned experts is ready to carry out a restoration of the barrack. Among them are the renowned architects Rolf Mühlethaler and Dieter Geissbühler, the engineer Philipp Hess and a timber construction company. The costs of such a restoration and the necessary repair measures would be borne in full by the residents.

The report of the engineer Edi von Deschwanden after a tour through the house and the careful analysis of the available measured values confirms our assumptions: “There is no danger of collapse. The residential building and the barrack do not currently pose a structural threat to the residents.” With manageable measures, the building would be habitable for at least another 10 years, according to the engineer.

We demand a restauration of the barrack.
No demolition of solidarity housing!

We raise our voices and gather now daily at noon in front of the city hall!
Come in masses, wear masks and keep your distance.

We’ll keep you informed!
Supporters of the Eichwäldli

Leaflet and more info in pdf.
Feel free to forward them!

Murmattweg 2
6005 Lucerne, Switzerland
eichwald [at] immerda [dot] ch

Backbord, agenda of left subculture and politics in central Switzerland
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Brazil: New Houses for Solano Trindade I Novas

Support to build houses for families affected by COVID-19 pandemic!

In 2019, inhabitants of the Solano Trindade squat – located in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and organized by the National Movement for Housing Struggle (MNLM) – with technical assistance from research groups of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro began the renovation works on one of the existing buildings (abandoned for over 20 years). These renovation aimed at building 12 new houses for families living in precarious conditions in the region.

The project foresaw sustainable construction techniques, such as the ecological bricks (BTC) and a sanitation system based on Evapotranspiration Basins, which promote not only other ways of thinking about the relationship between social housing and the environment, but also provide a training and education process for dwellers, students and technicians involved.

This construction was possible from the budget of a Parliamentary Amendment (by federal deputy Chico Alencar, approved in 2017 for the project: “Education and the City: The collective construction of a popular neighborhood” to be implemented by UFRJ through the José Bonifácio University Foundation) and the objective was that they could be completed in 2020.

With this resource, we carry out sewage installations, sewage treatment systems that include the evapotranspiration basins and banana circle, the recovery of the roof slab, the main electrical and hydraulic installations and the purchase of press and production of 6 thousand blocks of BTC (ecological brick).

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, several factors made it impossible to complete the works. To protect themselves from the pandemic, the residents decided not to receive outsiders in the occupation and, therefore, the works had to be entirely carried out by them, through online technical advice with the partners involved. In-person university extension activities were also suspended. As a result, the labor involved was reduced and construction time increased a lot, also generating an increase in the expected initial costs. In addition, during the pandemic there was a huge price increase in construction materials, reaching 50% in some cases. As a result, the budget initially estimated was not enough to carry out the entire construction.

Right now, residents are struggling to complete at least the structural part of the renovation so that families can move into new housing as quickly as possible. In the context of the pandemic, it has become even more urgent, since in the occupation they will have a greater chance of achieving social distancing, isolation and adequate hygiene, leaving the high density and extreme precariousness of most of houses of the poor Brazilian.

In addition, the end of emergency aid from the federal government as of 01/01/2021 has placed Solano’s families in an even more critical situation. Most residents have been surviving in the last months of this emergency aid, as they have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. And in this new reality, many residents will need to look for work in the city, increasing the risks of contracting and transmitting Covid-19.

This campaign aims, therefore, to obtain funds for the purchase of materials for the completion of the works to renovate the existing building, generating 12 new dignified houses for families in precarious situations. In addition, with the resources it will be possible to assure an allowance of at least 3 months for the residents who work in the construction, ensuring its execution within an acceptable period and preventing these residents from having to return to the job market in search of sustenance during the pandemic.

For that, we count on your support! Any contribution is welcome. We count on your direct and indirect participation. Support the project of the National Movement for the Struggle for Housing and learn about our achievements that have been going through 6 years of resistance with the Occupation Solano Trindade in Caxias, Rio de Janeiro. And also the long history of MNLM and its more than 20 years acting as a social housing movement, struggling for better living conditions for the Brazilian population!



Did you like the project and want to collaborate in another way? Get in touch with us via email or through our pages:

campanhasolanotrindademnlm [at] gmail [dot] com

London: Euston We Have A Problem – Where Are The Political Voices?

As we face the climate emergency, one of the most disappointing aspects of the last 3 weeks at Euston Square Gardens has been the wall of silence from MPs and Peers, save the very few (thank you Caroline Lucas, Zarah Sultana and Baroness Jenny Jones) who have spoken up in support of the protesters and their aims. We know many more are opposed to HS2, for environmental, finance and governance reasons, but where have they been?

On the converse, we haven’t been short of those speaking out against the protesters.

Public school educated investment banker and now MP for Sutton Coldfield, Andrew Mitchell commented to the Sun Newspaper[1] that Dan / Swampy was being ‘reckless & irresponsible’ to take his 16-year-old son into the tunnels. This seems highly hypocritical, coming from an MP who’s voting record shows he has consistently voted to send British teenagers to fight in wars overseas, and for profits over measures to save the planet,

Sadiq Khan’s news interview[2] and email response this week focussed on the tactics being used rather than the reason why the protesters are there in the first place – and demonstrated a condescending and cynical greenwashing of the environmental disaster that is HS2. His comments are not dissimilar to those of Transport Secretary Grant Shapps[3], who again has focused on the tactics being used in Euston Square Gardens, rather than focussing on the bigger picture as to why they are there. Apparently oblivious to the recent efficiencies of digital working, Shapps commented that HS2 will be vital “unless we think that people are going to be able to move around in some other form… teleport ourselves or some other way of getting around”.

Before Christmas, Andrew Stephenson, Minister of State for Transport, said of protestors, “I will be responding to their wildly inaccurate claims and lies in due course. Nothing will stop this government in our determination to both tackle the climate emergency and level up our country.” Six weeks later we are still waiting for his response, details of the lies, and the evidence that HS2 is anything other than a London-centric project which will suck money and investment out of the North.

On the 1st May 2019, the UK Parliament declared a climate emergency. To date, we’ve seen no credible action. This inaction, alongside the comments of the MPs above, show how truly broken our political system is, how badly we need a citizens’ assembly to agree meaningful actions. They also show how essential non-violent civil disobedience like this tunnel protest really is.

So – what can we do? Keep putting the pressure on!

We know there are more MPs who are against HS2 – several Conservative and Labour MPs spoke up in opposition to the Phase 2a Bill in the House of Commons on the 19th January (Watch the Debate on Parliament TV) – but where have they been over the last 9-10 days? There are also 81 new Members of Parliament who have not had the opportunity to vote on HS2!

HS2 Rebellion

London: Latest update from tunnels at Euston Square Gardens

Yesterday, Monday 22 Feb, Larch voluntarily left the tunnels under Euston Square Gardens after 27 days underground!! [Previously on S!N] The tunnels resisting the construction of HS2 have been occupied for almost a month now but strangely (and coincidentally) HS2 only got a possession order yesterday. There are still four people underground and they need our total support! Coverage has been a bit shit and mainly fbook based, perhaps because of mixed feelings about XR, perhaps because UK altmedia sucks nowadays (RiP indymedia).

Like the previous tunnellers who left voluntarily, Larch was arrested and taken to hospital for a checkup. He had court today at Highbury Corner Magistrates and was charged with criminal damage and two counts of obstructing / disrupting a person engaged in lawful activity. He also had other Hs2-related charges added but seemingly nothing related to the injunction on Euston Square. He was bailed and curfewed to an address in London. The trial is set for the same court, 14 July, see you there!

Villeurbanne: trial of the Ile égalité squat, call for support

Friday 26 february 2021, gathering and breakfast at 8:30 in front of the court house in Villeurbanne.

The île égalité squat, a place for housing and solidarity of the Collectif Solidarités Cusset, is in danger. After 3 months of existence, renovation, activities and meetings, the survival of the place is threatened by a court decision. Call for support!

After a first postponement, our trial will take place on Friday, February 26th following the lawsuit filed by the Richard Foundation, owner of the building, which demands the immediate eviction of the inhabitants. In a period of extreme cold and in the midst of a health crisis, the Richard Foundation is going so far as to ask that they be deprived of the protection guaranteed by the winter truce!

Since the first confinement, a neighborhood group of residents of Cusset decided to organize themselves collectively to deal with the health and social situation in order to offer concrete solidarity with the most vulnerable: students, the unemployed, undocumented workers, workers, large families, retirees, etc. For four months, they made their contribution in the face of the food and health emergency. They set up distributions of food and hygiene products in the form of a free market, with the support of several city organizations.

During the second confinement, deprived of a location to maintain its activity, the collective moved to a building that has been abandoned since 2015, located at 6, rue de l’égalité in Villeurbanne. Renamed “L’île égalité” (Equality Island), this place provides accommodation for around ten people in very precarious situations. After restoring the premises, the Collective now offers free solidarity activities for the neighborhood’s residents: food distribution, laundry, French classes, administrative and legal services, etc. Aware of the health issues at stake, all activities are offered in strict compliance with barrier gestures.

The enthusiastic welcome from the neighborhood’s residents during the open houses and various activities demonstrates the necessity and social usefulness of such a place. These solidarity actions are all the more important in view of the difficult health and social situation we are going through, which is having a major impact on the working class neighborhoods.

Today, this collective approach to mutual aid is being undermined by the Richard Foundation, which uses its public image as a social structure to hide the fact that it is actually behaving like any large private landlord. It does not hesitate, in the middle of winter, to put people without housing on the street, while participating in the logic of real estate speculation.

For all these reasons, we are firmly opposed to the eviction of the île égalité squat.

Thanks to your support, the island will resist the storm!

To support us, an online petition to sign and forward around :

Collectif Solidarités Cusset
4-6 rue de l’Egalité
69100 Villeurbanne, France
collectif-solidarite-cusset [at] riseup [dot] net

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Philadelphia (USA): Squatting, Rebellion, Movement… An Interview with Philadelphia Housing Action

Podcast to download here (mp3).

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with two members of Philadelphia Housing Action, about the ups and downs of 2020 that has been outlined in the recent piece, Occupy, Takeover: How Philadelphia Housing Action Turned Vacant Buildings Into Homes. It details how throughout 2020, members of the group moved unsheltered individuals and families into livable, unused homes owned by the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Moreover, in the midst of the rebellion that kicked off following the police murder of George Floyd, the group was also involved in setting up several encampments throughout the city, which often were marked by standoffs with the police and barricades in the streets.

Some pics on Twitter.

While the eyes of the nation were centered squarely on the autonomous zone in Seattle, in Philadelphia, such encampments were able to leverage the city to turn over 75 homes to a land-trust, providing housing for multiple families and formerly unhoused individuals – including many who had been squatting in the months prior.

As extreme weather becomes the norm and building takeovers to provide shelter and resistance to sweeps of homeless camps become more widespread, the campaign by Philadelphia Housing Action remains an instructive example of what is possible.

More Info: Occupy, Takeover: How Philadelphia Housing Action Turned Vacant Buildings Into Homes, Philadelphia Housing Action on Twitter, and Philadelphia Housing Action homepage.

[It’s Going Down, Jan 30, 2021.]

Montreuil: Graffitis in solidarity to the endangered occupations

From the 15th to the 18th of february, we carried out a tagging offensive on the walls of Montreuil! Hoping that these walls will carry for a long time to come our solidarity with the threatened places, the ZAD du Carnet, our friends in Toulouse and Rigaerstrasse 94 in Berlin.

Love, courage and support to the ZAD du Carnet, to the friends of Toulouse, to Rigaerstrasse 94 and to all the projects and houses threatened with eviction.
Long live the squats, for anarchy.

Some groups in Montreuil
Some squats in and around Paris:
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Berlin: Rigaer94 – A thunderstorm is coming

As already explained in our last text from Friday (1), we expect from now on a bigger operation against our house. The initially ridiculous fire safety issue has led to developments that put the continued existence of Rigaer94 as a (partially) occupied space in the highest danger. We would like to explain what happened legally, what we expect concretely and what we can do now to defend this place and the idea behind it.

New judgment regarding the legal representation and the house management

During the last attack on our house in the summer of 2020, the duo of Luschnat and Bernau gathered extensive information about the house. Despite court orders in force at the time, which had unanimously declared their powers of representation for Lafone Ltd. invalid, the police task force had given the two access to large parts of the house. Pretext of the whole action were search warrants for two dwellings because of alleged social fraud and the search for a laser pointer. Luschnat and Bernau, who were involved in the operation, used the information they had obtained to compile a list of alleged fire safety deficiencies. Police also documented the house with this in mind.

When the successful installation of a new door by Rigaer94 and the resulting possible exclusion of Bernau and Luschnat, the entire operation collapsed, the duo attempted to sue 28 people registered here for having to grant them access again. This failed again due to a lack of authorization to sue.

In the following months, police documents were first cited to publicly address alleged fire safety deficiencies. In November, we received a report from a fire safety expert who had been commissioned by us and who had been through the building. It was a matter of things that were easy to fix, but whose usefulness in terms of safety for the users of the building was undisputed. With the elimination of the deficiencies, the propaganda that the house was a death trap was only supposedly diminished. The well-known actors from the press and politics continued their hypocritical campaign unperturbed, with the clear goal of destroying the house as a place of rebellious structures. With our publication in the context of the intervention with Florian Schmidt, we made it clear once again that a (district) fire expert could have inspected the house. This had never been a problem – we had also acted in this way in 2016, when a fire expert certified that the house had good fire safety. It would have been possible to end the issue at any time, but it did not come to that. Florian Schmidt, who was given the list by Bernau-Luschnat, instead contacted the British shell company Lafone Limited, which is set in the land registry as the owner of Rigaer94, via the aforementioned duo in December. Within a given period of time, he committed the company to have the list of “defects” they had drawn up themselves checked by a state-certified fire safety expert chosen and paid for by them – and, if the expert deemed it necessary, to repair these defects immediately. Thus, Florian Schmidt, as the only actor with decision-making authority in this case, acknowledged Bernau and Luschnat’s representation of Lafone Ltd. contrary to applicable case law.

The list of alleged deficiencies is huge. Absurd – but not new (2) for us – is that the deficiencies result, among other things, from the destructive operations against our house. The highlight here is the complaint about a hole in the ceiling in an apartment. This hole was made by the Luschnat gang, who in the summer, under the eyes of the cops, tried with brute force to get through the attic into a rented apartment in the front building. When they were through the ceiling, they threw glass bottles from above in the direction of the tenant (photos below the text). Kurt Wansner of the CDU repeatedly referred to this ceiling hole in the Interior Committee to make up a chimney effect in the event of a fire. At the time of his incendiary speeches, the hole had long since been repaired.

Apparently following the policy of legal security again, the police command under Interior Senator Geisel rejected the request for administrative assistance from Luschnat and Bernau, who had of course artfully announced their intention to storm Rigaer94 again. At this point, the power of money came into play. The duo and possible backers invested in the prominent lawyer V. Aretin and an expert on the real estate mafia from Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Prof. Dr. Alexander Schall, an Oxford graduate. The latter prepared an expert opinion with the aim of legitimizing Luschnat’s and Bernau’s power of representation in court. At the core of this is the question of how a letterbox company in a tax haven with a bought director coming out of nowhere can have sovereignty over a house in Berlin as the only real person. The lawyer V. Aretin thus went to court to give a legal basis to the much anticipated renewed police action as a cover for a fire inspector commissioned by Luschnat. We were not involved in these proceedings, as they were exclusively between Lafone Ltd. and Berlin Police. As a result, an administrative court suddenly decided quite differently in summary proceedings than all the courts had done before. At the same time, the Kammergericht (Superior Court of Justice) held summary proceedings against probably 28 people, which practically simultaneously sentenced them to allow a fire expert access to the house. In these proceedings, too, we were completely left out – so far, no one has been contacted as a defendant or informed of a conviction. We can only assume that these are the same 28 people reported here who were also to be sued in the summer.

What specifically can be expected?

The earlier court decisions in the eviction proceedings against the Kadterschmiede, which Bernau and Luschnat believe were not representative, are not invalid. However, the recent court decisions will – we have no doubt – be used for a commando of the duo, their paid fire inspector, the cops, and all their chosen support to storm Rigaer94. All those who want to suppress anarchist ideas and see the destruction of Rigaer94 as an important step in this direction can refer to the decision of the two courts at the moment. Thus, the case that has been expected since 2016 has occurred: after what felt like a hundred unsuccessful attempts, a legal attempt has now succeeded, against which an appeal can be filed again – but without suspensive effect.

Likewise, another eviction action against the Kadterschmiede and the premises of the youth club Keimzelle is currently pending before the Regional Court of Berlin, whose decision is due in the next few months and may change the legal situation again.

Here in the house we have prepared ourselves since Monday that any moment a bailiff at the head of the aforementioned commando will show up in front of our beautiful door (3) and that sooner or later it will have to give way again under the brute force of the Berlin cops. Luschnat’s and Bernau’s own list of deficiencies concerns not only the “common areas” such as the courtyard, stairwells, cellars and attics, but also parts of the house that they never got to see, including private – occupied as well as rented – rooms and apartments. The court decision made even simple facts such as cables coming out of the wall a reason to impose a fire safety inspection on the premises behind them. Defects certified by the expert are also to be eliminated immediately by the property management. This means that the entire gang can enter large parts of the house immediately, according to the court order. How far the competences of Lafone’s fire safety expert go, to be able to declare still further parts of the house spontaneously worthy of examination, stands for us in the stars. Every defect that he would have to remedy immediately would call a construction team to the scene, which could then start work immediately. The duration of this work would be up to the invaders. In addition, it could be expected that the fire safety expert would declare parts of the building uninhabitable – in view of the political objective of the entire action and its participants, we do not consider this to be so unlikely.

Construction work of any length would be tantamount to a siege: private protection troops would have to be protected by state forces in order not to suffer a loss of control – we remember the three weeks in the summer of 2016. A standoff lasting weeks with no easy way out would be pre-programmed, the tipping of public opinion toward an escalation under the pretext of fire safety quite conceivable.

And this is what we have to do

As part of various struggles in this city, all pursuing the goal of a domination-free, self-organized coexistence, we think it is politically significant to defend Rigaer94. The public discourse in the bourgeois media in recent years, whether it is about fire safety or the relationship to the neighborhood, is an attempt to undermine the solidarity that exists in this city. Similar to the tent city in Rummelsburg Bay, those who are building their city of the rich claim either that they are protecting us from ourselves or that the general public must be protected from us. However, the battles we have resolutely fought have always proved that the propaganda has not led to the desired success. The Interkiezionalen has also succeeded in bringing together the many threatened projects in this city and in organizing resistance against a seemingly overpowering enemy and taking it to the streets. We will have to do no more or no less, if today, tomorrow or the next days a big, maybe decisive fight for the house in Rigaer Straße 94 starts. Should our opponents really be so crazy as to start an eviction in different stages, let them, as already said, choke on our debris. Every advance in Rigaer94 has to mean a risk; our announcement that there might not be any winners means nothing else than that we want to throw Berlin into chaos if the aggression is not stopped immediately.

Friends, the situation is serious but not hopeless. Prepare together with us for weeks of siege, collective moments, nightly siren storms, smoke and fire. Moments of defensiveness and despondency soon want to be broken by moments of attack, joy and tears. Let us be tender and attentive among ourselves, but persistent and aggressive against our opponents!

Let investor’s dreams burst!

Defend Rigaer94!

We are preparing for Day X – it can start at any time.

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

Groups in Berlin
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Events in Germany

Inform yourselves and others on for supraregional exchange, on for Berlin concerns and when it really gets going on our


Summer 2020: The hole in the ceiling made by the commando.

Debris from the ceiling in the rented apartment and bottles thrown from above.

Berlin: Køpi Wagenplatz – Legal proceeding of eviction have started

It is almost our 31st birthday and we would love to celebrate with all of you but instead we have difficult news to share: Køpi Wagenplatz has received a legal document starting the eviction process from the current owner Startezia GmbH.
Startezia`s letter demands they will take vacant possession of Køpi Wagenplatz by the end of February 2021. After this date the owner will continue legal proceedings for eviction.
Obviously this news hits us hard but this is just the beginning of a long fight. We will update you regularly and we count on international solidarity.

Come to the Wagenplatz demonstration and support our fight against displacement and for self-determined housing! On the 20th of February at 2pm sharp we will start from KØPI by bike and join the the truck convoy in Scheffelstrasse at 3pm.

Køpi bleibt Risikokapital!

Køpi & Køpi Wagenplatz 133 – 138
10179 Berlin

Wagenplatz in Berlin:
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France: Zad du Carnet, eviction risk confirmed

This morning, February 10th, we had the pleasure to be woken up by the bailiff accompanied by the cops. We were given the eviction order.

On February 4, the local elected officials and the harbour manager gave formal notice to the prefecture to demand the eviction of the ZAD du Carnet, during a hearing in summary proceedings at the administrative court of Nantes. We expect to learn the court’s decision any day.

After 5 months of pressure from the cops, the fascists, the mayors who are waiting for their checks, and the media smearing us, this time they think they can finally subdue us.
We have strong reason to believe that the decision will be to our disadvantage and will order our eviction. We expect the cops taking action within the next few days. So we need moral, human and material support!

Let’s not wait for their deliberation to organize ourselves! If you want to defend the ZAD du Carnet: it’s now or never!

We especially need people on the spot, but supporting us from a distance is also possible: don’t hesitate to set up your supporting collective in your locality, organize solidarity actions (material collecting, support funds), etc.

As long as the industrial zone project at Le Carnet is not completely abandoned, resistance will be necessary! We will continue to fight to preserve the Carnet island, and will continue to warn of the consequences of the industrialization of the Loire estuary.

The struggle continues!
We are the Loire defending itself!

ZAD du Carnet
zadducarnet [at] riseup [dot] net

Practical information on how to get to the ZAD can be found here:
Our arguments against the Carnet’s industrial project and the history of the struggle:
The latest ZAD press release:

Some squats in France:
Groups (collectives, social centres, squats) in France:
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Berlin: Rigaer94 calls for international solidarity – destruction of our space expected

After the eviction of the anarcha-queer-feminist house project Liebig34 on 9th of october 2020, the offensive of state and capital against self-organized structures in the northern area of Friedrichshain and other parts of the city did not cease. The Liebig34 is since then under the control of the owner and the presence of his gang had also an affect on the local life. The so called Dorfplatz (“village square”) lying directly in front of the house was during the last months less used by residents and visitors as a common space and saw some minor confrontations with the invaders. With having taken one of the strategic points in the area and in the same time removing a political obstacle, state and capital could focus on the Rigaer94, which lies just some meters away from the Dorfplatz and has been a constant topic in the medias over the last year.

A few days ago, cops and diggers destroyed a settlement of homeless people in Rummels Bay, a few kilometers from us. The pretext here was the extreme frost, in reality it is also there to serve the profit of investors. Also expected in the next few weeks is the eviction of the Potse Youth Center – the city is in the process of removing any rebellious site.

What started with ridiculous complaints of the parliamentary opposition about the fire-security in the house became one of the central issues of the forces of order. All those who were spending their energy for years to create a depoliticized image of Rigaer94 as a house full of brutal gangsters began to speak about their worries that the inhabitants could tragically die in a fire. Their rhetoric is very transparent because it was based mainly on the fact, that the house has several mechanisms to quickly barricade the main entrances. These barricades are in fact a central piece of the safety of the inhabitants. Not only the social media is full of fascist threats to target the house but also the cops proved over the last years that they are not only capable to launch very violent legally supported actions but also to openly coordinate with parastate forces, namely organized fascists and the mafiotic structure of the real estate industry. For example the owner of Liebig34, but other companies as well, are well known in Berlin for evicting houses by setting them on fire. The message behind the fake discussion about our safety was nothing but a direct threat and a call for parastate forces to set our building on fire. In the same time it was aiming to create a public opinion and legal base to destroy the house structure without having to get an eviction title.

The legal obstacle on the way to an eviction title came up in 2016, when the Rigaer94 repelled a three weeks long major police action. Under public pressure, a court had declared the invasion in the house as illegal and did not recognize the lawyers of the owner which is, by the way, a mailbox company in the UK. Recent developements changed this condition from scratch. In the beginning of February a court decided that the police has to support this mailbox company to guarantee the so called fire security in Rigaer94. By this decision the owner is officially recognized and will now soon try to enter the house in company of a state expert about fire security and, of course, huge police forces. In similar raids against Rigaer94, the entering special police forces and the construction workers caused heavy damage to the building. It was always their goal to make the house uninhabitable before it could be evicted and luxury renovated.

We expect that the pretext of fire security will be used not only to remove our barricades but to legally raid the entire building and to evict flats to create permanent bases for the owners gang that will start to destroy the house from inside. As planned, the fire security is used now as a tool to terrorize the rebellious structures that took hold of the house more than 30 years ago and had been involved in many different social struggles as well as the defence of the area against state and capital. Generally we think that the importance of a combative community in combination with an occupied territory can not be underestimated. The Rigaer94 with its autonomous youth club and the self-organized, uncommercial space Kadterschmiede is a place for convergence for political and neighbourhood organization, giving not only home to struggling people but also the legacy of the former squatting movement and the ongoing movement against gentrification and any form of anarchist ideas. Many demonstrations, political and cultral events took its start from the house and, not to be forgotten, numerous confrontations with the state forces in the area were backed up by the existence of this stronghold. It’s for this political idendity that the Rigaer94 and the outreaching rebellious structures and networks are traumatizing generations of cops and politicians and thus has become a main focus of their aggression against those who resist. At the very moment when the last non-commercial, self-organized places in Berlin are being evicted, when the pandemic is used to spread the virus of control, exploitation and oppression, we have to take serious the threat of a very possible try to evict us in the upcoming days or weeks and therefore, we choose to continue getting organised through collective procedures to defend our ideologies and political spaces. However, there is a political importance to continue fighting for all of our social struggles of the revolutionary movement also outside of this house and not to let those in power to intervene in our political agendas and resistance.

They might evict our house but they will not evict our ideas. To keep these ideas alive and add fuel to them we invite everybody to come to Berlin to send the city of the rich to chaos. We call for any kind of support from now on, that can help us to prevent the destruction of Rigaer94. But if we lose this place to the enemies, we are willing to create a scenario without winners.

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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London: Harvil Road Protection Camp eviction alert

Urgent update: Harvil Road Protection Camp, Colne valley, Greater London (StopHS2) being evicted now. [13 Feb 11:00] As the anti-HS2 protestors dig in for a 17th night in tunnels Euston, central London… 25 miles west, Harvil Road protection camp in the Colne valley, Greater London is under siege. Harvil road where the on ground opposition to HS2 all began 3.5 years ago, for long the only outpost of resistance to HS2, might breath its last breath tonight.
The National Eviction Team arrived en masse at midnight threatening arrests if protestors high up in the trees in hammocks did not immediately get down. Protestors at the protection camp have said the NET’s forceful and aggressive arrival in the dead of night has put the physical safety of the protestors in jeapordy. Some have been forcefully removed and thrown into the freezing subzero night, others have had police chase them through fields for over a mile.
The camp, once situated in a green and verdant landscape is now surrounded by mile after mile of building site and endless floodlights at night. Protestors currently on the ground at the camp are expecting much more to come especially in the early hours of the morning and have put a call out for support.

Toulouse: call-out for solidarity with the squat on Fronton Avenue

In September, an unoccupied house in Toulouse‘s Minimes district is squatted and, following legal proceedings, the occupants benefit from the winter truce (recently extended from March 31 to June 1 as part of the health crisis). These two months of extension alone trigger an update of the anti-squat media and political wave of recent months.

On February 7, the newspaper La Dépêche, published a miserable article on the “so-called” situation of Roland, a former employee of the same newspaper… The affair invaded social networks and media in the days that followed, leading to the massive presence of journalists, always there to defend the owners, possessors and other dominants.

Each time, it’s the same rhetoric, the same bogus story: old people who would be put out on the street by squatters. For them, the fable is attractive: it is the landlords who would be in misery and it is the squatters who would be at the origin of the evils of old age. Behind this fable, which plays on pathos, are clear objectives: to support the intensification of repression against squats by promoting new laws reinforcing the rights of landlords (ASAP law and other proposals to parliament). But no one is fooled: if some elderly people cannot afford the EPHAD (housing establishments for dependent elderly people) and others occupy empty houses, it is because the states and capitalism organize and maintain the misery of billions of people, elderly or not.

Also, this mediatization allows the offensive of fascists organizing themselves on the Internet, threatening to dislodge the inhabitants. The result is the presence of people playing the big guns around the squat. We were then able to be spectators of the tribune offered by the different media present to members of extreme right-wing groups.

This is why we refuse to talk to these media, which we consider to be opportunists and enemies.

Faced with this situation, forms of solidarity are being established. We are organizing to be able to counter the attempts to expel and intimidate the fascists and allow this place to continue to exist.

Squatting is sometimes a necessity.

Squatting, because finding a good place to live in the city is becoming increasingly difficult: rents that are constantly rising, segregated access to social housing, hardcore selection of tenants by real estate agencies, and so on.

Squatting means tackling the fact that some people own several housing units while others have none or are struggling to keep one.

Squatting is a way to get free housing and thus to imagine one’s life differently than one’s work and money, and to try to create one’s own spaces of autonomy.

Squatting is also a means of struggle. It means creating spaces to live something else, to think together, to develop self-management practices, to fight against relationships of domination.

We invite all people to whom this text echoes to take hold of it and to spread it, and to express their complicity in words and deeds.

We’ll keep squatting your empty villas

Press release in support of the squat on Fronton Avenue.

While cities are witnessing the flowering of major urban development projects that are bailing out the pockets of developers and emptying the centers of the poorest classes, the media is raging about the occupation of a house that has been uninhabited for several years in Toulouse.

La Dépêche and Roland the landlord chose to exploit the situation of this house shortly after the announcement of the two-month extension of the winter truce, creating a movement in defense of private property and a wave of hatred and violence. Since Sunday, a cohort of harassers, including the usual protagonists, such as the cops, the fascists and the media, along with “vigilant citizens”, have been threatening, beating and trying to evict the residents.

In the face of this, a solidarity network has been set up and is resisting until now.

Whatever the cost, we will always support the squatters. Whatever the situation, we will always be in solidarity with those who are fighting for a roof over their heads. We will continue to support the precarious people and to fight against private property.


We call for all actions of solidarity with the 83 avenue de Fronton, and to defend all squats!

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Berlin: Wagenplatz Demo

Come to the Wagenplatz demonstration and support our fight against displacement and for self-determined housing!
On the 20th of February at 2pm we will start from KØPI by bike and join the the truck convoi in Scheffelstrasse at 3pm. Please come with face masks and maintain distance to each other!

No place for gentrification! Defend Wagenplatzes!

Berlin is full of caravan sites that shape the neighbourhoods and fill the streets with life. Our homes are organised in open, solidary structures and offer space for collective togetherness. We stand for self-organised alternatives to a cityscape shaped by capitalist, exploitative logic. But hardly any place has a long-term perspective or secure contract. Almost all of them are constantly and acutely threatened by real estate speculation and the sell-out of the city by the Red-Red-Green Party. We are not alone in this – our neighbours and other self-organised projects, such as the Kiezkneipe Syndikat, Sabot Garden, DieselA and Liebig34, were evicted in 2020. We are in solidarity with all people who are threatened or affected by displacement! We fight for a city where housing is not a commodity!

For self-organised housing! For car life! Let’s take back the city!

DieselA, KØPI Wagenplatz, Scheffelstraße, Mollies, Laster & Hänger, Rummelplatz, Ratibor, Convoi , Kreuzdorf, Lohmühle, Wagen- u. Projektplatz Karpfenteich, -unterstrom+, Fips

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London: Euston tunnellers update

Today (Sunday 7 Feb) is DAY 12 for the tunnellers. They are still there, deep under Euston Square Gardens, resisting HS2 after the eviction began on 27 January. On Friday, someone about to be cut out of a lockon by bailiffs instead took the lockon and retreated into the tunnel! Yesterday, the person then left of their own accord, having bartered an exchange for for lights, which means in total two people have now left the tunnels (and been arrested). The rest are still underground! The cops are making it difficult for supporters to get close and even fined a member of the legal team who was trying to talk to the tunnellers.

A specialist in tunnel evictions, who spent nine days digging Swampy out at the A30 protests in 1997, said the tunnels are the most extensive since the A130 bypass resistance in Essex which took six weeks to evict. He has seen footage of bailiffs stamping on fingers and trying to bring the tunnel structures down, and said this is incredibly dangerous.

As they go deeper underground the activists are losing mobile connection so there are less updates coming out. UK mainstream media is still paying a lot of attention. Corrupt fuckwit Grant Shapps, who was Housing Minister when squatting was criminalised and is now Minister for Transport commented that the ecowarriors are “reckless, irresponsible and deeply concerning” so they must be doing something right. All power to them!

Euston: Tunnel resistance update

Heading into day six, the Battle for Euston continues. Following the eviction of the above ground Stop HS2 camp, nine people remain inside tunnels below Euston Square in central London, resisting eviction by HS2. HS2 want to evict the camp and destroy the small park to build a temporary taxi rank. The trees have not been chopped down yet because they only got people out of the trees yesterday. The tower known as Buckingham Pallets was dismantled on Saturday. After the taxi rank moves again, the plan will no doubt be to build a shitty expensive cafe and plant a new tree to show green credentials.

The tunnellers are in contact with the outside world and report that Hs2 workers have showered them with dirt and liquid mud, whilst the group supposed to be responsible for their safety are pumping in oxygen which may weaken the tunnel walls. A legal challenge has been launched to ensure the eviction follows legal procedure. There’s been quite a lot of mainstream media coverage so far and most of it is bullshit. The latest thing is that the papers are excited that Swampy, the veteran 1990s road protestor is in the tunnels with his son. He said “We’ve been here five days and they haven’t even cracked the ground to the ground-shaft yet. I reckon we’ll be here for five weeks, or until the pubs are open.” Activist reporting seems to be mainly on fakebook and twatter. Squats are offering support to evicted activists if they aren’t Extinction Rebellion.

Rotterdam: building squatted in Delfshaven

A number of Rotterdammers have squatted a building in Delfshaven. They want to make a statement to the city council. Rotterdam has been pushing people on the minimum wage out of the city for years. The activists are now drawing a line and want a higher minimum wage and affordable housing.
Inequality in Rotterdam is becoming more and more visible. Everywhere in the city, social housing is poorly maintained and demolished to make way for expensive housing. Rents continue to rise in our city and the income of Rotterdammers with a minimum wage or a benefit is lagging behind. There is also less and less room for their social activities and initiatives. They are being pushed out of our city. There seems to be no place for them anymore.
We do not accept this. That is why we support the Rotterdammers who have moved into the building at Havenstraat 231. They are claiming back a piece of Rotterdam to draw attention to the struggle of many Rotterdammers. Together with them we want the wealth and space in our city to be distributed more fairly. Only then can every Rotterdammer participate and have a place. This can be done by raising the minimum wage to 14 euros per hour in 2022 and by properly maintaining and renovating social housing.
Our city council did not want to listen before. Once again we call on them to ensure that every Rotterdammer can live affordably and have a decent income. We call on the City of Rotterdam to choose for us.
We want a thriving, colorful city in which everyone can live and thrive instead of survive.

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London: Euston Station HS2 protest camp resist eviction

This morning the London end of the ongoing direct action campaign against HS2 received some unwelcome visitors in the form of around a hundred cops, bailiffs and private security guards.

The HS2 rail project has to be the most unpopular project in the history of transport infrastructure. So far the planned high-speed rail link has managed to go over budget by a modest sixty-one billion pounds and scientific studies have concluded that its construction alone will ensure that it will eventually offer no net reduction in carbon emissions. But will increase noise pollution and decrease air quality for well over twenty-one thousand dwellings along its route.

On top of this the project will ensure the demolition of literally hundreds of homes, the destruction or damage to one hundred and eight ancient woodlands along with the eradication of twenty one designated nature reserves.

So it is perhaps unsurprising that every stage of the construction, which began last year. Is being rigorously opposed by environmental activists, with an ongoing campaign of direct action.

In London the battle lines have been drawn at Euston station where several trees planted in Victorian times to improve local air quality (oh the irony) are due to be felled to make way for the project. Activists have been camped out in Euston square for some time to resist the developers.

Yesterday it became known that along with many treetop dwellings they have dug a long tunnel underneath the site to delay the work as much as possible. Allowing the BBC to film inside turned out to be a bad decision as our national broadcaster employed their trademark backstabbing to break a promise not to talk about the tunnel until the eviction began.

However when the heavies arrived this morning the protestors were ready and at least four of them disappeared underground with a considerable amount of food and water. This eviction is looking like it will take a lot longer than HS2 and their contractors expected.

Those who were thrown out of the square immediately busied themselves with occupying cherry pickers that were being brought in for the eviction to slow down the process yet further. Euston road was also blocked for a short time when someone climbed onto a lorry.

As this piece goes to press most of the tree houses remain occupied with their inhabitants locked in for the long haul. One of them is over seventy feet above the ground. How long the subterranean crew will hold out is unclear. Back in the nineties such occupations could go on for weeks and some of those involved are veterans of those battles.

The total route of HS2 stretches for three hundred and thirty miles. Even before today the security bill was running into tens of millions and this project has barely started. The opposition to this loathsome catalog of waste and environmental barbarity can only get stronger.


Angers: eviction of the Grande Ourse and nazi attack, the city where it is good to live

On Thursday, January 21, 2021, in the middle of winter, the forces of law and order and the prefecture proceeded to evict the Grande Ourse squat, a place of militancy and solidarity. It housed many homeless people, students, the working poor … The issues of poverty, equality, solidarity, were at the center of the actions carried out by its activists, they regularly organized rounds to distribute food to people on the streets. People from outside the city could also get together, there were regular cultural events, film screenings, debates… But what is the problem, at a time when students in Angers are facing a housing shortage, at a time when the covid-19 crisis is plunging an increasingly large proportion of young workers into poverty? The problem is that these activists are holding a political discourse, that by occupying an unused building the holiness of private property has been called into question. That’s unacceptable, we don’t question that, especially when that questioning benefits people who don’t intend to use it for capitalist ends, especially when it benefits people who advocate values other than competition and individual financial enrichment. So here we are, the prefecture will return the furniture store to its legitimate owner. He will be able to put back beds where no one will ever sleep or make other projects allowing him to increase his capital a little more.

This month of January is a very dark month for the Angevin left. The Grande Ourse is evicted after the ransacking of a social center (the Étincelle) a few days ago by Nazi thugs, already well known and unpunished. The targets of the prefecture and of the extreme right are the same, it is those who advocate values other than those of the capitalist bourgeoisie and its elites, it is those who put forward solidarity, equality and the right to a dignified life who are the victims of this violence. The difference is that the former acts under the cover of legality, the latter like the militias of which Europe keeps a dark memory. The council did not even react, even though the ransacking of the premises it owns was indeed claimed by the extreme right, while at the same time highlighting the “totenkopf”, the symbol of the infamous SS during the Second World War. This is where we are at the moment, the city council does not react when Nazi fanatics ransack a municipal building lent to a collective. On the other hand, these fascists occupy another public building; the city hall of Angers does nothing. They ransacked the premises of a collective; the town hall said nothing. The traditional right is taking a very disturbing path, by letting the extreme right do their work, they are complicit in their actions.

In a period of health crisis, not only the city council, but also the State, have made a strong choice. To repress the militants who propose alternatives to their dogmatic, competitive methods, where the workers are considered a burden for the capitalist employers, where the workers deprived of employment by the bourgeoisie that organizes mass unemployment are pointed out as lazy. Our institutions and the right of pseudo-opposition take up the themes dear to the extreme right and some of its conspiracy theories such as “Islamo-leftism”, which was once “Judeo-Bolshevism”. Then they let it organize itself into a militia and attack a social space by closing its eyes. But it was the eviction of the Grande Ourse that was the priority, winter and the health crisis did not count. People on the streets don’t count…


Municipal pressure tactics: an odd timing
by l’Étincelle

While our office has been the victim of an attack by neo-Nazis, while the Grande Ourse has been evicted and its inhabitants thrown into the street, the city council of Angers continues to put pressure on those who oppose the extreme right. Yesterday, Friday, January 22, in the late morning, the municipal police was sent to the Étincelle for so-called administrative reasons. In reality, the purpose of this imposing visit (as shown in the photo showing the number of municipal and national police officers mobilized) was none other than to put pressure on the activists of the Étincelle, in solidarity with the Grande Ourse. Yes, we lend part of our premises to our comrades of the Grande Ourse to store some of the things they had to move in a disaster Thursday morning.

Moreover, the attitude of the city council and the public authorities, with the prefecture in the lead, in the context of the attack that we have suffered is questionable. We have the feeling that not everything is being done to find the perpetrators of this attack, even though we have brought a certain number of concrete elements to the investigators.
Worse, the reaction of the council, which, in a laconic tweet, seems to set us back to back with the neo-Nazis and only condemns with the tip of its tongue using the term “burglary,” which is in reality a political attack against our space, revolts us.

Today, more than ever, we have the right to wonder what the council, the prefecture and the justice system are doing against the rise of the radical extreme right in our city. The complaisant silence of the institutions is deafening. It is high time for all this to stop.

In order to prepare the response, note already in your agenda that the Étincelle, the collectives and associations that are part of it, as well as many other structures, are calling for a gathering next Saturday January 30. The place and time will be communicated to you later.

La Grande Ourse
Angers, France
assemblee [dot] logement [at] protonmail [dot] com

56 Boulevard Du Doyenné
49100 Angers, France
etincelle [at] riseup [dot] net

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