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Susa Valley: new squatted shelter in Cesana-Torinese

In almost a year since the last eviction of the Casa Cantoniera in Claviere, we stayed here, in this valley, on this bloody and racist border, close to the people who challenge and overcome it every day, despite being forced to do so “illegally”: controlled, rejected and violated by the state and its armed forces. In the same valley where thousands of “migrants” with “the good papers”, called tourists, transit undisturbed. In the same valley where only in January this year the border killed two people, Fatallah Belhafif and Ullah Rezwan.

As of today, we return to organize in a place that has been abandoned for decades, which now belongs to nobody but lives thanks to the people who inhabit, build and self-manage it, in opposition to one and all states and laws that would like to repress any form of collective and individual autonomy.

We have continued and will continue to struggle by reappropriating and building free and inclusive spaces. Places untethered from the violent, racist and infantilizing dynamics proper to the institutions, manifested on the French-Italian border in the Western Alps, in the Massi Refuge in Oulx, in the Red Cross (which participates in rejections in cooperation with the police) and in the Italian and French control and repression apparatus*.

We remained here, organizing on this border, not to carry out humanitarian and welfarist work FOR the “migrants,” but as a political choice to stand and fight WITH the people who transit through these valleys.

Today, more than ever, there is a racialization of welcoming and “solidarity.” Since the beginning of the war, associations, individuals, municipalities, states and the media have focused their actions, time and funds on Ukrainian refugees. So we ask: does this solidarity exist because the people in question are white? Or because they are Christian?
We have chosen to fight with all victims of war and imperialism.

It is natural that fighting against oppressions does not prevent their reproduction. We keep in mind the violence that occurred in the Casa Cantoniera of Oulx and we will try to live and create a space that attempts to deconstruct and manage violence.

This new refuge is not born in barren land, but in a valley (the Susa Valley) that has been resisting for decades fighting for the preservation and reappropriation of its lands against the shameful HST project and the world in which it is inscribed. A world of industry, unnecessary large-scale works and destruction of the environment in which we live, a world that pushes more and more people into exile.

We therefore invite you to join the struggle,
in all territories where the frontier leaves its traces,
in all territories we must fight it.

Around 20 Digos are already here checking the area. We call all comrades to support and show them that here we will stay and here we’ll resist.


Nuovo rifugio autogestito
18 Via Giovanni Battista Armand
10054 Cesana TO

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Swynnerton, UK: Update from Bluebell Woods protection camp

43 Days our friends have spent in a network of tunnels beneath this beautiful woodland.
This railway optimises corporate capitalsim and governmental power and produces injustices, oppression, corruption and the dismantling of democracy.

We, the people, deserve to have our voices heard! We deserve not to be trampled on and ignored, not to have our homes destroyed or land taken, we deserve better than a railway for corporate greed, we deserve to have a society that runs with us, all of us, not a society that forgets the people who make it and leaves them in the gutter. We deserve better than hs2, better than the tories, better than neoliberalism. Believe in better for goodness sake!!!!!
You don’t have to occupy a tunnel for 43 days to make a difference… but I’m soooooo friggin pleased these people decided too
If you want to help the people underground with legal costs or just to get a nice meal when they’re out please donate to the fundraiser and the money will go directly to them. Help them because they have mad an amazing sacrifice for your natural spaces and rights!

Soidarity support –

Amsterdam: Ferdinand Bolstraat 14 squatted

On the 13th of June we squatted a building on Ferdinand Bolstraat 14 ground floor. This house is owned by the municipality of Amsterdam and has been empty for over a year. We are a group of people in need for housing who found in squatting the only solution in order to live in Amsterdam. Houses stay empty for speculation, rent prices increase, council housing is sold of privately and the working class is being pushed out of the city. We decided to squat in de Pijp because it is a classic example of a beautiful neighborhood ruined by gentrification. We work in the city for minimum wage but like many other cannot afford to live here. We’re sick of exploitation, having our wages stolen from us while barely surviving. We’re sick of getting pushed to the outskirts while traveling to the pijp to serve food to yuppies in a neighborhood we cannot afford to live in. We will not stay quiet, we will not stay hidden.
We take, expropriate and we occupy what we believe is ours to take, and we encourage others to do the same. Gentrification is class war. Together we will resist, build spaces where we can rely on each other outside and against the capitalist system. We don’t think money should determine anyone’s life choices. Therefore we decided to squat Ferdinand Bolstraat 14 in order to house people, open a free  shop and a social centre where people can come together, find what they need and politically organize.

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Athens (Greece): International day of action in defence of Exarchia neighborhood, 25 June 2022

25 June / Demonstration in Exarchia Square

The construction of the metro station on Exarchia square and the redevelopment of Strefi Hill are expected to start during the summer months, according to reports in the mainstream media, but also according to notifications by the Municipality of Athens to shops located in the square.

The government’s ultimatum is the final blow to the character of the historic neighborhood of Exarchia. The construction of a Metro stop on the square, the conversion of the Polytechnic school into a museum, the attempted eradication of the monument of Alexandros Grigoropoulos through the construction of luxury apartment buildings on Mesologgiou Street, the surrender of Strefi Hill to private interests (which includes the cementing of the park’s paths, cutting down trees, placing cameras, gates and security posts to control the entrance) are part of the overall designs for the gentrification of the area, the transformation of the neighborhood into a tourist destination, the development of control and repression.

The displacement of the most impoverished people is a consequence of gentrification, since finding housing is rendered impossible due to the increase in rents, spread of airbnb and the onslaught of investment companies. The process of gentrification is normality for the State and Capital, while it is a violent process of uprooting for those connected to the area as they are forced to leave it.

This particular Metro station is clearly not built “for the benefit of the citizens”, as the “independent” journalists strive to convince us. Exarchia is served by a large public transport network that covers the whole neighborhood, wherever someone is located. It is provocative for those who are responsible for the increasing cost of living to talk about “serving the citizens”.

The capitalist parties who, by their neoliberal policies, are responsible for the price increases in electricity, rents, fuel and food. For the impoverishment and misery of even larger sections of society who are excluded from basic goods.

The Metro in the square will destroy one of the few public spaces in the center of Athens and the only neighborhood square, by cutting down all the trees, placing escalators in the center of the square, concrete ventilation boxes, building a desert land where nothing can grow on the 1.5 cm high slab. For the next ten years the square will be transformed into a vast construction site fenced off by metal sheets, noise and environmental pollution, with the prospect of being transformed from a meeting place, a place where resistance is grounded and socialized, to a simple passage that will serve the unimpeded flow of consumption and production.

This is why the crucial point of the neighborhoods defence at this juncture is the opposition to the construction of the Metro.

In conditions of a capitalist crisis and the pandemic, the state is developing a unified strategy of preventative counter-insurgency in the face of the risk of uncontrolled social explosions. It is in this context that the bill restricting demonstrations was passed, and that the criminal violence of the repressive forces is intensified, which culminated about a year ago with the brutal beating of a protester in Nea Smyrni neighborhood.

It is in this same framework that squat evictions were ordered, that the university asylum was abolished and university police was established, grassroots trade unionism and strikes criminalized, activists arrested and persecuted.Part of this same strategy is the state designs to subjugate a neighborhood with a rich history of resistance, a neighborhood that is a global symbol for the struggles against power, exploitation and oppression. The state has evacuated squats of struggle, self-organized shelters for refugees and migrants, has drowned the whole neighborhood with chemicals, has placed political spaces of struggle under surveillance, has forcibly removed hundreds of refugees and migrants, women, men and children, from the area and imprisoned them in concentration camps.

Over time, however, this area has been stained with the blood of dozens of fighters who have experienced beatings, torture and lynchings by the forces of repression, culminating in the state murders of the rebellious youths M. Kalteza outside the Polytechnic University on 17/11/1985 and A. Grigoropoulos on 6/12/2008 in Mesologiou Street.

Because what is really dangerous for the State are the values and the visions of class solidarity, militant resistance, spontaneity, social self-organization, anti-racism, coexistence and respect for different people regardless of gender or origin, the history of struggles and the dream of a world of equality and justice, now deeply rooted in a society in which the bosses have nothing to promise but poverty, repression and fascism. And it is these values, the proposals and the struggles they generate that the state wants to uproot from Exarchia, from the city center and from every neighborhood.

The enforced “development” of the city center and its transformation into a tourist resort, a vast construction site of dirty money, that was called Grand Promenade. The change of use of buildings which until recently have been part of our social fabric and are now turned into museums, the sterilization of public universities, the destruction of public spaces and the destruction of green spaces, the increase in rents, the privatization of the Strefi Hill, the modification of the residential character of neighborhoods into commercial zones, all this means our dispossession of the spaces where social life develops. All this signals the intensification of the class attack by the State, Capital, real estate agencies, big developers and all kinds of rich landlords against poor and excluded people. It marks the transformation of the neighborhood into a tourist resort.

In this context, there have been attempts for years now to change the character of Exarchia, so that it ceases to play the important role it had in the wider social and class struggles and becomes an alternative entertainment center, where even the history of the struggles itself becomes a product for consumption.

But no matter how much the state and capital strive to make Exarchia cease to be a field of political, social, class processes and impose “normality”, they will find thousands facing them who will defend it. Those of us who live, work, act and hang out in Exarchia, who have this neighborhood as a reference place, and who defend it as a neighborhood of the world “that houses many worlds”; a neighborhood where people of all genders, ages and origins can co-exist with respect. Where class solidarity can be a living reality. Where the questioning of state-capitalist brutality can flourish and forms of social self-organization can develop. Where the “different” and the “downtrodden” can find refuge. Where the history of struggle meets the struggles and resistances of today. Where the dream of a world of equality and justice can continue to take root in the city center. Because the “normal” they want to impose is the normality of individualism, cannibalism, inequality, control and surveillance.

For all these reasons we call for a nationwide – international day of actions to defend the neighborhood of Exarchia

We invite you to organize diverse actions of solidarity and defense of the neighborhood of Exarchia. This struggle is a struggle for the defense of every neighborhood, every center of resistance, every place where rebellion is born and social self-organization and class solidarity develop against the mafia of State and Capital that crush our lives.

Coordination of Action for the defence of Exarchia

[9 June 2022 / Indymedia-Athens.]

Seville: CSOA la Leona illegally evicted by force and without court order

After several months of collective work and some very intense weeks preparing the space, on Thursday May 19th it was finally time to make it public and open the space to anyone who wanted to get closer and get involved. Many people came to show their support and joy. There was finally a Self-Managed Squatted Social Center in Seville, after so many years.

We didn’t lose our cool when the police approached, as we were prepared to face the situation, with about a hundred people nearby, with the assembly well organised and united, including a mediator and a lawyer. We told the police that the building had been occupied by us for weeks, so they would need a court order to evict us, which they obviously didn’t have.

After standing for hours in front of the doors, at around 10pm an officer asked to speak to the comrades inside. Then the disappointment became clear: the police put on their helmets, took an aggressive posture and went to the door. They pushed us back without a second thought, until we were in a position where it would be impossible to see what they were doing to the comrades inside. So, in front of everyone out on the pavement, and in front of many cell phone cameras recording and recording everything that was happening, they opened the door by force, with great violence. When they entered, threatening them with tasers, they forced comrades to lie on the ground to later identify them and force them out.

To put the icing on the cake of the series of rules they were breaking, half of the cops weren’t wearing identification badges, because “if there is a fire it burns” or because “I dropped it”, among other regrettable excuses. They refused to identify themselves, and told the lawyer that we should wait to receive the official police report (which was never given to us).

So they ended the space that had just been born, in a building which which had been abandoned for nine years and to which we were going to give a new life, as you can read in our opening manifesto. But, as we said at the time: They may trash the spaces, but never the ideas.

While the anger and frustration we feel at this situation is enormous, we are not surprised either. It is already common practice in our city that the powerful, and the repressive agents who protect them, ignore their own laws. Many spaces have already been illegally evicted, in the heat of the moment, without order and in an intimidating and violent way. We already know that private property is defended above everything and everyone.

All this only strengthens us in what we do, what we think and who we are. We will never forget the moment of unfurling the banner and reading the manifesto, nor the many hours that dozens and dozens of people spent defending our space, their space. Let’s keep squatting and resisting.






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CSOA la Leona
Freedom News

Wassenaar: Ivicktion called off—but for how long?

Wassenaar (Netherlands) – On the 24th of May, Ivicke had a second “voorlopige voorziening” (VoVo)* hearing, to request a suspension of eviction until the higher appeal in our case against the municipality, who want to evict us on the grounds that according to the zoning plan our home should be an office.

We already had a first VoVo about this in February. That one we lost, but the judge gave us until the 28th of May before we had to leave. In the meantime, we actually won a civil court case against the owner, because the judge agreed that his plans for Ivicke are nonsense. Our lawyers then managed to get this new hearing because of that change of circumstances.

In the documents they submitted for this case, the municipality revealed that they already had the whole eviction planned for the 31st of May, coordinated with the cops and everything. With the added threat that, if they can’t evict then, the cops wouldn’t have time anymore before September because of the festival season, trying to pressure the judge into a fast ruling. Luckily, the judge started the case by making clear that they can get an eviction on the 31st out of their heads: he needs time for his decision, and he also recognises that we will need time to move if it’s negative.

The core question in this VoVo is whether the ruling in the civil case can be considered a change of circumstances. The municipality and the owner, who is also a party in this case, of course argue that nothing has changed, and we should still be evicted. We’ll have to wait until the verdict to know whether the judge will accept what is now even more clearly an eviction for emptiness. The verdict will be within two weeks, but we don’t expect it sooner than a week from now.

While most of us were in court, the police or the municipality (or both) apparently decided to abuse the situation, sending four plainclothes to scope out the terrain. When being asked what they were doing or to identify themselves, they didn’t give any real answers, vaguely saying they’re from “the government” or “the municipality.” They then called their uniformed buddies who tried to ID some of us on our own terrain.

The eviction is called off for now, but it doesn’t look like we’ll get any rest. We don’t for a second believe the municipality’s whining about the cops not having capacities to evict before September. Who knows what the verdict of the VoVo will be, but we will prepare for the worst; so check indymedia and our website for updates, the Ivicktion could very well be some time in June or July. In the meantime, let’s not give them any rest, either

Villa Ivicke
Rust en Vreugdlaan 2
2243AS Wassenaar, The Netherlands
ivickeautonoom [at] riseup [dot] net

*preliminary injunction

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Amsterdam: house squatted at Amstelveenseweg 852

Since wednesday May 11 the house at Amstelveenseweg 852 is squatted. The owner of the house is “Werktrust Holding B.V.”, through the neighborhood we learned that their plan is to demolish this house to build 6 apartments. Despite the good condition of the building it has been empty for more than a year and will be demolished, most neighbors are against it and are engaged in an objection procedure.
Events will also be held here, keep an eye on the radar page of social center R.A.A.K.

Amstelveenseweg 852
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
raak [at] riseup [dot] net

Autonomous Student Struggle (ASS)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Manchester: Persons Unknown Festival blasts back into action

From May 13th to 16th the Persons Unknown Festival returned, after a three-year break, to the same venue used for its inauguration back in 2019. For three days the disused swimming baths and leisure centre in Chorlton, Manchester, was transformed once again into a hub of art, activity and anarchism that is rapidly rising to become a serious contender to take Temporary Autonomous Arts‘ crown as the most ambitious event in the UK squat scene calendar.

PuF was facilitated by the Manchester squat community and ran in partnership with grassroots activist organisations from across the country, with the aim to support and promote a diverse range of campaigns through workshops, art, and live music.

Organisers chose to focus on workshops and an inclusive, friendly atmosphere rather than all-night parties and hedonism, with a no smoking policy being respected up until 8pm, and music and performances finishing at a very civilised 2am. A cafe space complete with busker’s wagon supplied seemingly infinite amounts of tea, cake, curry, pie and more throughout the weekend, and packs of multi-generational dogs scampered and frolicked around the expansive sports hall between the legs of the assembled crusties and curious passers-by who populated the event.

Friday night opened with a queer clown cabaret of poetry and performance on the swimming pool stage, and although a late outbreak of Covid prevented a few of the slated bands performing, the weekend featured performances from Greek anarcho-punks Lepetka, hardcore rave style balkan ska political madness from NFA Queer Punx, live jungle from Amen Sage plus turns from local artists including soulful hip-hop stylings from Renee Stormz and visceral poetic noise from Gurnal Gaddafi.

Workshops were well attended, including a Practical Squatter’s talk, a discussion on the implications of class in activism, the development of mycotopias using the patterns of fungal growth as a model for organisation and community building, and art without borders to discuss how art has been sanitised and infantilised and often form has been made to be the priority over substance …

The venue was a rotten shit-hole when they opened it on Monday, but by Friday the space was clean, welcoming and well-prepared for guests. The walls were decorated, meals were on time, and the toilets always had paper in them. Manchester’s squat scene and the organisers behind PuFestival absolutely smashed the weekend, facilitating a conscious, accessible, community-minded event that stayed true to their DiY roots and radically inclusive unpretentiousness. If you missed it, you missed out, so be sure to watch this space for more events organised by the PuF crew. Big up the Northern squat massive.

Hambach Forest (Germany): Summer Event, 21-24 July 2022



In the factory farms and vivisection labs, our nonhuman comrades are already fighting back. The time is ripe – let’s share skills and perspectives on how to support their resistance! By “anti-speciesism” we don’t mean online activism, vegan capitalism or cop-hugging pacifism – we’re opening a space to plot against human supremacism, and we’ve no need for bureaucratic organizations of any kind.

Many animal rights groups have become a hotbed for fascist/homophobic/cissexist/macho/white supremacist/colonialist views and behaviour. Others promote liberalism, the state or single out human activists as animal “saviours”. We want to build on two years of anti-spe days explicitly pushing against these tendencies, uncompromising in our rejection of all forms of oppression and domestication. Let’s meet each other and make some trouble!

You can find us again in the Hambacher Forest, one of Europe’s largest autonomous spaces, still squatted after 10 years. (It’s a forest so be ready to camp).

We want the workshops to be more horizontal this year – you can help us by proposing your own! Some ideas we have so far:

– First aid/veterinary care for other animals
– Action planning/scouting
– Hunt sabotage
– Tech workshop
– Sharing international struggles
– Anti-civilisation anarchy + anti-speciesism
– Animal liberation + chaos
– Open discussion on abolishing pets
– Graffiti skillshare
– Self-defence
– Action climbing
– Movie night
– Theater performance (!?)
– Open mike night

Pack a sleeping bag – and coffee and peanut butter if you got it! Make it here however you can and see you in July!

More workshops/other info to be announced over next while. And be in touch if we can answer questions or otherwise help.

Make trouble + have fun (;


Amsterdam: R.A.A.K. New Social Center

New squatted social centre R.A.A.K. (Radikale Anti-Anti Kraak) opens its doors. Write an email to get involved or pass by to Douwes Dekkerstraat 18.


We are openly anarchist and use methods that seek to built collective power against and alongside that of the state and capitalism. We want this space to be one that is welcoming,a space that encourages education and participation. We seek to strengthen and create bonds of solidarity to collectively support each other and fight back against that which oppresses us. Anyone who agrees with these aims and has a willingness to actively participate is welcome to help organise and run the space. We imagine and work towards a world in which everyone can truly be free, a world without hierarchy and oppression.


Mutual Aid – Acting together for shared benefit through the voluntary exchange of resources and services.

Distributed Power – No one has more power than anyone else. People work together on equal footing.

Direct action – Creating change or highlighting issues in a community without relying on government or other indirect methods to accomplish goals.

We don’t work with companies or the private sector
– We don’t work with the police or the state
– We are against all forms of exploitation and oppression including but not limited to those based on class, race, sex, sexuality, gender or ability, and we support trans and sex-worker inclusive feminism
– We organise in a supportive, inclusive way, free from bullying or abusive behaviour

Transformative Solidarity – We are committed to act in solidarity for the collective liberation of all; in particular, with folks who are being politically targeted: people of color, women, people who are muslim, LGBTQI+, people with disabilities, migrants, victims of the criminal ‘justice’ system, and all suffering under oppressive systems. Our feminism is trans and sex worker inclusive.

Respecting a diversity of tactics – We question the state’s monopoly of violence. We are against violence but not exclusively non violent. We are against classist, racist, colonial, capitalist, patriarchal and other structural forms of violence. We respect a diversity of tactics and will never police each other or others on the methods chosen for self defense.

Concrete Projects – We prioritize projects that: 1) Serve and educate the community; 2) Give people a sense of their own power; and, 3) Shift power from government and corporations to people and communities.

Inclusivity – We welcome and make space for anyone interested in our aims & principles.

Responsive – We value input from the community and want to respond directly to the needs and concerns of those around us. We accept responsibility for our actions as individuals and as a group.

Autonomy – Individual’s ideas and energies are important and encouraged. We are structured to limit any coercion or control that could interfere with a person’s rights of self direction and empowerment.

Joyous – In a world full of drudgery and fear, we bring playfulness and joy to our projects.

Douwes Dekkerstraat 18
The Netherlands
raak [at] riseup [dot] net

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UK: The police want to impose a chilling list of conditions on an anarchist prisoner

UK anarchist Toby Shone was put on trial for terrorism last year. The charges – which were never proven – related to the anarchist website. Toby was arrested in November 2020 in the Forest of Dean in Southwest England.

The prosecution against Toby was part of a wider police operation known as ‘Operation Adream’. The original charges were that the 325 website – which published reports of direct action – contained material ‘that would be useful to terrorists’, and that the site fundraised for ‘terrorist activities’.

The case is comparable with the 1997 Green Anarchist/Animal Liberation Front – or GANDALF – trial’, which accused the editors of Green Anarchist magazine and the Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group newsletter of “unlawfully inciting persons unknown to commit criminal damage”. However, Operation Adream went one step further by charging Toby with terrorism.

Toby told The Canary that “the implications of this case do not only concern anarchists”, but should be a warning to anyone who “wants to see actual social, political or environmental change”.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) eventually offered no evidence in relation to the terrorism case, and Toby was found not guilty.

However, he was convicted of possession of a small quantity of drugs with intent to supply, and was sentenced to three years and 9 months in prison.

Now, the Counter Terrorism Unit want to use the drugs conviction to apply for a Serious Crime Prevention Order (SCPO). The SCPO will enable the police to control his use of computers, bank accounts and other electronic devices for five years after he is released from prison. They can apply to renew the order indefinitely.

SCPO orders can be imposed by courts on people who have been convicted of ‘serious’ crimes. The orders are designed to severely limit people’s freedom by – in the words of the CPS – imposing “conditions considered appropriate for the stated purpose of protecting the public from serious crime”.

The CPS lists the crimes that qualify for the imposition of a SCPO order on its website. The list includes “drug trafficking”, but the crime has to be deemed by the court to be ‘serious’ in order for a SCPO to be imposed.

The application for the SCPO is due to be heard on 6 May at Bristol Crown Court. A solidarity demonstration is planned at the court at 8.30am.

Support Toby poster –
A poster in support of Toby – by Brighton ABC
Imprisoned since 2020
Toby was originally imprisoned in Wandsworth and had a hearing at the Old Bailey. His trial was eventually moved back to Bristol, to be tried locally, and Toby was moved to HMP Horfield in Bristol.

Recently Toby was moved again, this time to HMP Parc in Bridgend, after supporters spoke out about targeting and threats made against him by a right-wing prison officer.

The Canary interviewed Toby from his prison cell. He said about Operation Adream:

According to Operation Adream’s framework, anarchism is a terrorist ideology.

Reporting on and publishing communiques on direct action and sabotage is ‘glorifying terrorism’. Prisoner solidarity efforts for anarchist prisoners is ‘supporting terrorism’, collecting funds for those prisoners and for anarchist publications is ‘funding terrorism’.

Commenting on the initial terrorism charges against him, Toby stated:

The prosecutors were seeking to impose over a decade of prison on me. I’ll leave speculation aside, and I’ll mention that the charges were not dropped. Technically, the Crown offered no evidence to refute my defence statement and a ‘not guilty’ verdict was recorded.

According to Toby, the SCPO which is being sought against him is a politically motivated attempt to keep him, and those close to him, under close surveillance:

The SCPO is a method to keep me under continuous five year investigation, and de facto house arrest. It is simply a method of repression, which is intended to intimidate me, my family and my friends. To criminalise and place under surveillance those I’m close to, and to try to force me to change the way I choose to live, and with whom.

Toby described the conditions of the SCPO:

It is an attempt to force me to use cashless banking and payments. To control my use of phones, USBs and computers. Stop me using encryption and stop me from using any form of open source software such as Linux. And to stop me from using crypto currencies.

The SCPO order will make it very difficult for Toby to live collectively, as he did before his arrest. Toby told us:

In the papers filed against me, living collectively, ‘off grid’ in a ‘nomadic way’, is seen as a threat to the system. And it’s part of the ‘clandestine and subversive lifestyle’ that I must be stopped from pursuing. Really this means that anyone who is viewed as being ‘outside’ – if such a thing exists – of society, or the cops invented ideas of ‘normality’, can be targeted as an enemy of the state. And the police can invent whatever fictions they like to justify their control.

Toby relates the repression against him to a broader process. He said that it’s a move towards a society where the state gives itself more and more control, enabled by technological advances:

It’s possible to make a broad argument that society itself is transforming into a world where everything and everyone is trackable, monitored and profiled. Any realities that don’t conform to this new vision of how regulation and digitalization is to function is seen as a threat to power.

Toby also described how the control order would affect his life:

As to how it would affect my life, the control order demands constant contact with the police to inform them and seek permission for my contact with others. Use of cash, use of communication devices, my movements, where I sleep, or reside, my use of postboxes, storage units, restrictions on using a single bank account. The list is extensive.

Toby sees the order as something that is impossible to comply with, and – in fact – just a ploy to put him back in prison as soon as possible:

The order is not really intended to be complied with. It’s been drawn up in such a way as to be impossible to submit to. The aim of the ‘Anti Terrorist Unit’ is to put me back in prison as soon as possible after I am released, and try to frighten me from speaking out about what the endgame is.

The police are able to seek this SCPO against Toby because he has been convicted of intent to supply controlled substances. However, SCPOs are normally used against large-scale drug-dealing operations. This is confirmed by the CPS website which states that “The SCPO is intended for use against those involved in the most serious offences”. Far from fitting in to this categorisation, Toby’s drug conviction is comparatively insignificant.

We asked Toby to comment on the drug charges he was convicted for. He said:

The raids in Operation Adream took place against several addresses, which were collective living projects.

I was using medical marijuana and DMT to treat my cancer and related conditions. I also had joint possession of LSD and psilocybin. This was deemed ‘possession with intent to supply’ despite being simply a collective amount in a house project/hangout. These medicines are known for their potential rapid deconditioning effects, and their use for self analysis and reprogramming has been widely studied.

Toby said that the attempts by the police to paint him as a drug dealer are intended to hide the use of the SCPO to repress his political activity:

Police efforts to label me as a ‘drug dealer’ are smears and attempts to obscure revolutionary anarchism. I’m anti capitalist and against any gang or mafia type practices. I’m opposed to the use of hard narcotics and their supply.

I asked Toby whether this was his first time in prison. He said:

This is not my first time in the hands of the enemy. But this is the longest I have spent behind the door, having faced the rifles of the ‘Anti Terrorist Unit’, and the demands for such a long sentence.

Prison is a path which all non-conformists, dissidents and revolutionaries must face.

Toby maintains that prison needs to be abolished as an institution. He argues that prisons are used to oppress the “exploited classes”:

As for my observations, they are unchanged. Prison cannot be reformed. It must be destroyed along with the state and the society which requires it.

Prison is the institutional repression of the most exploited classes, and maintains the divide between the rich and the poor. It’s always been so, and always will be. There is no ‘rehabilitation’, only warehouses of suffering where they store men, women and children in conditions unlikely to engender anything but hostility, misery and hatred. however much they dress it up with lies and phantasms of redemption.

Toby sees Operation Adream – and the application for a control order against him – as “an attack on 21st century anarchism”.

According to Toby, police forces in Europe and Latin America have taken similar measures against anarchist insurrectionalist movements, but Operation Adream is significant because it took place in the UK. Toby said:

Anarchist insurrectionalism is already a major target in Europe and Latin America. The only novel thing is that this is the first time such an operation was conducted in UK.

Anarchist insurrectionalists believe in the need for constant social and class struggle, and attacks against the state. Insurrectionalists favour informal organisation based on affinity over the creation of permanent revolutionary institutions. Toby says that many anarchist insurrectionalists believe in organisation through affinity groups which are federated into larger flexible structures, but do not become formalised, and can remain responsive.

Toby sees Operation Adream as part of a wider state strategy which labels left-wing groups as ‘terrorists’:

The establishment of ‘left wing terrorism’, as a new [police] focus comes at a time of lethargy in the radical Left, despite the times we’re living in today, which are full of the conditions likely to create a real momentum towards resistance.

However, at an international level, a resurgence of anarchist, anti-civilization and anti capitalist action is taking place. And the state is aware of that fact, and seeks to cut any wild roses before they bud.

In fact, the labelling of militant parts of the Left as ‘terrorist’ by the British state isn’t really anything new. Supporters of the UK animal rights movement have consistently been branded both ‘terrorists’ and ‘domestic extremists’, and UK supporters of the Kurdish Freedom Movement have been imprisoned under anti-terror laws in recent years. The UK police have long been labelling radical ecological movements as ‘terrorist’, and have used Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act to interrogate suspected radicals from a broad range of social movements at UK borders.

A police counter-terrorism document – circulated in 2020 to medical staff and teachers as part of an anti-extremism briefing – included reference to groups ranging from the Anarchist Federation and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) to mainstream NGOs like Greenpeace and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

I asked Kevin Blowe from Network for Police Monitoring for a comment on the SCPO being sought against Toby. He said.

The SCPO is arbitrary punishment for a conviction Toby did not receive, imposed by counter-terrorism police who seem determined to avenge the state’s failure to find any evidence against him for alleged “terrorist” activities. If imposed, it is also almost impossible to comply with while maintaining any involvement in political activism, because the police must know everything about anyone he meets and talks to. It is, therefore, an unsubtle attempt to silence him.

Blowe concluded:

At a time when the government claims there are growing threats to the right of freedom of expression, Toby’s experience is a reminder that the biggest threat to free speech comes from the state itself.

Toby said that his case should not only be of interest to anarchists; it shows that the state will do what it can to repress and imprison everyone who chooses to struggle for change:

The implications of this case do not only concern anarchists, who have been under the microscope for some time, but anyone who is living in alternative way with their ideas or their actions, collective or not. Anyone who essentially wants to see actual social, political or environmental change will at some point put that into practice. And the state has prepared prisons for you.

Toby concluded with a call to organise for freedom, and for revolution:

That’s why we must realise what we’re up against, and organise. Revolution and freedom is the imperative.

Stay strong out there.

Source –

Get involved
You can write to Toby at: Toby Shone A7645EP, HM Prison Parc, Heol Hobcyn John, Coity, Bridgend CF35 6AP
Donations can be made to: The Bottled Wasp
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Acc No: 65601648
IBAN: GB35 CPBK 0892 9965 6016 48

Toby’s SCPO hearing is taking place on 6th May at Bristol Crown Court. Supporters are welcome, and a solidarity demonstration is planned at 8.30am outside the court.

USA: Stop The Sweeps! Stop The War Against Our Homeless Neighbors!

Text from an outreach flyer about resistance to sweeps and evictions of houseless encampments. See below and StopTheSweeps_IGD_Flyer_2022.

Millions of people sleep-rough in tents, doorways, or vehicles across North America. Police threats of violent arrest and seizure of their few belongings can annihilate any semblance of stability on any given day. Sweeps are a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. Homeless folks move to another spot, cops come again to inflict more violence and trauma.

Floods of capital force more from their homes and onto the streets. Displacement falls along historic lines of racist, colonial segregation. Indigenous, Black and Brown communities are attacked by colonization and gentrification – individuals can’t just ‘move along.’

Pandemics have long been a trauma for these communities, magnified for anyone who is homeless. The Covid-19 pandemic hit them hardest. That virus’ endless mutation and global persistence stems partly from exploitative pharmaceutical patent restrictions. The same pharmaceutical companies helped kickstart a nationwide opioid epidemic. Drugs soften the daily pain. They can even be fun. But they can magnify problems already faced by marginalized communities.

Private charity and government spending lets those with power and money claim they’re ‘doing something.’ Their privatized Homeless Industrial Complex instead profits off a gaping wound. They will never build enough housing, real treatment options, or even shelter beds for the ever-growing need – fuck City Hall’s endless stream of lies.

We must build new lines of solidarity and mutual-aid to leave this dystopia behind and build a new world!

A War On Homeless People
A loose network of corporations, agencies, and ‘concerned citizens’ dehumanize and brutalize homeless folks. Occasional claims to care about their well-being ring hollow as they subject our neighbors to a never-ending cycle of humiliation. This war is also a threat to keep everyone compliant – grateful for the few comforts we might cling to.

Capitalist investment in maintaining the oppressive status-quo incentives all media to focus on individual ‘failings.’ Poverty Porn is profitable. Systemic issues and reality-shaping decisions by the powerful are deliberately ignored. But many conservative and far-right media and politicians utilize outright fascist tactics to mobilize hatred against homeless folks.

The city of Seattle often features in US-wide fascistic narratives because other cities have seen a model in its interconnected state-corporate response. A massive industry of ‘nationally renowned’ homelessness-nonprofits works hard to meet the desires of state and corporate partners. But their double-edged support rarely meets people’s real needs, while cops keep on sweeping.

Vicious assaults on homeless folks are increasingly carried out by organized anti-homeless hate groups. Uniting private individuals with funding by corporate and conservative money, their propaganda focuses on sensationalized images of ‘trash.’ These groups cultivate ties with better recognized hate groups like the ‘Proud Boys.’

Right-wing, radio, and tv, and political personalities have long peddled malicious narratives painting homeless people as utterly inhuman. Christopher Rufo is one major popularizer of this narrative. His right-wing filmmaking career launched highlighting the supposed ‘evils’ of harm-reduction work in Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Rufo’s next ludicrous film ignited US-wide fascistic fear-mongering against Critical Race Theory.

A local outlet of Sinclair Broadcast Group spun this into a broader fascist narrative in their propaganda trash Seattle is Dying. It depicted a city under simultaneous threat by a dehumanized homeless ‘enemy’ and a progressive establishment, showering love on business owners. The station then let one correspondent elaborate further with numerous heavily aired and promoted spots filmed at homeless encampments and sweeps. This ‘reporter’ was only discretely fired by Sinclair after he made a propaganda sizzle-reel for the local Proud Boys featuring a neo-Nazi song.

Hate Groups
Local Facebook pages and groups have become a central organizing platform for anti-homeless hate. Page titles often focus on the idea of ‘safety’ or the aesthetic attraction of their locale. Some are run by random local NIMBYs and small-business owners. Admins sometimes have ties associated with right-wing ‘dark money’ political spending. Some circulate well-funded lies and overt calls for vigilante violence against people on the streets. Others spread sensational imagery in order to dehumanize homeless people while contributing nothing towards a solution. Such groups increasingly exist targeting communities beyond major city limits, focusing on individual suburbs or semi-rural counties. Apps like Nextdoor are also seedbeds for these dangerous sentiments.

Isolated NIMBY arsonists have brutalized many encampments. There are organized groups that harass and even assault campers they try to entrap while arguing for or even carrying out their own sweeps. Their escapades are frequently promoted by right-wing corporate and social media.

For years, the face of Seattle’s government outreach was the ‘Navigation Team’ of police officers and social workers. The latter complained of being props for the cops and city to claim they ‘offered services’ that didn’t meaningfully exist. The Nav Team’s purpose was really to facilitate sweeps, increasingly without notice. The Nav Team model was exported to many other cities. Its former head left, exposed insisting a sweep continue while a resident was found dead – he was promptly hired by Vancouver, WA to start a similar program.

Police’s personal sentiments are encapsulated by their powerful unions. The Seattle Police Officers Guild personally invited one anti-homeless hate group Safe to a candidate forum, while the Guild’s president hosted the head of another on his podcast. Shared bogus narratives demand aggressive policing to ‘solve the problem.’

The city claimed to abolish the Nav Team following the George Floyd Uprising. Then it created the HOPE Team to do the exact same thing.

What Can You Do?
Dehumanizing, brutalizing, then profiting off people is central to capitalism, racism, and settler-colonial power. Homelessness and genocidal displacement resides at the heart of this process. The path to a better world is made by those most profoundly impacted.

Self-organized community survival is already a daily fact of life for most homeless folks. All the ups and downs of relying on others in the same boat. On the smallest scale, individuals and small groups of housed people can provide concrete support to the mutual-aid folks are already doing. Understand that all our liberation is tied together.

If you’re housed: overcome your apprehensions, talk to your neighbors at the nearby the camp or squat. Find out, from their perspective, what assistance they need. A neighbor showing up to offer friendly help will be a welcome change from most interactions campers have.

Get together with friends or neighbors. Setting up a weekly meal or supply distro can provide a secure space for anyone who needs it. Organize with coworkers and community members to provide free resources or spaces, day and night.

Join or build networks working to stop the sweeps, end incarceration, and dismantle the colonizing system that is the crisis!

Find Inspiration, Take Action!


Search Social Media for ‘Mutual Aid’ or ‘Food Not Bombs!’ + [Your City’s Name] or check out these groups fighting to Stop The Sweeps!

Seattle: @Stop_Sweeps_SEA (twitter) @stopthesweepsseattle (insta)
Austin: @Stop_Sweeps_ATX (twitter) Kalamazoo: @StopTheSweepsKZ (twitter)
Eugene: @stopthesweeps_eugene (insta) Corvalis: @StopTheSweepsCV (twitter+insta)
Portland: @StopSweepsPDX (twitter) @StopTheSweepsPDX (insta) – @IGD_News (twitter) @its.going.down (insta)


Ann Arbor, USA: Statement from FIGHT Concord Pines

Statement from FIGHT Concord Pines [previously on S!N] re: the events of 4/11 and 4/12
Nuthatch’s tree sit at the Concord Pines site ended last week as a result of horrific violence towards them and their supporters. They descended and exited the site safely. Sometime after they left, the tree and others around it were cut down.
An employee of Toll Brothers’ land clearing contractor, William J. Lang Land Clearing, used his tree-clearing equipment to physically assault a protester at around 7am on Monday morning 4/11 and to fell multiple trees next to Nuthatch’s sit the next day at around 6:15pm, one of which struck the platform and nearly killed Nuthatch. We believe the contractor was aware of Nuthatch’s presence in the tree, as supporters informed him, Bill Lang, and onsite Ann Arbor Police Department officers of it on Monday morning. That morning, a supporter also heard the contractor state that he would not hesitate to kill anyone he found in the trees. When the supporter informed the AAPD officers onsite of this threat, the officers, of course, did nothing.

On Tuesday evening, after cutting trees and clearing brush on the site all day, the employee advanced towards Nuthatch’s sit in his machine. He cut four trees, which dropped towards the platform. One of the trees collided with the platform as it fell, knocking the platform askew and Nuthatch into the air. Their rope and climbing harness, the construction of the sit, good fortune, and responsive comrades saved their life. It appears to us that thanks in part to the Toll Brothers’ utter disregard for the most basic of worksite safety precautions and city and state governments’ cowardly, toothless approach to permitting and development, this violent Lang Land Clearing worker felt enabled to attempt murder on non-violent protestors twice in two days.
Supporters of Nuthatch who responded to their call for help met further violence at the hands of Code 3 Security, the Toll Brothers’ hired private security. These fully-armed goons threatened supporters with Tasers, shoved people into the mud, and illegally handcuffed four of them before Ann Arbor police arrived. Once they did, AAPD did nothing to address the extreme danger posed to everyone on the site by the continued presence of the Lang employee and took no action against the Code 3 “officers” despite having witnessed their violence against supporters.
FIGHT Concord Pines invites supporters to contact us at fightforhousing [at] protonmail [dot] com, donate to our bail fund, or attend any of our upcoming events for more information. (All inquiries motivated by a desire to leverage our fight in myopic City Council politics will be discarded.)

Bail fund link:

Berlin: Køpiplatz resquatted. We are here to reclaim what is ours

This was not just a piece of land to us. It was our home, it was family, it was a our place to welcome people from all over the world, to learn and support each other, where we could grow and connect. In the most simple and wonderful way, it was our community and our life. But now our family have been split up; and more than anything we want to be back together.

6 months have passed since the bullshit eviction of Køpiplatz and some things still haven’t changed; the ground still stays empty, except a couple of hired goons to watch over it, but now it is filled with the wreckage of what was once our homes and lives.

The offer we received from the state and Howoge was not designed to support us, but rather a ‘Catch 22′ that would split us up in a variety of unacceptable ways, including an offer to remove 70 percent and leave a slither of land only able to accommodate a couple of trailers. These offers were refused. As a wagenplatz we are all or nothing and we are still a family despite now being forced apart and scattered across Berlin, and we are still searching for a place to be back together.

Once again a wagenplatz directly neighbouring the Køpi building was evicted. The last one was 23 years ago, with the eviction of the Mad Max Wagenplatz, to the right of Køpi. This was for the purpose to build an old persons’ home, yet like countless other evictions the land has been left abandoned, and TWENTY THREE years later there is still a shell of a building and an empty site, that can be housing and spaces for many of us. Is that the future for Køpiplatz too?

Just like us the project spaces Meuterei and Syndikat that also still stand empty after their evictions; and Liebig 34 still have not been rehomed, while Rigaer 94 are still facing constant attacks from the state. We are here asking the BIG question.. FOR WHAT?? Why is it that people are losing their homes, spaces, lives and connections to something real? For nothing!?

And these are only a few examples from recent times. We feel we deserve to be treated fairly, and for everyone over the years who have been displaced from their spaces, we demand rehousing, a place for all of our comrades from Berlin and around the world, to continue to create something fabulous and self sufficient.

It is obvious that the tactics over these last years are attempts to dig our movement out from its roots, and to exhaust it with relentless attacks on our way of life. But their tricks won´t work! And our collective anger only brings us to act together, with solidarity and even more fearlessness.

We will not rest or be satisfied until its recognised that you can’t just evict us, sweep us under the carpet like we don’t exist and we will leave quietly and obediently. No! We remain committed to autonomous spaces, communities and continuing our way of life, no matter what the consequences.

Viva Køpiplatz! Viva all autonomous spaces! One struggle, one fight!

Køpi, Køpiplatz
Köpenicker Straße 133 – 138, 10179 Berlin

Wagenplatz in Berlin:
Groups in Berlin
Events in Berlin

Groups in Germany
Events in Germany

Køpi Bleint

London: “Don’t worry, we’re autonomous”. Winter shelter evicted

Around 30 people have been evicted from an autonomously organised shelter in North London. At 9am on Thursday 7th April agents of the National Eviction Team and notorious eviction magnate Andrew Marsh, smashed their way through barricades to enforce a High Court writ despite repeated attempts by the occupiers to enter into dialogue with the property’s owners, OneHousing, to negotiate a peaceful and orderly handover.

The former St. Mungo’s hostel on Grey’s Inn Road has housed a community of vulnerable adults since it was squatted in December last year, including a woman six months pregnant with twins and many people who the care system has categorically failed to support through the winter. The eviction comes only days after the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol for London was activated, with freezing temperatures predicted for later in the week. There are no planning permission requests logged with Camden council for the property, and it will now most likely remain empty until its inevitable conversion into unaffordable housing.

Despite ardent prayers, St. Mungo did not manifest, and no representatives of the charity attended. After being evicted through the backdoor to prevent a shameful public scene, the former residents were subjected to harassment by police to ‘clear the area’, despite no alternative accommodation being offered by the authorities. Several residents were visibly distressed and protected from arrest and restraint by the cops through the care and determination of other community members.

One journalist on the scene incredulously asked the police where everyone was supposed to go, to which a resident responded:

“Don’t worry, we’re autonomous.”

Since being opened by anarchists last year, the shelter has self-organised to provide room and board for dozens of people, including squatters, former renters and rough sleepers, and becoming a hub for the distribution of hundreds of meals, clothes and cold weather gear. One of the most recent members to join is a survivor of domestic abuse who had been rejected from their previous refuge and would have ended up on the street otherwise. The fifteen rooms were often double and triple occupied, with a communal sleeping area in the basement at times home to up to a dozen more. There were sinks in each room, showers and baths on each floor. Many of the residents are surviving with mental illness, addiction and post-traumatic stress exacerbated by their previous precarious housing situation. Many were found by the shelter’s outreach teams sleeping rough in the King’s Cross area and had become full-time members of the community.

Daphne, a former resident, reported: “The other hostels are rife with drugs and violence. At least here, we could solve our own problems, and make our own decisions. It’s been more than a shelter, this was our home. If it wasn’t for squatting, I’d be on the streets.”

The community organised through regular meetings, making decisions by vote, and working with the issues the residents faced through collective care and support. The original manifesto reports the guiding ethos as being ‘mutual aid, mutual respect’. The project was supported and endorsed by the Hillside Resident’s Association, who have described themselves as being ‘at war’ with OneHousing over how they manage its rented properties.

The anarchist-squatter community has run shelters like the one in Grey’s Inn Road for decades, including in Brighton, Manchester and Bristol, and the community had hoped to enter into a meanwhile use agreement with OneHousing to guarantee the security of tenure and allow them to continue to provide shelter. Half a mile in either direction from the site are tent cities lined up outside Euston and along the Strand, and every doorway around the area has someone huddled in a sleeping bag inside it. Yet many of buildings around WC1 lie empty, disused, awaiting occupation. Many of them for years.

As with the recent occupation of an oligarch’s mansion in Belgravia that saw a massive police response, the real reason for the brutal eviction is that projects like these, autonomously organised and directly active, are a genuine threat to the legitimacy of councils, property firms, and capitalist logic. Historically, mass movements of self-housers became simply unstoppable as people organised to solve the housing crisis themselves, forcing councils to sign deals and legalise many squats into the cooperative movement. Residents at the shelter had remained in occupation despite the threat of eviction since January, determined to defend their home and their community.

Evictions are increasingly becoming centralised operations, with self-styled ‘lock father’ Andrew Marsh boasting that his firm is the preferred contractor of Lewisham and Camden councils, Transport for London and many more. His firm evicted people throughout the lockdown, and in January 2021 was allegedly employed in an eviction where two squatters were beaten unconscious by security agents. One had their leg broken and the other nearly lost an eye. He has denied any responsibility, and police refused to investigate due to ‘lack of evidence’. After being berated during a pandemic eviction in 2020 and asked what his children would think of him doing this, Marsh subsequently came to work with his teenage son in attendance.

OneHousing are merging with housing association Riverside, and despite paying lip service to corporate social responsibility, their actions at the former St. Mungo’s site prove that they are property speculators and corporatised landlords with a paper-thin PR campaign that is little more than ‘charity-washing’.

One disgruntled ex-resident, one of several war veterans staying there, said: “Fuck ‘em. They’ll be first up against the wall come the revolution.”

Freedom, of course, would never condone ruining a perfectly good wall in such a manner.

All the former residents were immediately taken in by the extended squatter community in the local area as they recover from their ordeal. Squatters across London are determined to match every eviction with the expropriation of new buildings, with an increasing number of groups such as the London Makhnovists, Resist Anti Trespass and NFA Queer Punx calling for a ‘summer of anarchy’. There was even a successful resistance to county court bailiffs in Bermondsey last week that was incongruously but briefly attended by former arch-squatter and current fart-in-a-mask Piers Corbyn. Direct action and resistance have never been more urgent as the government continues to persecute the propertyless and drive towards the total criminalisation of trespass and dissent through legislation such as the Police, Crime and Sentencing bill.

Please, whatever you do, do not feel free to comment upon OneHousing and the Lockfather on their social media. That would be outrageous.

Some squats in London
Groups in London:
Events in London:

Some squats in UK
Some Groups in UK:
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London: “Fuck the bosses:” evictions exceeded by new occupations by Autonomous Shelter Network

The eviction of the winter shelter on Gray’s Inn Road on April 7th and 2 other longer-lasting squats in London have lead to approximately 5 more locations being opened and brought back into use by houseless and precarious persons to provide food, clothes and shelter within our community. The disused buildings were occupied and activated by mixed collectives of former rough sleepers, anarchists from the NFA Queer Punx, Amsterdam-based Anarcha-Feminist Group, and members of Resist Anti-Trespass.

The buildings form part of the Autonomous Shelter Network – a mutual aid, mutual respect association dedicated to direct housing and the provision of food and necessities. It is an affiliation of non-hierarchical, horizontally organised groups that are self-organised by community members without the state, business or charities. The locations and exact number of residences has not been disclosed to protect the residents privacy. The shelters are self-organised by residents who determine set and organisational style amongst themselves, with one shelter’s motto being “fuck the bosses”. There are wet and dry spaces, to address the differences in addiction and recovery that different residents experience. There is also a dedicated queer and trans space support the different needs of FLINTA people. There are even a number of ‘micro-squats’ occupied by a minority of people due to personal preference, and also whether or not you enjoy techno music playing 24 hours a day. All the buildings are long-term empties with no immediate plans for use, and some members of the ASN are engaged in attempts to negotiate with owners to secure license, whilst others have no interest in compromised deals with property owners and landlords.

There is a front office as a place of contact for the public, houseless people and the media being established, but for now all queries and requests can be directed to autonomous_shelters_network [at] protonmail [dot] com.

The residents of the former shelter and a nearby squat on Caledonian Road had many possessions stolen by property owners during the evictions, and therefore many of them are without basics or living in places with minimal furnishings. Please contact Victor on the email above if you are able to provide any of the following:

Van/car hire for delivery pick/up

Food, especially canned goods, dried

Cutlery, cooking equipments

Clothing – especially socks, underwear

Mattresses, bedding, blankets


Cleaning equipment

Bicycles, parts, tools

Old laptops, computers, phones

Tools, especially screws

Building materials, wood, metal

The shelters also appreciate volunteers who wish to dedicate time to work alongside residents and collaborate. All the spaces are explicitly anti-authoritarian and encourage a collectivist spirit, and although we strive to understand why people perpetuate abuse, it is not tolerated. If you wish to drop-off any of the above, or indeed meet someone from the network, please contact the person listed above.





Some squats in London
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Some squats in UK
Some Groups in UK:
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Ann Arbor, USA: Nuthatch update

Yesterday, our tree sitter was nearly killed by an on-site worker. More than ever, we need your support.

STATEMENT FROM NUTHATCH: On Tuesday night at 615 pm, well after normal work hours, a worker drove the tree cutter into the pines towards me and cut down several trees right next to mine. One of the trees he cut fell and hit my platform, barely missing me. I cannot describe to you the fear and terror I felt as the tree came towards me. I screamed and yelled to please, please stop, but I could barely hear myself over the sound of the saw. I could not even see the person inside, only a cold unfeeling machine. He didn’t stop. He kept coming again, again, and again as I begged for my life.

I clung to the tree and my rope, trusting them as I dangled in the sky waiting for my friends to arrive. I called my mom to tell her I loved her. My mind was filled with the names of many other activists who died for their cause. I never thought I might make that list. I am just a goofball who loves birds, plays too many video games, and wants this planet and life to keep existing.
I hope someone with some kind of power to stop this steps in, but I have no faith in that; when my friends showed up after the incident to try to support and protect me, the police arrested all of them. David Chain was a forest defender who in 1998 was killed by a logger who did almost the exact same thing: cut down a nearby tree, which landed on David and killed him. The police threatened to charge his friends and supporters for murder. The logger was never charged.
I implore you to join our fight. The fact that people are willing to kill me and my friends for what we are doing just shows how threatened they feel. There are so many ways to fight beyond sitting in trees. I promise that even in the midst of the fear and chaos, the knowledge that you are defending the forest and fighting for good will give you all the strength you need. Message on Fbook for how to get involved.

Swynnerton, UK: Update from Bluebell Woods Protection Camp

We are strong, we are not going anywhere and we are prepared to resist HS2 and their hired team of security thugs!

We still need YOU!

Here are ways you can support us at Bluebell and join the HS2 resistance!

Write to and talk to your MP and tell them you object to HS2 and tell them why.
*even if you are NOT along the HS2 route it’s important we speak to MPS across the while UK and let them know that you appose this ecocide construction.
Join our Facebook pages and share our content.
Visit us at camp and get involved.
Donate wood for building such as pallets, beams and ply board.
Donate to our crowd funder.
keep an eye on our events and come and join us.
Come along to camp with something from our camp wishlist.
Join us on our next day of action.
share this post!
Wishlist for camp.
Fire wood/logs
Wood for building such as ply board, beams and pallets
Cooking oil
Washing up liquid
Polly Prop rope 8ml and 10ml

Fundraiser :



Directions Hearing will be on the 28th April at Birmingham High Court.
The trial will follow 26th and 27th May.
We drastically need to raise fund to fight this because we can’t let them take our rights. This is David and Goliath! The people vs the legal secretary of the state! Please help us!
All monies goes directly to the barristers!

Amsterdam: new squat in West

Building occupied and lived in! After being used as anti-squat and afterwards being empty for several months, people are living again in the Douwes Dekkerstraat 18! Cops came by tuesday and will not act for now.
The owner is De Groene Eyck BV, registered on the Ten Katestraat.
Haven’t heard from the owner until now. VPS tried to claim that they had a contract but the police still saw no reason for eviction.

Some squats in the Netherlands:
Groups (social centers, collectives, squats) in the Netherlands:
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