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London: TAA celebrates 20 years

This weekend the Temporary Autonomous Arts (TAA) festival squatted a row of derelict buildings in North London to celebrate 20 years of creative requisitioning of disused spaces. The event ran over 3 evenings from last Thursday to the wee late hours of Sunday, and was an open space for all artists to participate and display their works, championing a DIY or die, anticapitalist aesthetic and approach. Attended by hundreds, the programme featured spoken word and performative onstage carnage. There were live shows from Agents of Lexicon, Hot Dog Grrrl and the Sesame Seed Buns, anarchopunk poetry from George F, 2-bit rave from Killdren and Kidziku’s fuzz-bass screamo, a cabaret featuring genderfuck drag from Jizmik Hunt and many more, with the overall culture being explicitly queer, trans-allied and anti-TERF. The works of dozens of artists such as the Nave, oneslutriot, caineruable, Born In Dust amongst many successfully transformed a gutted and collapsing row of buildings into an interactive smorgasbord of visual delights for the scores of delighted revellers who attended. The first major squatted event in London post-COVID besides raves and parties, the TAA represents a cross-over point for squatters, artists and others to reunite and reignite their passion for creative destruction and mutual co-operation under the principle of “don’t be a DICK” – give people the benefit of doubt when it comes to their boundaries, respect other people’s opinions”. The atmosphere was one of carnivalistic return with attendees travelling from across the UK and internationally from the autonomous scene of Europe. The corridors were jam-packed with people who often had not seen one another for years at a time, giving the event the feel of a grand reunion of comrades.

In the organisers own words:

“TAA is an underground festival of creativity that has been taking over venues across the UK since 2001. It was an initiative by Random Artists to use free-party tactics to open temporary arts and social spaces in occupied and often derelict buildings.

TAA exhibitions are creative spaces that are organised and constructed by the artists themselves. They operate under an open-access policy, meaning everyone is free to exhibit their work or perform.

Time-honoured art forms sit comfortably amongst digital work, sculptures, installations, films, performance and music. We encourage artists and audience to find their own level of creative involvement and believe that all of our voices are equally important.

This not only opens the doors to a no-cost space to exhibit within but also encourages first-timers and the artist within us all. All contributions are welcome and there is no celebrity here – our aim is to break free of the sterile nature of traditional galleries and instead create a space which removes barriers between art, artist and audience.”
In previous years the TAA has also taken place in other parts of the UK, and is a shining example of a longstanding tradition of anarchist-organised arts projects that form the backbone of the calendar of our autonomous culture, including the nationwide occurances of anarchist bookfairs, the Manchester-based Persons Unknown Festival, punk feminist group the LAD$ collective and the use of art, music and installations as symbols of the tactic of ‘party as protest’ that have become commonplace tools of more liberal movements such as Extinction Rebellion. The TAA is our homegrown version of radical arts movements that exist globally, such as the Crack! Festival at Forte Prenestino in Rome, or the yearly parties that took place for ADM’s birthdays before it’s eviction in 2019.

Welcome back Temporary Autonomous Arts – not so temporary after all!


Germany: Call for the defense of Lützerath

For more than a year, Aktivist_innen have been living and fighting in Lützerath, a small village right on the edge of the Garzweiler open-pit mine in the Rhineland. What is left of Lützerath is to fall victim to RWE’s capitalist destructive rage this autumn so that the company can continue to burn lignite.

Sounds familiar? It is!
Many of us fought in the Hambach Forest and made sure that it was preserved. Now it is up to us again to put the company and its exploitation logic in its place. If they want to destroy Lützerath this autumn, they are taking on a movement that can no longer be stopped. We are facing the last showdown for coal in the Rhineland!

And for that we need you now!
We have created a place for rebellious life. Here we try to form ourselves without capitalist performance constraints and to put our autonomy into practice. We call this area to be defended “Zone a defendre”, or ZAD, following the example of French battles. Because Lützerath is threatened and is attacked by RWE and police. From October, Tree cutting and clearing machines come here. That’s why we say – let’s defend the ZADRheinland together. We defended the Hambi – we will also defend Lützerath! The 1.5 degree limit runs in front of Lützerath and we will enforce its compliance here. We have already paralyzed power plants, cost RWE millions and shown more than once what we think of a state and system that puts profits above people. We no longer negotiate in the trees or in the hut village, because the climate crisis knows no compromises.

So: pack your climbing harness and tools and prepare for an autumn of resistance. Are you missing the skills? No problem; Lützerath is a place of joint learning, of looking after each other and of further education.

So come here and join us!

Wendover (UK): Eviction begins on anti HS2 fortress in Buckinghamshire

Wendover Active Resistance camp, part of the ongoing direct action campaign against white elephant and eco-atrocity HS2, was surrounded by around a hundred bailiffs, HS2 security and specialist eviction teams in the early hours of Sunday morning (10th October). The defenders are well dug in but would really appreciate ground support outside the perimeter. The eviction is expected to take at least a fortnight.

The site on the A413 ( just outside the village postcode HP22 6PN) was first squatted two years ago. In that time activists have constructed a network of tunnels, treehouses and lock ons. Local opinion is firmly against the HS2, which smashes through this scenic part of the true blue Chilterns, ploughing through local beauty spots and wrecking aquifers.

Freedom spoke to Mark, one activist on the ground “It took them two days to evict ‘the Cage’ a tiny pallet fortress,so we’re expecting it to take a long while to get folk out of ‘The Temple’ which at 15m is, we think, the tallest protest structure built in the U.K and is situated over a tunnel network with an unknown number of people in it” . Unwilling direct action celebrity Swampy Dan, fresh from his acquittal for tunneling under the Euston HS2 site, is also there.

The site on the A413 ( just outside the village postcode HP22 6PN) was first squatted two years ago. In that time activists have constructed a network of tunnels, treehouses and lock ons. Local opinion is firmly against the HS2, which smashes through this scenic part of the true blue Chilterns, ploughing through local beauty spots and wrecking aquifers.

The camp was constructed on land only partially owned by HS2 and it’s not clear that the eviction order is legally valid. Challenges are ongoing. One activist said, “The court informed us that amendments could happen on Monday. HS2, Thames Valley Police and the National Eviction Team (NET) were all informed that their Court Order was currently invalid and that they would have to wait for a valid one. This has been ignored. Lawyers have been informed”.


Ghent: PANDPaRaDe, demonstration on 12 October

Judges, the city and the province want the property owners to get rid of the property (‘t Pand) in order to sell it to rich investors.
This is done without any consultation from the former residents and without listening to the citizens of Ghent themselves. The right to property is again more important than the right to a decent and affordable roof over one’s head.
The judge has given us 8 days to vacate the premises. They may be able to sabotage the occupation but that does not end the fight.
More than 1800 citizens want us to intervene at the city council and here too we were silenced. The city does not hold itself responsible for the housing crisis. Therefore, we call on everyone to come out onto the streets with your pots and pans, and together we will make our point:
– tackle the housing crisis: no privatisation of the property and commons in general
– no eviction of the inhabitants
– citizens’ participation in our commons, including on the city council

We gather on Tuesday 12 October at 6 pm at Lange Steenstraat 16 !

Information on route and other practical details will follow.

Sunday 10 October 2021, the house goes nuts (‘t Pand gaat uit haar dak!) from 5 pm.

Squat de Stad, the Ghent squatting movement

‘t Pand, Lange Steenstraat 16, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
pandemisten [at] riseup [dot] net

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Berlin: Illegal eviction of Køpi wagenplatz. Supposed owner gave falsified signature in court. Nevertheless eviction plan goes ahead.

On the 8th of October 2021 we gave a press conference in front of Köpi. Read our statement:

Just a week before the eviction of the Køpi wagenplatz we received the report from the official investigator for signature verificationthat the signature presented at the trial in May 2021 by the supposed owner Yervand Chuckhajyan of the postbox company Startezia GmbH differs from previous signatures and is therefore false.

The falsification, and the fact no one ever saw Mr Chuckhajyan, reinforces our suspicion that the supposed owner of this postbox company does in fact not represent the company and is actually another fraud of the real owner of this postbox company, Siegried Nelhs of SANUS AG.

At the trial also the judge Claudia Wolter noticed the different signatures, criticized the supposed owner for not being present at the trial and questioned his lawyers about their relationship with their client. Nevertheless the judge decided that if Startezia GmbH pays a security deposit of 200.000€ the eviction can go ahead even before our appeal hearing. Again we see that justice is not blind, that the court favours suspicious anonymous postbox companies with enough money over the lives, homes and futures of dozens of people.

The so-called owner paid the security deposit on the 20th of June, not long after the trial. We do not see it as a coincidence that he nevertheless waited to request the eviction during the interim governance, after the elections and before the new government takes place. Politicians now face less political consequences and can blame others for this illegal and expensive eviction.

The falsification of signatures convinces us that we have a strong chance in winning the appeal trial against the eviction order. We have however little faith that with less than a week to go before the eviction on the 15th of October the responsible court or senator would do the right thing after receiving this information, and will order to halt the eviction. Proof of this is the signs in the neighbourhood indicating the installation of the red zone which will start on the 14th of October.

So even if we win the appeal, everything which matters for us will be lost already. Our community will have been destroyed and divided, dozens of people will have lost their homes and taxpayers will have payed millions for an illegal eviction and violent repression. As the recent verdict about Hambacher Forest shows us, this would not be the first time an eviction is declared illegal only after the homes, lives and community of the residents were destroyed.

Andreas Geisel is the Berlin interior affairs senator responsible for ordering thousands of police to evict us on the 15th of October. We want to remind him that in 2016 his predecessor Frank Henkel lost legitimacy after his police force was ordered by the court to pull out of an eviction attempt of Rigaer 94 because of legal irregularities. Consequently Henkel faced a legal suit for “illegal police deployment”, and a public poll demonstrated only 34% of Berliners favoured tough police actions.1

The news about the fraud used to accomplish our eviction enrages and unites us even more. We will resist this illegal eviction, in the court, in our wagenplatz and in the streets! After months of mobilisations, uur last demonstration on the 2nd of October was our first reaction to the eviction date. Around 1500 people joined us on the streets and many Berliners showed their solidarity with us along the route.

From now on we call for action weeks and decentralised actions. We call for solidarity in Berlin and the whole world. The eviction of Køpi wagenplatz concerns us all. It is not an isolated event. In the last years too many people have lost their homes because of rising rents and gentrification gone mad. Beside people being pushed out of their houses and neighborhoods this unlimited gentrification also attacks our free autonomous spaces and our radical movement in Berlin and beyond.

In the last years countless radical leftist projects have been evicted. Only a few days ago Rigaer 94 was raided, again. Although they try to exhaust us before the Køpiplatz eviction we will not accept these attacks. We will not forget that exactly one year ago Liebig 34 was evicted. Tomorrow, on Saturday the 9th of October, we therefore call for another demonstration, together with Liebig 34, to show our continued anger about these attacks, evictions and criminalisation of our radical communities.

We will continue to prepare for the planned eviction on the 15th of October when the Køpi wagenplatz will be evicted by bailiff Kölling and hundreds of specialized police units. Thousands more will be deployed that day to repress our resistance and our supporters. A massive waste of taxpayers money for the violent repression of dozens of people that will lose their home and community, and of many more people that will lose another place to meet and create alternatives. A waste of taxpayers money for yet another project of luxury apartments in a city destroyed by gentrification and speculation.

The heavy police presence will disrupt our whole neighbourhood. A red zone will be installed around the Køpi from the 14th of October onwards that will militarise our streets, installing a de facto state of emergency blocking the free movement of people. Only residents able to proof they are registered in this area will be able to enter, shops will be closed and police will heavy handedly enforce their powers.

The red zone is meant to isolate us from our supporters and allow for police violence left unscrutinised. We call upon our supporters to not let them isolate us. We will do anything to protect our homes and autonomous spaces. We are many, we are united and we are angry.

If the court and politicians go through with this illegal eviction, and if the wagenplatz is evicted on the 15th of October there will be a massive demonstration called for by Interkiezionale. We will be there with all other projects that face or faced evictions and criminalisations, with our wide international supportive community and with countless Berliners sick of the gentrification destroying their city.

Køpi, Køpiplatz
Köpenicker Straße 133 – 138, 10179 Berlin

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Berlin: Rigaer94 – First statement on the raid of 6th of October, 2021

The Berlin cops, today, 06.10.2021 at 7am, wearing their dirty trash-bag uniforms and carrying shields full of color from the resistance on 17th of July and armed, raided our political structure and living space, Rigaer94. Once again, as everyday, the servants of the state fulfill their commands and obey to the capital. The state guarantees the order of the capitalist system, so to squeeze even more profit from people and their living spaces, gain power over every life, destroy any political idea that fights against them and oppress any individual who does not fit to their plans in this capitalistic, patriarchal and racist society. It is clear that the Berlin cops still work with Lafone Investments Ltd. and are their mercenaries, who execute orders of the plan to get rid of Rigaer94 and so to force the gentrification process of Nordkiez, Friedrichshain – after they lost their last attack on us in June this year.

They entered our political structure and house today morning by smashing windows of the side house on 1st floor, destroying once again our doors and even removing the entire wall of one of the flat-doors which was barricaded on the 4th floor front house. They were carrying their useless papers from the court with warrants to identify everyone who is in the house at the moment of entering. They also made drawings of floor plan to check for construction changes. The warrant is based on ASOG. This law makes it easy for the cops to raid and repress political structures and individuals when they want. Officially the aim of the raid is to prepare for eviction trials of all the flats of the house. However, there is no doubt, that the raid is used to weaken our structures and the movement who fights against state and capital, capitalism and gentrification, one week before the eviction of Köpi Wagenplatz (15th October). It is a common tactic which tries to attack and isolate structures and individuals in solidarity with threatened projects, shortly before an announced-planned attack. As it also happened with the eviction of our neighbours L34 last year, when our structure got raided and sieged for some days on July 2020, few months before the Tag-X.

We do not get demotivated, we will not stop supporting each other, we will fight: before, during and after any Tag-X and also without an announced date of an attack coming from state and capital. We stand our political, social and emotional decisions to defend our territories and ideas and be supportive with each other through self-organization and horizontal procedures from inside our structures and in our neighborhoods and streets.

Yesterday all the Gorillaz workers who were on strike got fired and today there are in the streets. We support the workers who fight against capitalism and power. There is a Tag-X when our structures and ideas get attacked, for that it does not matter for us if its a raid in Rigaer94 or if its the fight of the workers who got fired yesterday from Gorillaz company. United we fight against capitalism and power. Let’s take the streets today 06.10., 13:00starting at Schönhauser Allee 180.

We call to revitalize the tradition to have open meetings concerning attacks on our structures and therefore call you to come today to NewYorck, Bethanien at 18.00.

Also we will open doors of Ka(d)terschmiede to have food this evening from 8pm to come together and get updated.

We continue fighting as planned, everyday and especially the upcoming days for the struggle around Köpiplatz and all the threatened projects and ideas.

Demo United in Anger – 09.10, 18:00 starting at Dorfplatz in front of Liebig34, which got evicted one year ago, ending in front of Köpi-Wagenplatz.

Support the decentralized action call from Köpiplatz and the Tag-X demo by Interkiezionale on 15.10, 20:00 starting from Zickenplatz, Kreuzberg.

United we fight – we stay ungovernable!

With rage, Rigaer94

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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Montreuil: Support Le Marbré – Let’s Defend our spaces – Attack the city of the rich

Le Marbré opened its doors in september 2020, since then the marble dust and rockwool has made room for a living space and a space of radical autonomous* and self-organized political organisation. Diverse ideas carrying a discourse against market logic, against capitalism and all oppression , on the search of a rupture with the state and all existing cross and meet in this space. Some of the bigger lines around which people around Marbré organize are housing, anti-gentrification, social struggles, prison, specism, feminism and borders. The place is organised through an open general assembly and happy to welcome new people and groups.

Some words on the situation
We met a first eviction in february 2021, but successfully reopened the building the next day which gave us a lot of strength. Since september 2021 we are facing a new threat following our eviction process. The ruling received in june 2021 admitted us cumulative delays of 3 month + a 2 months grace period + the winter eviction break(1.11-1.4.). But the bailiff seems deaf on that ear: he signed a request to leave the space by september 23.

Our legal strategy is an appeal to the executive court (JEX) to go against this interpretation by the bailiff and a hearing took place on october 5. The JEX’s decision though will take until the 16th of november, several weeks during which the place technically stays under eviction threat. Our political strategy has been to mobilize to the maximum of our capacities from september 23 to october 5 with different activities everyday, we invited local squats and collectives and prepared ourselves for Day X. We are of course staying mobilized after the fifth and there are more workshops, discussion and so on taking place at Marbré for as long as we manage to keep the place. We are learning how to collectively deal with stress, fatigue and the fear of loosing the space. We are exploring solidarity together and sharing knowledge and skills. The perspective of the eviction is of course worrying, but we also see it as possibility to live a strong collective experience and want to give all we have for it even if we’re just at the beginning of this marathon.

We invite you to participate in the defense of our spaces like Marbré. For this if you are around you can come here, propose activities or participate, show your presence, spread the word. There is an emergency eviction sms-list, you can join it by sending a number to lemabre [at] riseup [dot] net or by coming here. In case of eviction there will be a demonstration 7pm the next day at Mairie de Montreuil. All signs of solidarity are welcome: each by their own means and wishes, let’s go against all the actors and profiteers of evictions, exploitation, urbanisation and gentrification: lawyers, bailiffs, developers, restaurants, bio shops and other chainstores, camera and other surveillance systems and alarms, construction sites of big urbanisation projects in the like of Grand Paris, infrastructure and telecommunication, cop shops, courts, councils, construction agencies and profiteers of imprisonment like Bouygues, Vinci, Eiffage, Spie and many many others

Let’s defend our spaces, and resist against evictions and the exploitation of our lives.

International Solidarity

The problems we face don’t stop at city lines and state borders, names might be different but our enemies are the same everywhere. International solidarity breaks the isolation that repression tries to submerge us in, making us stronger and less alone. In these moments of struggle, whether smiling on the barricades or in our discussions, in our thoughts we are also with the friends in other places that face repression, solidarity with Køpiplatz, EIF, la Trasheria and all rebellious squats and all those hit by repressive operations like Prometeo (congratulations!), Bialystock and Scintilla,the repression against Gare in Athens, the §129 processes in germany, the friends facing accusations of criminal association and terrorism in france and elsewhere.

Le Marbré
39 rue des Deux Communes, Montreuil, france
lemarbre [at] riseup [dot] net

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* Organisation trying to be non hierarchical, without any parties and unions

Utrecht: Building on the Archimedeslaan resquatted

On October 1, 2021, exactly 11 years after the Kraken en Leegstand (squatting and vacancy) law came into force, the buildings on the Archimedeslaan 16 were resquatted. The squatters protested against the continuing vacancy of the former student housing. Although the law should prevent vacancy, the vacancy rate has only increased since then. This while squatting and the squatting movement have been criminalized and prosecuted.

The squatters want to show that squatting is still a legitimate option in addressing and fighting the housing crisis and homelessness. Indeed, squatting still serves as an effective tool against speculators and housing corporations who use houses as tools to make a profit. The squatters wonder why, in times of a real housing crisis, the development of houses is delegated to profit-oriented organizations.

In Utrecht alone there are already more than 7,000 vacant properties and it takes at least nine years before it’s one’s turn to get a social housing unit. The squatters hope this action to encourage people: “On a waiting list you can not live. We hope to encourage people to take matters into their own hands and to claim their right to housing. After all, having a roof over your head is a first necessity of life, while property is not.”

More than two years ago, in July 2019, 400 students had to make way for the demolition of the buildings. The then-owner, Aprisco, was supposed to demolish the building but instead sold it to developer and investor Kondor Wessels Projecten (KWP), which has left the properties vacant ever since. This is not the first time that KWP has failed to stick to its agreements. During the construction of the houses in the Merwedekanaal area KWP decided to suddenly increase the rents, against the agreements with the Municipality of Utrecht. KWP has informed the Municipality that it ‘does not feel bound by the rents communicated at the time’.

The development of Archimedeslaan is related to the development of the new noise barrier along the A12, which due to the nitrogen crisis has still not had a concrete follow-up. As the vacancy continues and the permits have not yet been issued, the squatters want to reoccupy the premises and make them available for housing.

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Montreuil: vicious eviction of the Maison de l’Ermitage by the City Council?

We share here the leaflet of the “Support Committee for the Maison de l’Ermitage of Montreuil” of September 28, 2021. Return on a strange practice of eviction in the city of Montreuil, accompanied by a history of the place… Meeting on Saturday (October 2nd) 2pm at the Parole Errante to organize solidarity! The Ermitage is a place of life, of self-organization, but also the backstage of many solidarity initiatives in the city of Montreuil and in Paris! Let’s defend the Ermitage house!

Since 2018, the house at 18, rue de l’Ermitage was occupied. Property of the Montreuil City Council since 1990 and until then rented to relatives of successive mayors, it had remained vacant since the arrival in power of Patrick Bessac, but the situation of housing distress of Ms. Fahima LAIDOUDI, her son and other occupants without housing had led us to squat it. Since this summer, talks were underway with the mayor’s office and the prefecture to resolve the housing problems of its occupants and to decide on a collective future for this house, which should not be sold off to real estate developers, but used for the common good.

On Saturday 25 September, after having prepared sandwiches to be distributed in a demonstration, the residents left the house at 1pm to go to Paris for the rally. When they returned at around 7pm, the residents found the door closed, a chain had been installed as well as guards and attack dogs to prevent them from re-entering their homes. The neighbors then explained to them that a fire had broken out an hour after they had left the house, around 2pm, and that they had immediately informed the firemen that people had potentially been trapped inside. Thanks to them for their reactivity and their solidarity!

It would be around 6 pm that the city hall would have decided to send a private security company to change the lock and take possession of the place. However, legally and according to the police, no order to leave the premises had been issued against the occupants, as the situation of the house and its inhabitants was to be discussed with the prefecture in October.

The expertise of the firemen allowed to notice 3 fire starts, in 3 different places of the house… This raises questions. As well as the total absence of concern of the town hall for its inhabitants, the first victims, with whom it had contacts through the office of the town hall and with whom it had started negotiations during the summer! Far from worrying about their situation, it was surprisingly the police officers who asked for nights in a hotel for the occupants, and not the city hall, which was only concerned about the informal condemnation of the premises by a security company financed with taxpayers’ money.

Thus, on Monday morning, agents from the city hall’s hygiene services were dispatched to the site, accompanied by the BAC (Anti-Crime Brigade), to legalize the guarding of the house as quickly as possible for security reasons following the fire, even though only one of the eight rooms of the house was affected by the flames. Despite the improvised camp set up by the residents outside the house, no elected official, no member of the cabinet, no person from the housing department went to the house to discuss with the residents, to allow them to see the damage, nor to give them access to their belongings, furniture and provisions that remained inside the house. As a result, the inhabitants of the Ermitage are currently in a situation of de facto eviction, this fire coming at the right time to bypass the legal procedure in progress, the lawyer of the town hall not depriving himself of reminding the legal precariousness of its inhabitants rather than worrying about their situation.

Following the fire, a complaint was filed against X by the inhabitants. Another one should be opened for home invasion. We are waiting for explanations from the city hall. Many houses have experienced much more serious disasters, which have never led to the homelessness of their inhabitants.

Since the fire, no contact has been established by the city council to solve the critical problem of housing the residents, no assistance has been set up on its own and no access to the business has been allowed so far, although three guards are living and sleeping there.


To know where we are going to sleep while waiting to have access to the house again.
To discuss with the hygiene services of the town hall so that they inform us of how to reintegrate the rooms not damaged by the fire
To have access to our belongings still inaccessible to this day inside the house
To discuss the future of 18 rue de l’Ermitage, knowing that a meeting was to take place with a deputy and elected officials in charge of housing, during which an agreement for the use of this house was to be discussed.

Indeed, the support committee of the 18, rue de l’Ermitage wishes to perpetuate this place where multiple social and cultural activities took place during several years:

– preparation of meals: the place is used to collect, store and prepare meals for various actions or for people in precarious situations in Montreuil and elsewhere.
– marauding operations have also been possible thanks to this place: distribution of meals to the homeless, to precarious students, to migrants, to occupied places or places in demonstrations.
– accommodation: a sort of “115 citizen”, the Maison de l’Ermitage has made it possible to temporarily house migrant minors, women in danger, and families who have been evicted, thus compensating for the various failures of the State and the local authorities at its level.
– support to different groups of struggles: many associations or activists find in the Ermitage a resource place to start or continue their struggles. The Ermitage is a place of resource for the local life but also a place of meetings and reflections around internationalist questions.

We can have an idea of this by listing the partners or supporters who are leading the fight with us to oppose the eviction requested by the Montreuil city hall: La Parole Errante – EVA (enfants venus d’ailleurs) – l’association de quartier Charton et autour – Awa Gueye et le collectif Justice et Vérité pour Babacar Gueye – Brigades de solidarité populaire de Porte de Paris – Brigade de solidarité populaire Bagnolet/Montreuil – Collectif Vies Volées – Comité Adama – Comité Vérité et Justice pour Lamine Dieng – Stop Précarité – Femmes Gilets Jaunes Île de France – FUIQP Paris-Banlieue – Les Gilets Jaunes de Montreuil – Gilets jaunes de Rungis – Justice pour Ibo – Hébergement solidaire – Montreuil Rebelle – Les Mutilés pour l’exemple – Non aux expulsions à Montreuil – NPA Montreuil – Les réfractaires du 80 – Réseau d’entraide Vérité et Justice

How to support us ? By making this struggle known around you – by joining the support committee (via email: lesamisdelermitage [at] tutanota [dot] com – and by participating and relaying its actions.

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London: Space Pirates Squatfest

During the weekend of 24-27th September 2021, a building in Central London will be opened to the public, hosting the first in a series of events organised by The Space Pirates. Ahoy World is an invitation and guide to this first event. There are three main parts: A Retrospective, a section on transformative patterns, and an introduction to Space Pirates. The retrospective section includes squats whose focus is on mutual aid and direct action where the intention is to be – at least partly – open to the public. Transformative Patterns looks at models and theories around conscientious organising. Lastly, there is an introduction to The Space Pirates. If you’d like to get involved, soon or in the future, either by attending or hosting, please get in touch asap

Long before we’ve got a court summons, the Space Pirates Squatfest weekend will be over.




UK: New squatters handbook out now!

It’s arrived! Squatters Handbook 14.5! Available from Freedom bookshop [London] and all good squats! Your handy guide to the class war and autonomous struggle in England and Wales!
Please share far and wide..

Berlin: eviction of Køpi Wagenplatz, 15 October

Dear comrades!

We have now received the date for the eviction of Køpi Wagenplatz. On 15 October 2021, at 10:00 AM!
Therefore, we call for action weeks from now on, on one hand to push the topic of the planned eviction massively in the public and to mobilize, on the other hand this should once again give the opportunity to network, to discuss, to learn and to organize.
The action weeks should take place from now until the planned eviction as long and continuously as possible.
For this we need your support!
If you want to organize an info- or discussion event, a workshop or open skill sharing, please write us the dates and publish them yourself on Stressfaktor and other event pages.
Banners can be put up anytime and anywhere, posters and stickers can be put up, flyers can be distributed and soli photos can be published. A drink in your bar/pub could temporarily be called ‘Køpiplatz bleibt!’ or whatever you can think of, just do it! Also writing solo statements and spreading our info + events, articles and statements help us out!
If you have space in your location for such an event, but don’t want to or can’t organize anything yourself, you are also welcome to contact us in order to be able to refer other groups without rooms if necessary.
Also groups with event ideas but no location are welcome to contact us.

Greetings of solidarity,

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Lyon: for immediate and permanent rehousing of those evicted from the Feyzin squat

Press release following the occupation of the Clémenceau gymnasium on Thursday 16 September, feedback on the course of the occupation and the negotiations with the prefecture.

On Thursday 16 September at 7:30 am, the eviction without prior notice of the Feyzin squat was allowed by a huge police force. It seems that neither the prefecture, nor the DDCS, nor the Ofii, nor the Metropolis, nor the Salvation Army, considered it necessary to warn the inhabitants of an operation which seemed to have been planned for weeks. Many people had, the day before, left the squat after the information had leaked, for fear of the police intervention. They were therefore not taken into account in the accommodation system (despite social diagnoses which normally lead to care even in the absence of the inhabitants at the time of the eviction). The figures given by the prefecture and the press are therefore largely underestimated. Out of 120 to 150 people counted in the squat, only about 50 people were taken by bus to the Chabal barracks, an accommodation center in Saint Priest known for its undignified reception conditions. If 14 people “refused” the offer of accommodation, it is because it was conditioned to an assisted voluntary return, which simply consists in accepting to be deported. Do we have to remind the prefecture once again that these people are here to stay and that neither their presence nor their right to unconditional accommodation is negotiable? At the end of this operation, and without counting the people who have been lost, at least thirty people, alone or with their families, found themselves on the street that day.

What did the prefecture expect when it deployed such a massive police operation and offered only a few places to stay, and in unworthy conditions? We inform the prefect that following the evictions, the former inhabitants do not evaporate: they mobilize to have a roof over their heads. Faced with the urgency and lack of solutions, the same day at 5pm, the Clémenceau gymnasium was squatted by about fifty people, residents and supporters, quickly joined by many others, around the same demand: a dignified, permanent and unconditional rehousing for all the evicted from Feyzin.

Very quickly, the municipal and then the national police arrived in numbers, followed by two executives of the prefecture, the director of the prefect’s office, two representatives of the DDCS and elected municipal officials of the 7th district of Lyon. For five hours, the police surrounded the building, pushing back the supporters and preventing anyone from joining or leaving the occupation, arming themselves and regularly displaying their eviction equipment. In total during the day, hundreds of cops were mobilized to intimidate, control, threaten and repress people without housing. But it seems that the prefecture is less inclined to evict people and especially children in the center of Lyon, in full view of everybody, than the same morning in Feyzin. At the beginning of the evening the negotiations started. After two hours of occupation, the first proposal is laughable: the accommodation of only one family. The second one is scandalous: accommodation for one family, and a proposal of 2×45 days of accommodation for the single men under the condition of signing an “aid to voluntary return”. The occupation continues to obtain the rehousing of all. Negotiations continue until we get the accommodation of 3 families, and an appointment next week at the prefecture to present the files of about twenty people in the perspective of an accommodation or a place in CADA. It was also negotiated to leave the gymnasium without violence and without identity checks; this is how the occupation ended at around 10 pm.

The victory is bitter and the relief short-lived: we still have to take the families to their new accommodation ourselves, realize that one of the hostels has not even been informed and wait an hour for the family to be finally welcomed but forced to sleep in a common room that already housed a family, find a solution for the fifteen or so people still without a solution and waiting for their appointment, and mobilize again and again in the coming weeks so that the promises are kept. We also know that the accommodation at the Chabal center will be precarious and of short duration.

This situation is representative of the more global situation in the Rhône, where 10,000 additional accommodation places are needed, and where attacks and threats against informal living spaces are ever more frequent. This eviction comes just one week after the electricity was cut off at the “Augustine” family squat in Villeurbanne, and shortly before a series of trials of other squats, which raise fears of numerous evictions before the beginning of the winter break. The State persists in its repressive logic of criminalizing precarious people and exiles, while the campaign promises of the so-called left-wing and ecologist city councils and metropolis are far behind us. The solution to the repressive impasse is simple: Papers for all, housing for all!

The occupants and supporters

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Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): The Mohawked Salamanders Burn Down the Salamander’s School – Why We Attacked the Zad

“I simply didn’t see where the inevitable reformism was coming from this time, discreetly but surely, from those who speak of insurrection and autonomy by the thousands of copies.”
Quote from “The movement is dead… Long live reform”, November 2017.

The Zad was our pirate ship, the mother of all Zads. It emerged in a time with no way out and it was as if the world became a little more bearable. Like a brief glimmer of light, a possibility breaking through the thick, sticky fog of our future. For those of us who lead full and busy lives, off the beaten track, it was the knowledge that there would always be a place to welcome us if we were on the run. A place where the state would never come for us. A place where we would always find allies to feed us, to clothe us, to hide us in the folds of its hedges.

And this very state, which crushes us, kills us, hunts us, was given the Zad three years ago by a handful of opportunists. Those who, only yesterday, claimed this territory as being in “secession”.

This despicable betrayal, which took place behind the backs of those who confronted the police on the barricades, cannot be forgotten. Even less so when the local Comintern has come up with a project for an École des tritons [salamanders'(1) school], to celebrate the three year anniversary of what they call victory.

Rebuilding on the Planchettes(2) then? How can we not exult in rage at this umpteenth provocation? How can we not cry vengeance for the devastated East?

And this slow slide that took place on the ZAD to land in the arms of the enemy? Once again, we have to retrace the steps of this horrible story, asking ourselves again and again what could have been done to avoid this fiasco. Since then, we can’t find much in the struggles we come across, as if we had become blinded by the experience.

This is the story as we lived it.

For a long time we believed the narrative of unity and diversity of tactics, as found in the soulless pamphlets of Mauvaise Troupe. The years go by, life at the Zad is punctuated by the conflicts that tire us and the rumours of evictions that stress us. For the Zad, we visit the southern countries to train, we test recipes for molotov cocktails, we bury trunks full of equipment in the Rohanne forest.

Yes, years passed since César(3), the stories of spats with the farm in Saint-Jean-Du-Tertre become more and more persistent. Little by little, the visionary nickname given to Saint-Jean become part of the common language, a way to end raging tirades. The conflicts that began around class divisions(4) become more pronounced. On the eve of the evictions, a whole fringe of the most privileged squatters distance themselves from “zadism”(5) and leave the residents’ GA to create the GA of usage/uses(6): this new decision-making body claims the right to determine the future of the land and integrate into the citizen groups and associations that had nothing to do with the occupation.

At the beginning of 2018, the government announced the abandonment of the airport project. On TV, we can see a few well-known squatters getting drunk at the Vacherie meeting house and posing for the cameras. These same faces that we saw in such and such a newspaper with a CGT union cap, in such and such a riot in a black hoodie. These are the same people who will arbitrarily commit themselves in the name of the movement to reopen the D281(7), the crux of the war of attrition that led to the victory against the Caesar operation.

The day after the government’s announcement, we witnessed the simulacrum of a GA where the fate of the route des chicanes (D281) was decided. One of the recently installed chief bureaucrats laid down the basis for dialogue: people who did not live in the area would not have a say. All those who had been coming to the Zad for the last ten years at the slightest hint of things heating up are now, from the outset of this phase, denied any right to influence the fate and protection of the mother ship.

When the assembly failed to reach a consensus on the question of the route des chicanes, it was the odious Julien Durand who decided to dismantle the cabins and barricades by force, with the support of the CMDO(8) and the entire privileged wing of the movement(9). In this distressing video(10) shot by the group G.R.O.I.X, we can see (5’29) the CMDO evicting a cabin, doing the police’s work for them. In the preceding seconds, the despicable Julien Durand explains the current strategy.

On 26 January, the nice Camille tells the cameras that the dismantling of the D281 is a decision that was taken collectively by the whole movement(11). A few months later she was seen toasting with the prefect (regional police chief who oversaw the eviction operation) Nicole Klein on a visit to triumph over reconquering the land(12), accompanied by her friends from La Riotière and Saint-Jean-Du-Traitre.

It is a whole apparatus of coercion and normalisation that the government then reveals in broad daylight, without even having lined up a single pawn in the area.

This progressive takeover of the Zad leaves us with a feeling of déjà vu: the construction of a founding mythology based on past victories (Plogoff, Larzac), the incarnation of a movement through an “Us” that directs the narrative, since it only involves the most reformist and palatable fringes of the movement, the use of a newspeak that is extends broadly: squats have become commons, the icy “comrade” has replaced copain(e)(13). A whole literature of euphemisms unfolds in which people talk about “use” rather than property, about freeing the land rather than land ownership.

Then, this cold and authoritarian face, which suddenly seems familiar to us, allows itself a few rude gestures, perhaps to let people know that coercion will not only take the detours of politics and can also be more threatening: in October, a squatter who was opposed to the dismantling of the D281 and who had destroyed a piece of the road was beaten up, put in the trunk of a car and left hogtied on the sidewalk in front of a psychiatric hospital(14). At the beginning of November, the CMDO censored a text explaining the departure of Radio Klaxon(15) from the Zad.

But, all those who were far from its intrigues nevertheless ran to the first crunch of boots on the zone. What a strange feeling to be fighting again on the Zad, 6 years after Caesar, and to find only a uniform and warlike mass akin to the ‘cortège de tête’ and stagnating powerlessness in front of the barricades. Where are the clowns? Where are the civil disobedience activists? And the old lady throwing turnips at the bulldozers? Aesthetically, something has been depleted.

But that’s not all – the “supporters” are confined to certain sectors and kept in total ignorance of the ongoing negotiations. On the barricades, the CMDO is absent and the Mauvaise Troupe seems so preoccupied with the idea of “defending the Zad” that it is on a tourist trip to the Basque country(16). From the west, we hear the rumour that a very large group of friends came to fight and were turned away by some inhabitants.

You don’t need to have a masters in Political Science to realise that there’s something fishy going on. On 20 April 2018, while hundreds of people from all over Europe were coming to defend the Zad, and had been subjected for a fortnight to gas and grenade shrapnel, the CMDO betrayed the struggle and handed over to the prefecture the normalisation files demanded by the state, which only included the hard buildings(17).

The members of the CMDO then explain to the media that they have taken a step forward towards the state and expect a step from it in return. To this, the prefect Nicole Klein replied: “If you like, I thought they could have done this much earlier. They did a lot of work, they presented us with charts, names, projects, so they did the work. That means they were almost ready.” To imagine that some places negotiated their preservation before the evictions would be a conspiracy, wouldn’t it?

In this poisonous climate, where the masks are gradually falling off, the turncoat prize goes to the writer Alessi Dell’Umbria, who explained to us on 19 April through the website Lundi Matin: “the scandal that would be the zadists handing themselves over, bound hand and foot, to the same administrative services in charge of piloting the liquidation of the small farmer existence. To submit to their ubiquitous standards and procedures, designed to allow only agribusinesses to survive”(18). Then, on 1 May, he quotes a farmer from the struggle without blushing: “In any war, the enemies negotiate… It’s obvious”(19). Obvious?! This is a perfect illustration of the reversibility of French ‘autonomy’.

On 14 May, the government announced that out of the 40 files submitted to the prefecture, 15 were eligible for the signature of a precarious lease. On 14 September, the French state made official its reconquest of the lost territory of the republic(12).

Thereafter, the CMDO and its ilk cast off the insurrectionary legacy on which they have made their money. Mauvaise troupe deploys a crude storytelling of the victory at Notre-Dame-Des-Landes, aimed at an audience composed of older environmentalists and the more affluent classes. The public is in a position to give up the money that will “liberate the land” by buying land(20). By chance, a photo report in a Whole Foods magazine shows squatters unabashedly posing masked up and playing violin in front of a barricade(21). A few weeks after the expulsions, the withered “Maison de la Grève” even had the audacity to describe the zone as a “communist war machine”(22).

We know that historically, the mode of organisation and thought at the origin of the compromise with the state and the economy is rooted in the “appelist” milieu. However, we believe that it is absurd to limit our understanding of these practices to this historical network. If the dominant thought within ‘autonomy’ is in some way profoundly oriented by the imaginary of the Invisible Committee, we have also seen it tinted with a feminist and environmentalist veneer to increase its attractiveness for recruitment in recent years.
For the 3 year anniversary of its victory, the CMDO announces, for the highlight of the genuine fiasco that is the defence of the Zad, the construction of the Salamander School in one of the historic places destroyed during the evictions: the Planchettes.

In the battle that was played out there and that is played out elsewhere at every moment of our lives, we try to weave a reality to be able to live. While capitalism and all the systems of domination, on every side, shape and impose a common framework forcing us to act from their reality, the Zad appeared as a welcoming island. It’s true, in order to get rid of the tyranny of this beast that eats other realities, we must undoubtedly shape a universe of our own, that with the help of our cunning and determination, will not be swallowed up.
In the first place, what we rediscovered at the Zad, on the Zads, is the forest. Where some people saw only “uses” and money as resources to build autonomy, we rediscovered the possibility of a radically different life. For us, this life was an apprenticeship of freedom. The Zad is above all, for us, the story of a part of the Western world rediscovering the possibility of a life outside the principles of civilisation.

A little further away from the city, away from family imperatives, activist obligations, and productivist logics that can be found even in our so-called liberated zones, with its parades of fantasies and messianic figures, we began again to live a more full and complex life.

There, we glimpsed possibilities for taking refuge and relearning, humbly reinventing our little cabin worlds, shaping the beginnings of a new magic, which hid us from the eyes of those who impose their laws, the better to resurface and attack.

Others, on the other hand, saw in it, above all, the possibility of new spaces to be redeveloped, of calories to be extracted from the ground. The struggle was soon translated into an accounting logic of places to save and land to cultivate. Once again, militant and materialistic planning got the better of the poetic and sensitive dimension, which makes a revolt not just a heap of techniques to oppose to the world, but a way of life.

Those who coldly strategize and plan struggles for us will always be able to talk to us about sensitivity, about alliances and the recomposition of worlds. Their view of nature is only the best of mainstream ecology: a reformist point of view that resonates sufficiently with the zeitgeist to take up space and impose itself as a new system of governmentality.

It’s true that in the era of anti-globalization, domination has not ceased to progress by recomposing itself. This quiet little battle, under the guise of inclusiveness, mutual recognition, mediation and dialogue, appears to be the contemporary strategy for getting closer to what was, until then, perfectly different, in order to better reach and assimilate it. Alliances benefit each side, while recomposition absorbs and erodes the most fragile.

Rapidly, the dominant fringe of the Zad, embodied by the politics of the CMDO, faithful to the partisan logic of its most eminent members, has become a political steamroller. This reality, like the various systems of domination, has never ceased to want to absorb, devour, digest and dissolve what was not similar to it.

When a world strategises its development at all costs, optimises and directs its growth without taking into account the ethics that were the ferment of its revolt, it joins the procession of worlds of death and annihilation to be fought.

You can always tell us about black-capped chickadees and Japanese knotweed. You expect plants and birds to carry out your own plans, convinced of the legitimacy of your enterprise. In this way, you take the materialist alienation of social and labour struggles into the wilderness, lending common intentions to what is not like you in order to better assimilate it. But there are things that neither you nor the governmental control freaks will ever control. All for the better.
Everything has been done so that – from the incredible diversity of relationships to the world present at the Zad – only the triumphant showcase of the winners remains.

Those who organized the monopoly of their presence by negotiating with the state, those who watched from afar as the cabins were razed to the ground by the police, have in their megalomania brought forth a set of signs, practices and beliefs, to continue the work of colonizing our imaginations.

Soon, our camps in the forest were replaced by forest management. Where we were trying to relearn direct relationships to inter-personal and collective conflicts, they spoke of community mediation. Land purchases became ‘taking land’ in their mouths. The non-utilitarianism of the living was replaced by choosing in the assemblies which trees they would cut down. The landless tribes, without property rights, were overpowered by the farmer collectives. So-called communal horizontality has shattered free individual association.

Anyway, for us, fire is better than their false peace.

Their museum-style ecology is a lie. Some of the liberated lives have learned more among the hedges and groves of the zone than will ever be taught on the self-built benches of their school. The real learning spaces, they have condemned. Your school, like everything else, is just another cog in the wheel of making the world in your image.

For our part, we have learned that many pitfalls and difficulties can lurk in the path of emancipation, that what faces us can take many forms, and that it is never too late to fight back. Protective runes on the timberframes won’t change that.

Zapatista compas, listen and look at those who welcome you. You will undoubtedly be able to read, beyond the hypocritical masks, the coldness and calculation of those who claim to have emerged from the arbitrary terror of domination only to renew it on their own terms.

Like during the wars of colonization, some tribes ally themselves with the invader. Even if the survival of a people circumstantially imposes such a choice, and it would be complicated here to debate it, it was only a question of a little land.

No path is perfect. But some have a heart. Others are just a breath of arrogance and calculation.

For all these reasons we decided to strike at the heart of this logic of expansion which now dominates the Zad and those who are associated with it. The construction of a School of the Earth in the heart of the East, devastated by the abandonment of the fight, deserved a clear response.

On the night of 5-6 July, between dusk and dawn, we snuck into the Planchettes, where the construction site of the future building is located. While we were expecting to find a structure that was about to be finished, we came face to face with a bare timberframe embedded in a concrete slab. Not having the possibility to burn the whole place, we attacked the main beams by sawing them, before piling up piles of timber at their feet to set them on fire. We also took care to cut up all the tents and building structures on site.

During our operation, one person was in a house some metres away. This did not prevent us from shitting in their compost toilets, nor from carrying out our revenge. We waited patiently for his headlamp to go out and lit our various fires before passing into the night.
We dedicate this action to all the people who have suffered from the noxious and repressive logic imposed by the CMDO and its world.

Some spirits

(1) Translator’s note: The area around the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes is a habitat of the crested newt, an endangered species of salamander. Over the years, the “Mohawked newts” (the French word crêté is also used to mean “having a Mohawk hairstyle” and so “punk”) became an ironic signature for people defending the Zad.
(2) Translator’s note: Les Planchettes was a historical power center of the Zad, that was destroyed in 2012 and then reoccupied. It was later part of “the East” neighborhood and directly adjacent to the route des chicanes/D281, which were the areas most devastated by the 2018 evictions.
(3) Translator’s note: On the 16th october, 2012, French riot and military police, attacked the ZAD to evict it. The strong defense on site and massive mobilization across France (with a lot of solidarity attacks – see Ave César, adieu !), succeeded in putting an end to the eviction attempt.
(4) “A propos de mépris de classe“ (July 2013)
(5) “The Movement is Dead, Long Live… Reform!“ (several PDFs can be found in English on
(6) Translator’s note: the French word ‘usages’ means all the people using the land. In opposition to “the squatters”, the word “usages” implies an economic use of the land.
(7) Conférence de Presse sur la ZAD – 17 janvier 2018
(8) Definition of Zadissidences 2: “Comité pour le Maintien De l’Occupation” is a group of occupiers from various places in the Zad, whose initiatives are mainly focused on organising with the “composition of the movement” for spectacular events against the airport and to imagine a “future without an airport”. This initially secretive group gradually became “autonomous” from the rest of the occupation, not accepting the criticism that could, once its existence was known, be made of their methods which privatised the decisions of the movement with the other “composers”.
(9) Zadissidences 1, see the article «Contre l’aéroport – et pour son monde, ou quoi?»
(10) Video Rien à déclarer, rien à négocier, tout à recommencer.
(11) Video NDDL: the ex-“chicanes road”, cleared.
(12) Video / France 3 TV, Notre Dame des Landes : La reconquête.
(13) Translator’s note: The French word for “friend” (“ami(e)”) is widely used by appelists to reference themselves. Given that “camarade” has a communist background, anarchists in France generally prefer to call each other “compagnon” or “compagnonne” – some people use the gender-neutral word “compa” for two. Copain(e) is a buddy, literally someone you share bread with.
(14) ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes : Perquisitions en cours
(15) Notre-Dame-des-Landes: Radio Silence: On the End of Radio Klaxon, the ZAD’s Pirate Radio
(16) «Découvrir Errekaleor, Un quartier intégralement squatté au Pays basque, nouvelle brochure de la Mauvaise troupe», 15 mai 2018.
(17) Video Notre-Dame-Des-landes: 40 projets nominatifs ont été déposés
(18) «ZAD, pour l’autodéfense et la communalité», Lundi-Matin, April 20th 2018.
(19) «Être sur zone…», Lundi-Matin, May 1st 2018.
(20) La terre en commun website.
(21) Magazine Kaizen n°52.
(22) «La Zad est morte, La Zad vive», Lundi-Matin, July 26th 2018.

[Published on September 12th, 2021 on Act for freedom now! / Translated from French. Also readable in Italian and Spanish.]

Lyon: occupation of the Clémenceau gymnasium for immediate and permanent rehousing of those evicted from the Feyzin squat

This morning, Thursday 16 September, around 7:30 am, without prior notice, more than 20 vans of the national and municipal police, CRS units, PAF (Border Police), accompanied by representatives of the prefecture, the town hall, DDETS/DDCS, Ofii and the Salvation Army, deployed a huge operation to evict the Feyzin squat, the former Georges Brassens school. Since February 2020, the place was sheltering 100 to 200 people, families and isolated people, and was under pressure, threats and lawsuits from the owner, the multinational Total.

No one, neither residents, nor supporters, nor associations, had been officially warned of the intervention. Most of the inhabitants were not able to recover all their belongings. Would it be more important for the institutions responsible for providing unconditional housing for everyone to protect Total’s image from yet another scandal than to respect the residents and their right to housing?

This eviction leaves dozens of people homeless, since many residents were evicted without being offered any housing solution, despite numerous social diagnoses and empty promises from institutions. The only response of the Ofii was to offer them Voluntary Return Assistance to push them to leave the territory. For the few people who had the right to accommodation, they were taken by bus to the former military barracks of Saint Priest, the Chabal Barracks, transformed into an accommodation center. The conditions of reception there are unbearable: no individual rooms, insalubrious building, surveillance cameras and private security.

This reflects once again the repressive and undignified management by the Prefecture and the State of the precarious and badly housed. Because of the lack of necessary places for emergency accommodation – there are 10,000 places missing in Lyon – and because of the State’s policy of non-accommodation, many people will find themselves on the street as of this evening.

Faced with evictions, there is only one solution: occupation!!!

Faced with the urgency of the situation, we are occupying the Clemenceau gymnasium, 66 rue Béchevelin, in the 7th district, to house those evicted from the Feyzin squat.

This occupation is not a lasting solution: we demand the immediate rehousing of all those present. Until then, we call for massive support from all of us, individuals, associations, collectives. Join us now at the Clemenceau gym, Lyon 7.

We need sleeping equipment (mattresses and blankets), food (vegetables, dry goods), cooking equipment and electricity (extension cords, power strips).

Join us at 66 rue Béchevelin.

Squat du gymnase Clémenceau
66 rue Béchevelin, 69007 Lyon, France.

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Paris: urgent, call for a rally in front of the 20th district police station after the eviction of a squat

A building located at 124 rue de Belleville, belonging to the city hall of the 20th district and empty for several years, was squatted to make it an anarcha-feminist space as well as a living space for about ten people. The place was evicted this Wednesday and 8 people are in custody.

For a long time, everything has been done so that the district of Belleville and its surroundings are reserved for the rich. Rents are constantly rising, cheap fast food is replaced by trendy bars and restaurants with ever more expensive drinks, migrant workers’ hostels have been transformed into controlled social residences, the authorities are sending more and more cops into the streets to wage war on the poor, etc.

All this is not specific to Belleville, it is the case everywhere in the north and east of Paris. Faced with this generalized and growing gentrification, some people are organizing themselves to live without paying rent, by occupying buildings. Since last Friday a small group of people occupied the building empty for a long time at 124 boulevard de Belleville to turn it into a queer and anarcha feminist space. The city council of the 20th district, owner of the place and the cops decided otherwise.

On wednesday 15 september, while the building was already occupied for several days, some cops showed up, accompanied by two deputies of the city council. Quickly, dozens of squatters’ supporters were in front of the building, followed closely by new teams of cops. While some people tried to break the police lines to prevent the locksmith from doing his dirty work, CSI and BRAV-M also appeared to ensure the smooth running of the eviction. Outside, people are playing cat and mouse with the cops while blocking the traffic and sometimes going to the cops who do not hesitate to use their batons and gas. The cops finally managed to intervene and put in custody the 8 inhabitants who had taken refuge on the roof in spite of the presence of more than 50 people in front of it. Let’s note that throughout the confrontations, many local residents and people passing by stopped and marked their solidarity.

We propose to meet this friday at 3pm in front of Macdo place Gambetta to go together to the 20th police station and support our friends who were arrested.

We think it is important not to forget the role of the mayor’s office in the arrest of the 8 people who did not want to pay rent to live under a roof. Special thought to the mayor, Eric Pliez, president of the OPH of the city of Paris, Paris Habitat, who makes his buziness on the misery of the people by giving himself a social look, while dragging every day the bad payers in front of justice to evict them. Let’s remember that Paris Habitat owns a large number of empty apartments in Paris.

Everybody hates the police.
Everybody hates the city council.

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Lucerne: Free Spaces Now! Demo 17 september

Even after a summer, the now empty house on Murmattweg sits heavy in our stomachs. We continue to be angry and sad about the tough structures in Lucerne that keep getting in the way of the implementation of self-determined projects and ideas. We stand in solidarity with projects in Lucerne that continue to withstand this pressure, forming important free spaces.

But we don’t want to just quietly accept that more projects will be lost and that the conservative and inflexible attitude of the city government will simply go unanswered. We need places where conventions and hierarchies can be broken. That’s why on September 17 we’re taking to the streets together and loudly, demanding space for education, networking and emancipation.

For more free, self-determined and solidary spaces in Lucerne!

Wear a mask and take care of each other!
Permission is submitted.

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Lyon: urgent call for solidarity against the eviction of the Feyzin squat

We have just learned that the cops are planning to evict the Feyzin squat on Thursday 16th at 7am. We are calling for a rally to support the hundreds of residents who have found a home there for a year and a half now.
Since February 2020, the former Georges Brassens school in Feyzin has been home to over 200 residents. The owner of the land and the adjacent refinery, Total, has dragged the squat from trial to trial. After appealing the delay granted in the first instance, Total obtained what it wanted from the Court of Appeal: immediate eviction from the site and cancellation of the delays granted.
However, to date, a large number of residents have no alternative housing. Due to the lack of the necessary accommodation places -there is a shortage of 1000 emergency accommodation places in Lyon- and because of the State’s policy of non-accommodation, many people will end up on the street.
As a reminder, TOTAL, the leader of the CAC40, is a multinational company that never stops increasing its profits to the detriment of employees, the environment and the countries where the oil operations are located.
In the midst of a health and economic crisis, the company paid 7.6 billion euros in dividends to its shareholders in 2020, and continues to receive public aid. Total is the paragon of neo-colonial capitalism (in Uganda and Tanzania, in particular) and ecocide. Especially since the deployment of these oil projects involves massive displacement of populations, whose rights are violated even before the first drillings. Tens of thousands of people are deprived of their land, even before receiving any compensation.
In support of the exiled inhabitants and against the total takeover of our world ? Meet on Thursday 16 September at 7am in front of the Feyzin squat located at 9 rue Jean Bouin in Feyzin.

Ancienne école Georges-Brassens
9 rue Jean Bouin, 69320 Feyzin, France
soutienfeyzin [at] riseup [dot] net

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Amsterdam: squat action attempt on Gravenstraat and police brutality

Today 12 september there was an attempt to squat Gravenstraat 26-28 on the day of the Housing Protest. Thousands of people took the streets to demonstrate against the so-called housing crisis – the shortage and exploitation in the housing market, the lack of affordable housing and the disproportionate increase in rents.

The police used excessive force to beat us away from the place that was to become our new home. From the moment we arrived at the demonstration, certain activists were excessively watched by the police and even arrested for wearing an anti-Nazi symbol. From the beginning, the police were out to repress and arrest activists. Police brutality escalated as soon as we arrived at Dam Square. We were beaten up, dragged out of the crowd by silent cops, and some of us were even beaten to the ground and walked over by cops until we were bloody. The police deliberately chose to escalate and we even heard them say that they deliberately “went full on”.

Squatting IS housing protest and we were active participants in the demonstration today. The false statement that was made by the police that we are separate from the larger group of protesters is ridiculous. The protest stood for the same values as us. Squatting has traditionally been one of the most important, if not the most important, part of addressing the housing crisis. Housing is a basic necessity of life and if it is not given to us by the state and society, we take it. Today the police and the state showed that they don’t give a fuck about affordable and good housing but would rather arrest and beat up people.

We live in a city where every home is needed. Instead, speculators like Rogier Thewassen are allowed to let houses rot away instead of housing people in them. We believe that squatting is a more than legitimate way to combat the housing crisis. On the very day of the Housing Protest, we must take matters into our own hands. Housing is a basic necessity of life and should be available to everyone. And if we don’t get it, we’ll take it!

The houses on Gravenstraat are owned by speculator Rogier Thewassen who is CEO of employment agency Young Capital and owns 116 properties. The houses have been empty for more than two years and are boarded up. We find it unacceptable that houses are empty while we are homeless and looking for affordable housing. We are being arrested and beaten away while speculators like Rogier Thewassen get away with their dirty speculation games.

Groenlinks Mayor Femke Halsema systematically sides with the speculator and has had countless buildings evicted for emptiness in recent years. Meanwhile, owners are hardly dealt with and can continue to speculate by offering precarious contracts, in addition to the Wet Kraken en Leegstand (Law on Squatting and Vacancy), through profitable companies that do so-called ‘vacancy management’. These contracts are stripped of all rental rights. Policies such as Goed Verhuurderschap (Good Landlordism) are therefore an illusion. Today it has once again been proven that the municipality of Amsterdam always sides with the speculators and deploys the repressive police apparatus to prevent us from finding a new home.

But housing shortage breaches the law! Squatting will continue. Squatting will continue because otherwise young people and other housing seekers will become even more of a plaything of homeowners, housing corporations and anti-squatting agencies. Squatting will continue because you have to take your right when you don’t get it. Squatting continues because property is not a basic necessity of life, but a roof over your head is. Against speculators, policy makers and wolves in sheep’s clothing the message must always be clear: if we don’t get it, we take it! Squatting will continue!

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Bern: Worbstrasse 104 and 108 squatted

We are a creative and mixed collective. We all share the desire for free space, self-organized culture and living space. We have already contacted the municipality of Muri.

The two listed houses have unfortunately been empty for some time since the municipality of Muri stopped offering emergency housing. Now the bourgeois city of Bern is supposed to buy the houses. The city already owns many properties and only the planned small farm store would be accessible to the general public.

The two houses are part of the Schürmattsareal, which is to be developed. In the guideline plan of the development of the Schürmatt, it says: “To promote the quality of the open space” a “central meeting point and event location” should be created in addition to a “play and recreation area”. We would like to contribute many ideas and possibilities to this with our occupation. For this purpose we want to create a space for discussions and new ideas.

In Muri there is already a lack of open spaces. With the urban development, the municipality wants to grow, but uncommercial space has not been thought about enough. The community should become more urban and more meeting zones should be created. However, it is not enough just to create cheap housing. Open spaces should also find their place in Muri.

We now want to revitalize and renovate the two listed buildings. At Worbstrasse 104 and 108, a place for coming together and for creative development is to be created. Self-organized places are becoming a rarity. We want to create a space where there is no need to consume, where there is room for people who are not welcome anywhere else. We want to encourage people to approach and live their dreams and not to give in to the pressure of the system, but to create an alternative for themselves and others.

Here is our program for the next days:
Mon: from 7 pm, Kitchen for All (with salad buffet, barbecue etc.)
Tue: from 2 p.m., handicraft day (painting banners, handicrafts etc.)
Wed: from 2 p.m., sketch day (drawing and creative design etc.)
Thu: to be announced
Fri: keep the evening free

greetings from the collective l@s vecin@s amables

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