Abadiñoko Gaztetxea

Abadiñoko Gaztetxea

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Self-management, occupation, struggle and assembly !!! The gaztetxe in Abadiño was squatted by the youth assembly on October 23rd 1998, after years of struggle for our own and self-managed space. This house in the center of the town was formerly the residence of the wizards of Galindez. During the occupation, the young people of the village restored it from top to bottom. From then until today, it has been the birthplace of many struggles and dynamics. In recent years we have had internal changes, and we are slowly launching different projects: the Astinddu leisure group, the orchard project, the screen printing workshop, etc. In addition, we are carrying out various debates on the youth assembly that is the engine and basis of the gaztetxe, with the aim of deepening self-management: ways of functioning, debates about what we consume ...


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Abadiñoko Gaztetxea
Txanporta Kalea
48220 Abadiño


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