Sprachenatelier Berlin - institute for languages, arts and culture

Sprachenatelier Berlin - institute for languages, arts and culture

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The Sprachenatelier reflects on art and culture in the age of migration and globalization through its work. Its guiding principle is cross-cultural collaboration and mutual enrichment. Additionally, Sprachenatelier Berlin supports the preservation of languages and cultures by facilitating the exchange of foreign language knowledge. This aims to enrich cultural life, making it more vibrant and diverse while promoting the reduction of aggression and prejudice.
Since its founding, Sprachenatelier Berlin has been both a co-organizer and sponsor of the KFFB. This year, for the first time, a special award will be awarded to the best Kurdish-language film. The aim is to support and promote young Kurdish filmmakers. In addition, the Sprachenatelier and Kurdish Film Festival seek to help preserve the Kurdish language.
Founded in 2003, Sprachenatelier Berlin, now offers the largest range of language courses in Germany. With more than 54 languages on offer, it’s the best place to learn German in Berlin and online. Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish and Urdu are just some of the many languages that are taught directly from native speakers. The selection of languages also includes German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and many others.
At Sprachenatelier, the focus is not just on language courses but also on art and culture. The school is deeply committed to intercultural exchange, organizing and supporting a variety of cultural events for both participants and the general public. Exhibitions, readings and film festivals, etc. are regularly featured on the cultural program.

The extensive range of language courses and the varied art and cultural program make Sprachenatelier Berlin the perfect place for anyone interested in languages, art and culture.
Intercultural exchange is very important to the school,

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