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ASEED Europe (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment, and Diversity Europe) is an international campaigning organisation, giving importance to involving youth in direct democracy activities. ASEED Europe targets the structural causes of environmental destruction and social injustice.

We do this by campaigning on multinational corporations and their national and international influence spheres and control tools. At the same time we promote sustainable alternatives. Currently ASEED Europe focuses on issues related to the global food chain: the decline of biodiversity in agriculture and the availability of seeds, genetic engineering, power concentration by global agro/biotech giants and climate change. Our general agriculture campaign goal is to promote food sovereignty.

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Plantage Doklaan 12A
1018CM Amsterdam

Freitag, 9 Juni

ADM, Amsterdam

Food Autonomy Festival #7: Amsterdam

Kurs/Workshop / Diskussion/Vortrag / Film / Essen / Musik/Konzert - Festival
Fri, 09 - 10:00 bis Sun, 11 - 20:00