Queer life drawing session

Donnerstag, 27 Juni

Queer life drawing session

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This is the 2nd edition of Queer Life Drawing session at Green Tribe.

The door opens at 6 pm. The session starts at 7 pm.

Bring your toys and papers.


Everyone is welcome to join as an audience/model as long as the person is respectful to others.

People who identify as cis-gender are welcome to join as an ally, a (supportive) friend, and as one of the minorities—within the possible diversity of human nature.

During these gatherings, we choose to live in a societal utopia where there are no predominant genders and no masters.

It is a space to gather, have fun, and build bridges.

Love is love. No is no.


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Donnerstag, 27 Juni, 2024 - 18:00


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Green Tribe
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