FNB Łódź

FNB Łódź

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Łódź is one of the largest cities in Poland and also an area with a high unemployment rate. The large number of needy or homeless people nomadising at railway stations led to the formation of a local FNB group at the end of 2000. The only condition for participation is to be anti-party and to want to help others. Due to several offers of cooperation from various party youths, we slightly reworked the slogan of our action to "Food instead of lies", opposing other groups in the city that want to win voters or religious followers by handing out food. During the parliamentary elections, the Lodz FNB blocked the entrance to the Grand Theatre, where pre-election meetings were held combined with the distribution of food to the homeless. Politicians and guests were so confused that they entered the building through a back entrance. We also took part in protests against the war in Iraq by distributing food outside the British consulate. Usually our actions take place once a week. We give out between 50 and 200 lunches each time on site and a couple of dozen to take away. We also distribute a large number of toys, sweets and clothing, which is extremely useful mainly during the winter period. We get most of the semi-finished products needed for cooking from small merchants in the markets, clothing comes from collections. Of course, like many similar groups in the country, we are financially weak, but over the years we have managed to make ends meet.


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28 Pułku Strzelców Kaniowskich
90-749 Łódź