Autonomiczna Przestrzeń Edukacyjna

Autonomiczna Przestrzeń Edukacyjna

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Who we are?
Autonomous Space for Education (APE - Autonomiczna Przestrzeń Edukacyjna) is a collective that supports and conducts accessible and democratic education. It is also a community created by educators, students and members of the collective. You too can join it. We invite you to submit your own classes, participate in classes, and to come to meetings of the collective. Meetings are open and take place every Sunday at 15:00.
What we do?
We run free classes available to all interested: Schedule We organize educational events: Information about events can be found on our Facebook page. We run a library and freeshop. Why? Raised and brought up by public education, we offer an alternative to its ossified structures, hierarchies and a hidden program that educates to social obedience. We want to share knowledge with others, we want to receive knowledge from others. We believe that only grassroots work and education can change reality. We do not charge any money for conducting classes and activities at APE. We do not receive any institutional grants or subsidies. Classes are conducted voluntarily, non-commercially. We care about the comfort of people attending classes and the ecosystem in which we live: We do not accept manifestations of sexism, racism, classism, queerphobia and other exclusionary attitudes. The house is a space free from animal exploitation - we make sure that the food and items we use are vegan. We are fascinated by libertarian education and critical pedagogy. We believe that non-formal education is the only alternative to the discouraging school education. We don't learn by heart, we don't rewrite notes from the board. We have small groups and the ability to adapt the way of teaching to the individual people who come to classes.


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APE (Autonomiczna Przestrzeń Edukacyjna)
Jazdów 5a/4
000-467 Warszawa


Name of inside street: Marzycielek
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