„Nie boję się mówić” PsychoSquad o zaburzeniach i chorobach psychicznych

Samstag, 10 Juni

„I’m not afraid to talk” PsychoSquad about what life with mental disorders and illness is like

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„I’m not afraid to talk”
A story from the collective PsychoSquad about what life with mental disorders and illness is like, from the perspectives of the sufferer and medicine.

Event free of charge
Saturday 10 June 2023, from 17:00
Grassroots social and cultural centre „Postój”
Wrocław, street Metalowców 59b

PsychoSquad: We are a collective promoting mental health. Our main goal is to break down stereotypes about mental disorders and illnesses, and to create a safe space, for those who are close to these topics. Some of us struggle with this on a daily basis, and others are educating in this field. We know how important it is to understand the condition you, or your loved ones, are in. This place is your support.

The centre space is safe and free from alcohol and drugs.

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Samstag, 10 Juni, 2023 - 17:00


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Metalowców 59b
54-156 Wrocław

Oddolne Centrum Społeczno Kulturalne "Postój" to wolna przestrzeń wypełniona oddolną sztuką, kulturą i działaniami społecznymi, mieszcząca się w byłym domu kolejowym we Wrocławiu.


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