Post-Metal w Post-oju! Koncert: GAIRO i DISTORTIA

Mittwoch, 7 Juni

Post-Metal in Post-oj! GAIRO i DISTORTIA

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We start June with a hot, sad and long blast of post metal! The only concert in Poland during its long European tour will be played by Gairo, a six-member band from Italian Sardinia. Together with them, a multi-instrumentalist Distortia will perform with the new album „mold”. Could there be a better way to spend a Wednesday evening? We don’t think so.

Gairo (Italia)
GAIRO is a six piece music project based in Sardinia (IT). Our music explores the Post Metal genre, mostly instrumental, crossing between acoustic moments, progressive rock and a selected usage of vocals. The first self-produced album “Gairo” was released in 2017 and distributed by Coypu Records.
„Her”our upcoming album will be out on March 21, 2022 via Drown Within Records.

Distortia (Warsaw)
Distortia is an instrumental music-visual spectacle full of heavy, monstrous riffs and majestic, melodic solos. For fans of mesmerizing guitars and unobvious rhythms, which will be complemented by a live collage of moving images and psychedelic visualizations. The heart and soul of the project is Kuba Pawłowski, a multi-instrumentalist. One on stage, but it sounds like an entire army.
FFO: Gojira, Machine Head, Slipknot, Ulcerate, Tool, Bring Me The Horizon

We suggest a contribution of 30 zł (Remember you can pay more or less)
Grassroots social and cultural centre „Postój”
Wrocław Ul. Metalowców 59b
A space that is safe and free from alcohol and drugs.

Datum & Zeit: 

Mittwoch, 7 Juni, 2023 - 19:00


  • Kneipe/Café
  • Musik/Konzert
  • Party


  • Anderes
- ~30 PLN
Metalowców 59b
54-156 Wrocław

Oddolne Centrum Społeczno Kulturalne "Postój" to wolna przestrzeń wypełniona oddolną sztuką, kulturą i działaniami społecznymi, mieszcząca się w byłym domu kolejowym we Wrocławiu.


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