BIPoC Ukraine & friends in germany

BIPoC Ukraine & friends in germany

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BIPoC Ukraine & friends in germany is a mutual aid community of BIPoC who fled the war in Ukraine, don’t hold Ukrainian or EU citizenship, and are now based in Germany – and their friends. We focus on the situation, struggle, needs, and self-empowerment of non-Ukrainian BIPoC refugees from Ukraine in Germany.
We are based in Berlin. We are situated in the context of and in solidarity with previous and ongoing anti-racist struggles of migrants/refugees and accomplices.

The areas we are active in range from sharing vetted information and making it more accessible (e.g. about registration processes, resident permit types, political developments) to community-based activism and advocacy. We give practical support and refer people to trusted specialised advice centers (e.g. legal advice, social advice, German language courses, …) to help ease day-to-day struggles in the new environment in Germany.
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